European Performers of the Week #1251

Robert Lewandowski vs Hertha Berlin 

Bayern Munich 5-0 Hertha Berlin: Robert Lewandowski hits hat-trick

Robert Lewandowski is the best striker globally and one of the best we’ve seen in this generation. He is the definition of a scoring machine but what makes him incredibly special is he has the complete package he can distribute is runs inside the box or beautiful he can score in the air; he can score from the ground, and he can score from outside the box. He is historically great in German Football; he is on pace to be the all-time leading goal scorer in Bundesliga history if he keeps up this pace for another couple of years. Last season he scored 41 goals in the league, breaking a 49-year record of the German icon Gerd Muller who recently passed away. Robert Lewandowski is 33 years old; we keep expecting him just slow down or show some deterioration. It is eventually going to come; it’s only inevitable, but it hasn’t happened yet. He looks like he hasn’t missed a step and is as dominant and as consistent so far this season as he was all of last season. He already had seven goals in all competitions, and he has scored in every Bundesliga start this season. A goal against the Gladbach a brace against cologne but his performance against Hertha Berlin last weekend was his most impressive display this season. There were five goals in the Bundesliga following the weekend’s Victory against Hertha Berlin 7 in all competitions, coming off a 50-goal season in 2020 and a 48 Gold season last year, not to mention he missed three weeks of the injury. Bayern Munich looked dominant against Hertha Berlin. Scoring his first hat-trick of the season. Robert Lewandowski is one of the best players in the world, so it’s not something that should be considered unexpected, but the Brilliance of the goals was so thrilling to watch. Bayern Munich took the lead through Thomas Muller; even though Robert didn’t score, he made a brilliant run into the box, putting himself in perfect position, but Alphonso Davies set up Thomas Muller instead. Robert Lewandowski scored Bayern Munich’s second goal a display a high level of difficulty. The Polish International connected with his head out of the air, hitting the crossbar coming back into play. Robert Lewandowski shows great anticipation rising up and hitting with his head again as the ball goes into the back of the net. Jamal Musiala killed the game off with yet another Bayern Munich goal. Only to set up Robert Lewandowski’s second brilliant run by Leroy Sane as Robert Lewandowski was at the right place at the right time, making a run from very close range, sticking the ball in the back of the next. Robert Lewandowski then finished off his masterpiece with yet another highlight film through the air. Coming off a corner, Robert Lewandowski retrieves a header from just inside the Box before Robert himself rose up to put away a beautiful activated play by Bayern Munich, getting his hat-trick as Bayern Munich looks at their best. The first hat-trick of the season for Robert Lewandowski, the first of many, was one of the most impressive performances of any player this week. Obviously, the hat trick is really impressive, but once again, the Bayern Munich Superstar did all the little things constantly making noise runs into the box, referring to Thomas Muller on the opening goal and putting himself in danger Physicians especially through the air with two headed goals against Hertha Berlin. Robert Lewandowski will end up making a very regular appearance on this list with his performance this weekend in the Bundesliga it was a truly Fantastic performance one I don’t need to say this again because I made my stand very clear on this Robert Lewandowski is playing at a ridiculous level and from an individual perspective there’s not been a player better in 2021 that includes Lionel Messi Robert Lewandowski is the rightful owner of the Ballon d’Or hopefully trophies do not seduce the voters do it would be a travesty considering Robert Lewandowski has been the most consistent player in Europe the entire duration of 2021 the performance this weekend justifying all of it.

Joaquin Correa vs Hellas Verona 

Correa makes instant impact to earn Inter win at Verona | Sports | Malay  Mail

Inter Milan has gone through some challenging changes this summer. They lost Antonio Conte, the manager that instilled the winning values into a club that hasn’t had it for a long time. One of the most explosive wing-backs in European football and Hakimi moving to PSG for 70 million, and their best player romelu Lukaku, made a 97 million move to Chelsea. Inter Milan is in a financial situation and had to deal with some significant absentees; however, with some of the things I have come across over the last couple of weeks, Inter Milan could very well retain their title with the right additions. They look flawless against Genoa as edin Dzeko and Hakan, two new Inter Milan signing scoring on their debut. However, edin Dzeko is not the type of player who will give more than 10 goals this year; he may get 15, but this is not a 20-goal scorer for Inter Milan; he’s 36 years old his best years are behind him. Lataro Martinez will be the main man for Inter Milan regardless. However, Inter Milan still needed his add something to realistically Replace the goals and vacant by romelu Lukaku transfer to Chelsea. Inter Milan’s new manager is Simone Inzaghi, previously the coach at Lazio; this certainly helps with the negotiation of Carrera, The Versatile attacker from Lazio. The two Club had been in talks for weeks before finally agreeing on a loan with an obligation to buy a 30 million, adding a new element to The Inter Milan attack. This weekend against Hellas Verona was a perfect storm for the new Inter Milan attacker. Correa can play as the false nine on the wing and up front as an out-and-out striker. Inter Milan was in trouble early with a horrific Mistake by Samir handanovic. Inter Milan eventually got an equalizer through Lataro Martinez. However, Correa stole the show with an incredible man-of-the-match performance coming off the bench. Coming up big when the team needed him the most. The most exciting thing about him is his versatility is; he is not a Lethal goalscorer; he’s certainly capable of finding the back of the net pretty regularly and hitting double-digits practically every season, but if you look at the way he plays, it’s all the other things he does more than a guy who’s going to score like Lukaku. The Brilliance behind the move was because it adds another dimension two other attacking up; the guy that they can rely on this season to score high numbers is Martinez Carrera will potentially like to add two the goal scoring for Inter Milan, but even though they bought him for goals but mostly for all the other things he does. However, against Hellas Verona, he wasted absolutely no time. Comes off the bench immediately impact in the buildup of the play as well as finishing. He gets his head on the end of a cross played into the box to get into my life on the lead for the first time in the game. Then at the very death of the match, he came to the rescue again, creating good fluid passing between himself and teammates before cracking a strike from outside the box into the bottom corner. Inter Milan’s new signing played less than 30 minutes but came up big with two goals Off the Bench; it’s interesting to see what the role will be for him whether or not he’s going to be put into the starting lineup for they’re going to use him as super sub. Still, one thing is very clear he is very versatile, and you can see him coming up big in moments like these when Inter Milan needed him. He did not play a large amount of time, but he made it count with two goals Off the Bench. There may have been more impressive performances this week, according to stats. Still, in terms of the impact, Carrera showed exactly why Inter Milan was so desperate to get their hands on him a dream debut for the match-winner Correa. Inter Milan hopes more will come from the Copa America winner, who adds another dimension to The Inter Milan attack.

Lorenzo Pellegrini vs Salernitana 


Lorenzo Pellegrini had an incredibly masterful display in the game on Sunday. It was one of the most impressive performances of the weekend in Italian football, and you can even argue throughout Europe. Lorenzo Pellegrini, for a long time, has been one of the most underrated midfielders in Europe. He is never thrown into the conversation among the elite midfielders in World football. While he may not be at a world-class level yet, I think they’re starting to be arguments that he is one. Even though he’s been very underrated, there have been many clubs that have been interested in his services for many years. Jurgen Klopp has been one of his biggest admirers; he doesn’t really seem to get the respect he deserves. The 25-year old Roma captain has been over the last three years one of the most versatile and dynamic midfielders in all of Europe. He may not be a box-to-box midfielder like his teammate Jordan Veretout, who scored yet again on Sunday. However he has versatility who play in multiple positions. He is most effective as a central midfielder where he can dictate the pace pushing the ball forward and being very influential in the attacking play. However, he’s also played games on the wing and the defensive Midfield. He seems to just continue to get better with each season; a true romanista, it was only inevitable that he would become Captain as he inherited it from edin Dzeko. This season in the games he has played so far, not only has he improved drastically, I see slowly but surely starting to gain the respect of the rest of Italy and even some of Europe. He is one of the best passers in European football but none the less never gets that phrase in a clean that I feel he deserves. Roma went up against Bruno Fernandes, someone that is highly recognized for his passing ability. In the Europa League semi-final Roma did lose to Manchester United and even though Bruno Fernandes played really well over the two legs Lorenzo Pellegrini outplayed him in both of the games. Really showing what he’s capable of doing this season with this Roma team under a proven winner and a mentality monster in Jose Mourinho. Last season he registered 11 goals and nine assists the year before that he had 13 assists in all competitions his game is only constantly expanding year by year really showing to be a player that can operate on the highest level among Europe’s best however he’s a player that is utterly committed to Roma his Boyhood Club as he now owns the armband and has made his intention quite clear of what he wants to achieve at the club. This isn’t the type of player that will get persuaded by money or big moves; he is a Roma fan like all of us, and his dire need to win something for his Boyhood Club is more important than anything else. The 25-year-old has 48 goals and 43 assists. That’s the definition of consistent, and he’s only continuing to show that this season. On Sunday night, he got a brace, scoring twice in a dominating performance, especially in the second half, or Roma just went nuts. He was the Catalyst and the Forefront of everything that was happening. Of course, Jordan was heavily involved as well as he always is; these are the two best players on the team; you only expect that, but the way he was able to dictate the way the game was playing and the adjustments he made in the second half helped open up the game he took on a more assertive role that ultimately forced the defense to collapse completely. Scoring very quickly in the second half, driving the ball into the box, striking at a tough angle, and finding the back of the net. He also was heavily involved in the build-up for the other two Roma goals and the fourth Roma that he scored at the end of the match. You can see the way he continues to operate with and without the ball, becoming extremely Dynamic to a team that needs a player like him right now. In a press conference earlier this week, Jose Mourinho backed his performances as its Champions league-winning coach publicly stated that he wished he had five Lorenzo Pellegrini. They would all find a way to make a difference in his Squad. It was one of the most influential performances of the weekend. I do realize statistically that this may not have been one of the best, but the way he played and how he was able to handle the second half as a leader and a captain shows how important he is to this Roma team. Lorenzo Pellegrini and Jordan Veretout are the two best players; it’s a coin flip regarding how you look at it. I would say Jordan is probably the better player at the moment, but I’m not sure any player is more valuable than Lorenzo Pellegrini; he shows you what you can do weekend and week out, and this season he has been immense we could potentially see ten goals and 15 assists this season from the drama captain. From a leadership standpoint, we saw that from him as well. I’m going to continue to bring up the relationship he builds with new Roma signings Tammy Abraham; remember, Tammy Abraham does not speak the language, and Lorenzo Pellegrini does not speak English very well or at all. However, since Tammy Abraham arrived from Chelsea, the two have been constantly on the same page. And something is exciting I noticed after his first goal the entire team was embracing one another when Tammy Abraham and Lorenzo Pellegrini congratulated one another the two of them had a synchronize handshake remember they don’t speak the same language; they’re communicating purely from body language yet he has such a good rapport with one another that they already have a synchronize handshake between one another. I’m not saying this is the most important thing, but the communication I see from Lorenzo Pellegrini and Tammy Abraham shows how great a leader he is. He’s incredibly encouraging; he’s very vocal and communication, and it feels like he was born for this role. Edin Dzeko is a better player than Lorenzo Pellegrini historically in the Roman colors. Still, I am starting to see things from a leadership standpoint from Lorenzo Pellegrini that makes me believe he is a better leader of men than Edin Dzeko. He’s doing it in a very hands-on and passive way where he can understand his teammates and beneficially communicate with them. Not to mention Lorenzo Pellegrini is one of the best midfielders in the league; he may not have the flashes highlight place he may not have the best statistics, but the eye test you see from him, it’s quite obvious he should be in that conversation along with Jordan among the best midfielders in Italian football he’s got everything the entire package the ability to score world-class passing ability good with the ball can distribute. As a great leader, there are tiny things he can’t do on the football pitch, and under Mourinho, he’s just going to reach and ridiculous level. Lorenzo Pellegrini was already a borderline world-class player. Still, with Jose, he’s going to turn into something exceptional, and I think we see that not only from a skill standpoint but from a leadership standpoint, if there’s one player on this team that should be tagged as Untouchable, it’s not Nicolo zaniolo its Lorenzo Pellegrini.

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