El Shaarawy comes off the bench to win it at the death as Roma climb to the top of the pile #1260

A.S Roma 2 Sassuolo 1FT

Roma was raring to go following the International break. Roma was coming off two back-to-back victories to kick off the season. They returned home on Sunday night as they hosted Sassuolo, a team they drew with on two different occasions last season. This turned out to be a climactic performance filled with drama all the way until The Bitter End. The first half was a battle between two teams that each had their moments; even though Roma looked the better team slightly, Sassuolo was much better than expected; they looked very competitive and pushed the tempo at different points in the game. Rui Patricio was a big problem; he stood in the way of many big opportunities throughout. Tammy Abraham showed strength pushing forward before the defense was brought to the ground from well outside the box. Rome was given a free-kick Lorenzo Pellegrini took it quickly as Bryan Cristante found the back of the net to give Roma a 1–0 lead. The visitors got after it put the pressure on Roma in the second half, constantly finding an equalizer through Djuricic. Roma proceeded to chip away and trying to get themselves back in front. Pellegrini came dangerously close Tammy hit the post, and the visitors hit back with some chances of their own. It did seem like it was inevitably going to be a draw. Still, in stoppage-time substitute, Stephan El Shaarawy scored the would-be winner as the Roma bench exploded as Jose Mourinho started running down the touchline. Sassuolo equalized two minutes later but unfortunately, by mild margins was offsides, in the end, a very tough battle as Roma picked up a 2–1 victory. Stephan El Roma remains perfect as they go to the top of the table for the first time in five years.

Jose Mourinho set up Roma out of the typical 4–2–3–1 formation. Even goal, as always, would be Rui Patricio coming into this game; there was expected to be a little bit of a shake-up with some injuries during the International break. However, the players in question seemingly had recovered from their injuries before the match. At left-back would be Matias Vina, beside him would be the center-back partnership of Gianluca Mancini and Rodger Ibanez, then on the opposite side as the right-back would be the Flying Dutchman trick Karsdorp. The defensive Midfield would stay the same with Bryan Cristante alongside Jordan Veretout. As the central attacking midfielder, we would see Roma Captain Lorenzo Pellegrini as expected, as he has been one of the best midfielders in the league so far this season. On the left-wing would be Mkhitaryan; on the other side on the right-wing would be Nicolo Zaniolo. Then upfront as Roma Central Striker would be Tammy Abraham.

After preparations and predictions, the match got underway at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome. Roma are slight favorites going to this game and showed exactly why they came very close, pushing the ball up to earn themselves a corner right away in the opening couple minutes. Lorenzo Pellegrini takes into Gianluca Mancini coming very close to the Breakthrough, but his header was just wide. Just a couple of minutes later, a perfectly executed attack by Roma with Henrik Mkhitaryan setting up a Jordan Veretout just outside the box, the French midfielder just put too much power into a strike as it wasn’t even close. We have seen him score from distances like that, so I don’t mind him going for it, but it is a very poor finish. Sassuolo was slowly trying to grab the momentum in the game initially, this looked like it was going to be an easy game for Walmart to take advantage of, but the visitors looked much better than I thought they would without Manuel Locatelli & De Zerbi; they moved the ball very well and got themselves into those attacking areas responding to the early couple of chances from Roma. Giacomo Raspadori set up Berardi just inside the box as the captain tried to test Rui Patricio, but the Portuguese goalkeeper collected the ball without difficulty. It became a little back and forth between the two teams. Roma had the momentum, but the visitors were right there with them most of the first half. Hendrick Mkhitaryan not long after attempted to test concealer from Deep, but his strike hooked to the left. Flip Djuricic came close trying to beat Rui Patricio from the side of the box, but his strike just didn’t have the accuracy hitting it a little to the left. Sassuolo did score through Berardi, but the goal was chalked off because Raspadori was in an offside position during the build-up shortly after Tammy Abraham came close but missed after being set up by Rick Karsdorp. Not long after, Roma got on the break. Tammy Abraham was pushing forward before the defender took him out. Tammy hit the ball against the ground in frustration and conversing with the defender, a yellow card was given in a free-kick was awarded to Roma. In the 37th minute, Lorenzo Pellegrini caught the defense sleeping taking a quick free-kick, threading a through ball into the box. Bryan Cristante made the Run as he looked at a one-on-one between himself and the keeper and slotted a strike into the bottom corner as Roma took a 1–0 lead. Tammy Abraham wins, the free-kick Pellegrini does his magic, and Bryan Cristante makes the Run at exactly the right time, getting himself in position to give the lead to Roma while the defense took a nap. This would end the first half as Roma holds on to a 1–0 lead thanks to Bryan Cristante.

Lorenzo Pellegrini caches off guard on Free Kick and Cristante gives Roma the 1-0 lead

Roma may have the lead, but Sassuolo wasn’t going away. They made things tough on Roma; as I said, they look a lot better than I thought they were going to this was far from over. Their manager made a bold decision as Giacomo Raspadori was replaced for Scamacca. It was a shame that really seemed to make the difference in the early parts of the second half. This 3 minutes Ferrari came close trying to beat Rui Patricio with a header but was a bit wide. Sassuolo came through again with Scamacca supplying a through ball into the box Frattesi, who had a powerful shot but Rui Patricio came up with a fantastic save again. It’s really been a different standard in front of goal than we have seen at the Stadio Olimpico the last couple of years. Then a few minutes later, Scamacca showed that he was making a big difference since coming on trying to pull one past the keeper from outside the box, but once again, the Roma keeper made a fantastic save, getting his hands to it late to force the corner. Unfortunately, in the 57th minute, the equalizer came. Scamacca supplies a great pass inside Berardi, who spins around the defender and sends across into Djuricic, who supplied one-touch just outside the keeper’s reach as they got their equalizer. Following the goal, Roma operated like their hair was on fire, so much energy and momentum as they pushed the ball through. Lorenzo Pellegrini as the anchor of the attack with Defenders around him, found enough space to crack a gripping shot at the keeper been on the rebound Tammy Abraham nearly scores for Roma as he hits the post devastatingly close for Roma. For whatever reason, under Jose Mourinho, Roma plays so well after conceding. Just minutes later, Lorenzo Pellegrini tried to get into the space again. Still, his attempted strike was blocked by the defense minutes later. Pellegrini, on a corner, picked out a nice cross for Gianluca Mancini; the Roman defender got his head to it but was a little off. Sassuolo got themselves some momentum back multiple times they came through on the counter, but what is either dealt with by the Roma defense, especially Rick Karsdorp, who displayed his speed and athleticism along with Matias Vina as they both contributed and trying to slow down the attack when they came forward. Berardi, collecting a through-ball from Jermaine Boga, thought he was in, but Rui Patricio again makes the big save to deny them. Roma went to the bench with 20 minutes to go as Stephan El Shaarawy came in for Hendrik Mkhitaryan; just a couple of minutes later, Lorenzo Pellegrini cut into the box surrounded by multiple Defenders creating just enough space to be outside as he attempted to send his strike into the top corner but put a little too much on it missing what looks like a sure-fire opportunity for Rama however Defenders draped him. It was an outstanding attempt on goal, so I don’t think you can blame Pellegrini too much, considering he did all the work up to that point. Roma then brought on Shomurodov as Jordan veretout and Nicolo zaniolo for sacrifice. Roma continued to look for a winning goal Lorenzo Pellegrini once again picking out Gianluca Mancini. Still, the goalkeeper made the save as time was running down with less than 20 minutes to go. Jermaine Boga tried to beat Rui Patricio with a powerful shot, but it seemed like there was no way he was going to be beaten as he made a stop with his feet on a one on one he was playing out of his mind Less than 10 minutes to go Carles Perez picks out a pass for Mattias Vina this was the moment it felt like a well-hit strike nearly finding the back of the net but considering he made a great save. In the 83rd minute, El Shaarawy missed wide, in the 86th minute, Rui Patricio made another save in the 88th-minute Shomurodov was denied, in the 88th minute Lorenzo Pellegrini missed from wide even though he came very close if an opportunity was coming it had to come now there was not much time left for a winner to be found. In The 91st minute, Stephan El Shaarawy retrieved the ball from just Inside the Box; after Shomurodov set him up, El Shaarawy struck, looking for the top corner his strike hit the bar before hitting the other side of the next as Roma looked to have won it at the death. Jose Mourinho showed his enthusiasm running down the touchline as the Roma bench erupted. 2 minutes later, Sassuolo looked like they had equalized after all that. Still, the goal was giving offsides as Roma held on. What was a dramatic finish at the Stadio Olimpico Jose Mourinho wins his 1000th match as a manager as Roma remains perfect and for the first time since 2015 Roma are top of the table following a very emphatic victory.

El Shaarawy comes off the bench as he wins it for Roma in Stoppage time 

A genuinely incredible matchup football with so much drama. Roma holds on to earn a very narrow Victory winning it at the end of the game as they remain perfect. It was an extreme Roma performance despite Sassuolo doing everything they could to get something from the game. Sassuolo considering what they lost, still looked like they had the qualities to compete in Italian football. They’ve lost so many pieces over the last couple of months, and even with all that, they showed the qualities in this match testing Roma. Strangely, the way Roma won this game gives them more confidence, considering how tough Sassuolo made it at times. The incredible performances in goal from Rui Patricio keeping Roma in the game and in front of it throughout. It doesn’t bother me that he is 33 years old; he is exactly what was needed tonight. Making so many saves of extreme difficulty keeping his team in the game. Wolves must be missing the presence that he now has in the Roma goal. He was nothing short of spectacular tonight; the opposition got forward quite often, but Roma continually was able to handle it because of his performance; he is my man of the match tonight, even though it was a callous decision to make. Lorenzo Pellegrini is genuinely looking like the best midfielder in the league this season; he has just gone up to another level and will continue to improve. The relationship between Lorenzo Pellegrini and Tammy Abraham may be the most exciting thing about this entire Roma team. They don’t speak the same language, but they’re constantly on the same page it really speaks volumes to Lorenzo Pellegrini and his adaptability; as soon as Tammy Abraham starts learning a little bit of Italian, this team will become so dominant in the attacking installation and the Midfield. Even though this match and they’re being very dramatic and tough on Roma, very few negatives can be taken from this. The only one that I can find is Nicolo Zaniolo isn’t having an excellent start to the season; he’s had a couple of moments, but I have not been overly impressed when he is played. It is important that the Young Gun gets back into form as soon as possible because his influence in games will make Roma such a more dangerous team. The unlikely Heroes of Bryan Cristante and Stephan El Shaarawy perfectly capture Roma’s performance. It has only been three games so far this season, but I’ll tell you what Roma has a strong starting 11, a great manager, and good squad depth for a scudetto Chase. Roma will have another test next week in Verona as I hope to keep things going. Roma is top of the league right now, and they’re displaying a level of consistency that we haven’t seen at the Stadio Olimpico in a long time.

MAN OF THE MATCH: Rui Patricio

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