Roma vs Sassuolo Match Day 3 Preview #1257

The international break has come to a close as league action returns this weekend as Roma prepares for yet another test on Sunday night. The Jose Mourinho era at the Stadio Olimpico started with a very convincing performance against Fiorentina and a dominating display against salentina. Roma welcomes sassuolo to the Eternal City on Sunday night as Roma once again gets the Primetime slot. The squad itself is very different as sassuolo has lost their best player in addition to their coach; nonetheless, it is still a very talented Squad that has done reasonably well so far this Season. They will present a challenge at the Stadio Olimpico. Last Season the club’s Exchange a pair of draws. Over the last couple of years is always a tense match up but considering the circumstances, Roma is flying high and should be favorites despite the injury bug infiltrating their defense. Will we see Roma continue to ride their momentum over their opening two victories, or do we have an upset on our hands at the Stadio Olimpico? We will find out all this and more when they go to battle on Sunday night.

A.S Roma

Roma are expected to keep their 4–2–3–1 formation, but we’ll have to make minor adjustments. Matias Vina and Gianluca Mancini both picked up injuries during the international break, complicating things on their defense. The good news is Chris Smalling is almost ready to return, but this matchup on Sunday defensively, Roma will have to do things a little differently. In goal, as always, will be Rui Patricio. At left-back, we should say Ricardo calafiori make his season debut following the injuries to Mattias Vina and Leo spinazzola. Beside him will likely be the center-back partnership of Rodger Ibanez and Max kumbulla at right-back Rick karsdorp will undoubtedly remain in his post. The defensive Midfield should stay the same with Bryan cristante alongside the in-form Jordan veretout, who made his France debut during the International break. Then as the Central attacking midfielder, we should see Roma Captain Lorenzo Pellegrini, who has barely put a foot wrong during the opening two games. To his left on the left wing is expected to be the Armenian henrikh Mkhitaryan. On the opposite side, we can expect to see Nicolo zaniolo, who served his suspension after his red card against Fiorentina. Then upfront as Roma’s Central Striker will certainly be the new fan-favorite Tammy Abraham. Roma will have options on the bench and certainly a strong enough lineup to get the three points.

Manager: Jose Mourinho

Roma possible starting lineup: 4–2–3–1 Patricio; Karsdorp, Mancini, Smalling, Calafiori; Cristante, Veretout; Zaniolo, Pellegrini, Mkhitaryan; Abraham


Sassuolo is expected to line up out of the 4–2–3–1; there might be a possibility that they come out more defenses, especially away from home against a team like this, but I suspect they’ll keep the formation intact as is. In goal, we should expect Andreea Consigli. The back four is pretty standard at left-back we should see Rogerio beside him the center-back partnership of Ferrari and Chiriches with Toijan at right back in the defensive Midfield we can expect to see Lopez alongside Frattesi as the central attacking midfielder; it’s highly likely to be Raspadori; to his left will surely be a Jermaine Boga and then on the opposite side to his right the very dangerous Berardi then upfront as the central Striker Gianluca Scamacca.

Manager: Alessio Dionisi

Sassuolo possible starting lineup:
Consigli; Toljan, Chiriches, Ferrari, Rogerio; Frattesi, Lopez; Berardi, Boga, Djuricic; Raspadori

Keys to the Game

A.S Roma

Adapting to Wounded defense

Neutralize Raspadori with Ibanez

Used Midfield advantages to push the pace

This is expected to be a tough match Roma, the only real concern factor in this, is the nature of the defense. The injuries happened at an unfortunate time, just as the team was starting to vibe early and during those opening two games. As far as Security in the back, I trust rui Patricio entirely and don’t expect him to make many mistakes in the season’s opening two games. You could argue he’s been the best goalkeeper in the league. The inclusion of Max Kumbulla and the team isn’t that much of a factor because we know his qualities, significantly how he can improve under Jose Mourinho. However, the one thing that concerns me about the Roma backline is the left-back; we know how talented Ricardo calafiori is, but he still is a very raw prospect who hasn’t even played that many games for the club. It is vital that he is mistake-free defensively in the attacking constellation. I fully expect him to make a contribution and look impressive, but that can’t happen at the expense of the backline he needs to keep his shape and not allow the opposition to get any easy looks on goal. The rest of the Roma team has been very consistent so far. The Midfield, in particular, is what I’m looking at as a way you can break down the opposition. The way Tammy Abraham can make those runs forward as long as you can get him the ball in dangerous space is Roma will score goals in this game. Meanwhile, Pellegrini tends to push up, almost tucking behind, acting as a false nine at times. Mickey and Nicolo zaniolo, I look to you to potentially get those balls in those dangerous spaces where Roma can be effective in front of goal. An important thing to remember for this team is that this isn’t the side they played last year; it has been ripped apart, losing their best player and manager. The style of football that they play will not be the same, and their lasting performance was not encouraging. If Romo can dominate possession and move the ball make shouldn’t have any difficulty getting to the three points at the end of the game. Sassuolo may try to use Rasodori as the one weapon they can push forward with Berardi part of that. Raspodri is a really special talent, and they will try to use that as much as possible if Roma can neutralize him and take him out of the attack, and they got no shot; this is why Rodger Ibanez must have a very commanding performance. I see him as the key player for Roma in this one.

Take Advantage of Chances

Attack the Banged up Roma defense

Use Weapons when they have the Ball

Sassuolo didn’t look very strong against Sampdoria in their last game. Even though they got three points to kick off the new campaign, and I do think this is a team that will do well this see going against this Roma team that has upgraded substantially well, they have lost significant pieces I think they will find things difficult. I think it’s safe to say they will not have a ton of possession in this game, so when they have the ball, they need to use it accordingly. I can’t do too much bad to take care of the ball and get into dangerous spaces when they have the opportunity; if they get chances in front of goal and attacking position, they have to threaten the goalkeeper at least. I actually don’t think they’re going to find the back of the net in this game. Still, when they have those opportunities, they have to take advantage of them because with not a lot of possession, I’m not sure it is something that cant be taken for granted when those chances, they must push through, which is why raspadori is so essential he must try to take advantage of Roma’s defensive injuries because if he can’t get a rhythm going. He can’t do what he usually does when he’s playing well and inform them they don’t have much chance Jermaine Boga could also play a big role in this game. Still, from a tactical standpoint, the most significant responsibility in this game is taking advantage of the Wounded Roma defense; they have a strong team. Still, with the specific changes with the club, it will take quite a bit against a Roma team that is flying and has upgraded in several areas. They lost their most consistent scoring threat with Francesca Caputo leaving at the end of the transfer window; this puts a lot of pressure on the Young raspadori, however, and Gianluca Scamacca with Berardi could provide as another attacking option so when they have the ball if those three can link up and put themselves in a dangerous position they could potentially make things more difficult on route.

Predictions: A.S Roma 3 Sassuolo 0FT

This may not be as difficult for drama as everyone seems to be suggesting. Without Manuel Locatelli in this team may become significantly less antagonize, and even though the team has some good players, the fact that they lost the best goal scorer is a concern but with the likes raspadori and Berardi as well as Scamacca, they do have an opportunity to do some damage even if they do find the back of the net in this game I think even with Roma’s defensive issues right now they’re too strong back to front especially at home at the Stadio Olimpico in front of the romanista it’s going to be a tough challenge even though Roma have some defensive issues ahead of this game I do think they will get a shut out at home as I believe they will handle this match reasonably easily as they should collect another three points.

@ Stadio Olimpico, In Rome

Sunday 1:45 (7:45 (ENG) 8:45 (ITA)

Eliot Ben-Ner

Serie A and Bundesliga Writer A.S Roma/Wolfsburg Blog:

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