A.S Roma vs Sassuolo Talking Points #1261

Drama Fueled Victory as Roma are Top of the League

Sunday night in Rome, we witnessed one of the most dramatic and exciting matches in Italian football so far this season. Serie A has always been wild and exciting. There was so much drama, anticipation, and emotion impactful throughout the 95 minutes at the Stadio Olimpico. Roma had an opportunity to go to the top of the league for the first time since 2015. Taking on sassuolo, a team that had pushed European football over the last couple of years. It is a wildly exciting affair that only sets the pace for Romo and how they have transformed the club over the last year, especially the last couple of months. A true back-and-forth battle with both teams showing their qualities. Roma was pushing the pace, but sassuolo proved to everyone that they would be tough regardless of the opposition. Showing their true colors in this match despite losing their coach and their best player, they still looked as potent and dangerous as before. To quickly summarize what occurred on Sunday night, Berardi gives the lead to the visitors to be wiped off for an offside, with raspadori being flagged off in the build-up. Tammy Abraham goes on a great run only to be taken down in frustration; the defense falls asleep on the free-kick Lorenzo Pellegrini threads the ball into the box as Bryan cristante converts on a one-on-one. In the second half, sassuolo put the pressure on Roma with Rui Patricio seemingly making every save imaginable, but sassuolo meninges to find just enough space to get that equalizer. Back and forth between both games, the crossbar being hit multiple times hey Drew battle ending with Stephan El Shaarawy coming off the bench Define the winner in the 90th minute as Mourinho explodes and celebration running down the touchline at the Stadio Olimpico erupted sassuolo the last kick of the game equalize only to be flagged off as Roma end up winning one of the most dramatic matches of the season. Jose Mourinho has found that magic that he was accused of losing while at Spurs. Roma is top of the league. Jose Mourinho picked up maximum points and has won his first five games in charge of the club. Roma, realistically speaking, could find themselves in a title race; the most valuable part about this is the expectation all lies with Inter Milan and AC Milan to win the title Roma operating out of house money because the expectation of winning isn’t on their backs this season. There’s no reason to get over-excited about anything because it is just the first few games of the season, but the new-look Romo has looked flawless. This Roman team has turned around dramatically. Dan and Ryan Friedkin bought the club last summer had a tough season with under Fonseca as Roma finished seventh. As soon as Tottenham sacked Jose Mourinho, they contacted him and pulled the deal off. Jose Mourinho then brought in some really outstanding additions Rui Patricio, Tammy Abraham, Matias Vina, Eldor Shomordov, a very productive Mercado. He is also taking current Roma players from last season and taking them up to a different level. Lorenzo Pellegrini is approaching world-class status, becoming the best midfielder in the league this season, and potentially by The Season’s end, he will be one of the best in Europe. The Roman-born captain is one for the future and will be extremely important for Jose mourinho’s time here in Rome; everyone seems to be clicking at the moment. I’ve only mentioned this a million times, but I’m going to repeat it the communication between Lorenzo Pellegrini and Tammy Abraham is Flawless; they’re always on the same page, and they don’t speak the same language when Tammy Abraham start learning Italian the rest of the league should watch out because they’re confident communicating on the pitch with body language without knowing the same language you’re communicating so well. Jordan veretout picked up right where he left off, and we see the progression from the entire team and the individual players that he is brought here. The players that are ready here are progressing and becoming much more refined players for this Roma team. Nicolo zaniolo isn’t there yet, but once he starts getting back to what he was before his injuries, this team is just going to become extremely special. Not to mention Carles Perez was a player that most Roma fans wanted to leave; he’s got back into the side, and it looks like a solid player to have coming off the bench the optimism and momentum he’s creating here pooping still he’s one of the best managers in the world. The mentality and his winning intangibles have spread within the squad as they all operate on the same types of values that lead to winning trophies. Roma is at the top of the league for the first time since 2015; the influence of Jose Mourinho and Roma being top of the league now is not a coincidence their off to a firing start.

Rui Patricio

One of the things that have been answered in the early part of the season is a sense of security and the net. One of them is the biggest issue practically ever since 2018 has been severe problems with their goalkeeper. Alisson Becker put together one of the best goalkeeper seasons ever seen in Italian football, certainly the best individually ever seen at the Stadio Olimpico. Unfortunately, Liverpool had notable problems that ended up losing the Champions League final against Real Madrid. They gave an offer they could not refuse as the big Brazilian left for 75 million. Ever since then, Roma has been trying to replace him. They got seduced into thinking Robin Olsen was the answer following a great World Cup despite early moments of brilliance. He was mistake-prone and just wasn’t good enough to be Romans number one. He was sent on various loans; he has a knot made one appearance as Roma starting goalkeeper since his debut season 3 years ago; he has now left and gone to Sheffield United. Roma tried again as they splashed out a record fee of 25 million for Real Betis goalkeeper Pau Lopez. He had a great start to his time in the capital but really struggled with consistency, a mistake in the Roman Derby, and really couldn’t recapture his form. However, his last season in Rome played a very big role in Roma getting to the Europa League semi-final, saving a crucial penalty against Ajax. We will have fun memories from him, but he went to Marseille with Jose Mourinho despite him doing enough to earn another season in the capital. Roma finally made the right move and replaced Alisson Becker with a worthy goalkeeper. Roma pulled off a deal for Rui Patricio, one of the best goalkeepers in the Premier League; although he is 33 years old, it is so clear the base is the move they should have made in 2018. Rui Patricio is a proven winner and has consistently been a top-10 goalkeeper in Europe. Rui Patricio made some crucial saves in the match against Fiorentina in important moments then Last night was a world-class performance. Constantly keeping Roma afloat in the match despite being pressured. His hands and reflexes were spot-on, but what makes Rui Patricio such a perfect goalkeeper for this, especially in terms of having faith in his consistency, is the ability to use his feet. He made so many crucial saves and complicated or challenging moments with the use of his feet. Sassuolo got after it getting into a lot of really tricky situations putting the pressure on Roma, especially when they started the second half. They just went ruthless. Rui Patricio cap Roma in contention to win the game; how many outstanding saves he made. Made some tremendous saves from long-distance made a few in a one-on-one situation; if any other goalkeeper was in the Roman net last night, they probably would have conceded more than they did. Even at 33 years old, the big Portuguese has finally given Roma the faith and belief in their goalkeeper. Rui Patricio, at this moment, is the best goalkeeper in Italian football. This has been precisely what Roma has needed for the last couple of seasons; now, Roma has that security blanket. His performance last night was outrageous; it seems like no matter what they did, there was no beating this man. Rui Patricio has with great anticipation, well-balanced, a very imposing personality, someone that is very vocal, good with his feet, and doesn’t make many mistakes. His performance last night was incredibly special, still showing he’s one of the best goalkeepers in the world. His performance Was A Touch of Class.

Sassuolo Still look Strong without Locatelli

Sassuolo looked a lot better than I thought they would. The fact of the matter is they lost a manager that took them to the levels they’ve operated at for the last couple of seasons. De Zerbi I left for a better job in Ukraine as he is taking over at Shakhtar Donetsk; it felt like the team was going to lack a particular identity after losing what they had lost. In addition to all that, they also were unable to hang on to Francesco Caputo, who left in the closing hours of the transfer window signing for Sampdoria. In total, they lost their manager, their best player, and their top goal scorer. This team was on the brink of European football last season but ironically missed out to Roma. Ultimately considering they lost so many important pieces of this team, it seemed like the sense of fear about them went out the window. Even though Berardi and raspadori remain at the club just looking at the situation from a distance, it just didn’t seem like they had what it takes to keep it going. Their opening two games was a mix of good and bad, an auspicious performance against Verona and then a disappointing display against Sampdoria. Coming into the season, I did not believe they could do a lot; they’re a type of team that’s good enough to finish within a couple of spots of the last couple of years, but there was something about the team that just didn’t have the same Prestige about it. What made the team so good with the collection of all those pieces that they ended up losing. They looked a lot better than I thought they would struggle against Roma away from home at the Stadio Olimpico; they look really strong with a lot to give to this season. This tester drama physically and mentally ultimately Roma ended up winning this game late, but sassuolo showed serious promise and went after it against Roma. I still think it’s unlikely they make Europe this season, but they’re certainly a lot of positivity to take from their performance. They got to the counter-attack often and got endangered spaces almost regularly; unfortunately, Rui Patricio had a Master Class; under other circumstances, they could have gotten something from the game. Honestly, they probably deserved at least a point. Roma, we’re slightly the better team, but there was a certain resistance from the visitors for Roma’s everything. I still think they probably have some inconsistency issues this season with everything that I fell apart. However, it is proven that considering everything the kind of fit together, this is still a team that has the capabilities of being a tough opponent for a lot of the top teams. Roma, right now we’re top of the league. They almost stole a point in their own backyard just showing even though important pieces have departed with Berardi respiratory and Jermaine Boga; they have certainly enough to Make Some Noise this season; how significant noise is another question for another day, but the quality of this team is undeniable they’re tough they’re well-coached and can continue the work that had been done before this season there was some expectation that they were going to collapse without those pieces. Still, they were prepared for all of it; last night was proof of that.

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