European Players of the week #1264

Jamal Musiala vs RB Leipzig

Jamal Musiala is one of the most underrated players in World football, especially in his age group. Among the most elite young players in Europe, he is very rarely mentioned in the conversation, which is very strange considering he has a higher ceiling than Jude Bellingham, Phil Foden Camavinga, and so many others. He is never brought up in this conversation; I find it confusing. The problem, not enough people are watching what he’s doing in Bavaria. In the new age of Bayern Munich, it is infrequent to see someone of such a young age come into the first team and thrive. Of course, old-school Bayern Munich had many Academy products into the first-team and became Club Legends. However, Jamal Musiala is just cut from a different cloth; he has those qualities at an incredibly young age and has shown all the qualities to become a world-class footballer. Outside of mbappe and erling haaland, he is superior to the majority of the young talents playing in Europe right now. He is not being discussed or talked about by very many. Still, his ability, potential, ceiling, and overall performance are significantly Superior to the others in his age group. He showed once again that he could dominate a game against one of the League’s best teams. RB Leipzig might be a team that is struggling right now, but the talent level they have on this team is outrageous. So many great players at so many different positions. It was an individual masterclass last weekend against RB Leipzig. Bayern Munich and RB Leipzig have been Rivals for many years; there are always tricky and challenging games. Bayern Munich was ripping them apart even though everyone contributed. Jamal Musiala put together a creative performance. Being directly involved in two of the four goals that Bayern Munich scored with a goal and an assist. The incredible thing about his performance is I didn’t even need to mention it. In this day and age, there are so many that are so influenced by statistics. Jamal Musiala is underrated in that aspect. If you’re judging him purely off his statistical contributions as a midfielder and an attacker, you’re not going to be as impressed with him, but if you watch him play, you’ll understand how great he is. Judy Bellingham is tremendous, but honestly, as far as a player with a complete game with minimal weaknesses, that is Jamal Musiala; to me, he is the future of the German national team, and ultimately speaking, England will regret not being able to convince him. He’s a young player that will also be the future at Bayern Munich. I’ve reason to believe that he will be there his entire career; having gone through the academy and seeing him blossom into the player he is has been tremendous to watch from the outside. Against RB Leipzig, he dominated scored a brilliant goal controlling a touch out of the air before finishing it into the bottom corner setting up Leroy Sane a wicked run down the side with a perfectly time cross that led to another Bayern Munich goal. It wasn’t just the goal and assist and made his performance was impressive; it was the way he dribbled the way he opened up the play from the Midfield RB Leipzig continue to bring him to the ground, trying to get him off his feet he showed incredible control with the ball at his feet and his dribbling ability is second to none. We are watching a master at work ; he’s a player that will remain under the radar but quite obviously one of the best youngsters in the world even if no one is talking about it. Against Barcelona, it was more of the same with another awe-inspiring performance many times, Barcelona defenders draped around him, yet they could not find a way to stop him and get the ball of him. Against RB Leipzig, it was the Jamal Musiala show. He is the future; the rest of the world just hasn’t figured that out yet ; this week’s performance was another example why he is just on a different level right now compared to the others.

Florian Wirtz vs Dortmund

Speaking of another player in Jamal musiala age group, we saw a tremendous performance from Florian Wirtz. Typically speaking, when I dictate who I select for my player of the week, I don’t take players from losing teams; I have never done so since I’ve been doing this weekly column. However, I have to break my rule because of his performance. Had Bayern Leverkusen been dealt with less difficulty, he never would have been considered, but the fact of the matter is as we saw a firework show Bayer Arena. It was one of the best Bundesliga matches of this decade and one of the best matches in German Football I have ever seen. It was an absolute show, but unfortunately, it was a 4-3 loss as Dortmund came from behind to beat Leverkusen. Florian Wirtz, much like Jamal musiala is only 18 years old he was one of the youngest players in Bundesliga history to score one of the youngest players in Bundesliga history to achieve six goals or more and honestly took the entire world by storm last season along with Jamal musiala and Jude Bellingham. The German national team will be an incredible hands with both Jamal musiala and Florian Wirtz incredibly young supremely Talent, which will only help the national team thrive when Thomas Muller and some of the older players start retiring from International Football. Florian Wirtz just showed how special he is. Talking about a young player in the Midfield that is so capable of doing so many incredible things in dictating the pace and control of a Leverkusen midfield with a lot of experience, he is the catalyst of the attack, constantly facilitating Patrik Schick and Moussa Diaby two of the best attackers in the league this season. The youngster is continuously putting them in a position to score goals more very capable of doing the job himself. Incredible vision, a high level of IQ, not to mention the wonderful things that he can do with the ball. Regarding a midfielder in the Bundesliga, regardless of age, he is undoubtedly one of the best in the league. He’s doing all of this at such a young age shows how important and how influential he has been to this club over the last year. Two goal contributions in the defeat. He had something to do with two of the three goals that were scored on Saturday afternoon. Showing how important he is to this team. Scoring a brilliant goal just 10 minutes into the game, cutting into the box with a brilliant run and an outstanding finish been right before halftime helped Leverkusen regained the lead with Moussa Diaby and Patrik Schick side-by-side he made a challenging pass to the Czech Republic Striker as Patrik Schick scored to take them in front. Even though Dortmund ended up winning this game, he constantly was pulling strings from the Midfield with some incredible long-range passing flowing into the attack. He’s another player that kind of flies under the radar he is not as complete as Jamal musiala but is incredibly versatile, especially with his movement he is an attacking midfielder who often can drop back into the defensive Midfield and help out as well as pushing forward and joining part of the attack his movement within the team is part of the reason that makes him great, and even though he ended up losing the match he has three goals and three assists this season showing his impact on this Bayern Leverkusen team that is having a hot start to the season race is a team that no one is going to want to play because of the communication and ball movement between Florian Wirtz Patrik Schick and Moussa Diaby with RB Leipzig struggling out of the gate with the youngster running point Bayer Leverkusen as he scored in the Europa league just days later it could be a Champions League team next season his performance of this week was especially remarkable.

Robert Lewandowski vs Barcelona

There should be no surprises here, but I am awarding yet another player of the week to the best striker in the world. Robert Lewandowski has been unconscious this season, but this shouldn’t be something that should catch anyone off guard. As I’ve been saying for months, although I’m happy for Lionel Messi, winning the Copa America International trophies do not matter to me when deciding the Ballon d’Or. Robert Lewandowski has been clearly the best player in the world over the last two years; he has scored 40 goals or more for six years running; last season, he broke the record for the most Bundesliga goals in a season even though he missed three weeks because of injury. Robert Lewandowski is deserving of the Ballon d’Or, and it is kind of sad that they will rob him of it because of a particular agenda. Lionel Messi is very worthy of it, no question about it but this year and last year belongs to Robert Lewandowski. His performance this week shows you exactly why. He is the best striker in the world, and it’s not even close. Against RB, Leipzig scored yet again in the Bundesliga as he continues to rip apart German football and European football as well. Robert Lewandowski has scored 10 goals in six games as she has got off to a firing start in the Bundesliga, and in midweek he was able to do similar things in the Champions League. Robert Lewandowski against Barcelona was absolutely fantastic. Another example of why he is the world’s best. Scoring twice in a 3-0 victory at the Camp Nou. On his first goal, he was in the right place at the right time, taking his foot out after a strike went off the post into the back of the net. Land on his second goal, he was able to retrieve the ball cut into the box, took his time went around one Defender went around another one and just stuck it in the top of the net. She is just impossibly good. Robert Lewandowski is informed there is absolutely nothing that can be done with him. Barcelona is aware that an RB Leipzig is aware that he has had a firing start at the season, and this is only going to continue. I can continue to break down the story in whatever way Suits You, but he will be standing on this list a lot this season. PSG should be the favorites for the Champions League, but as long as Robert Lewandowski suits up and wears that number nine for Bayern Munich, the Germans will be right up there with everyone else. The season has barely started, and he already has 10 goals this season; he is a scoring machine, and he’s going to continue to do what he is always done scoring goals regularly while also contributing in other ways; he does a brilliant job of opening the game and giving teammates opportunities, but the thing he does overall is score goals you can’t take anything away from him because he is purely he’s operating on a different type of level. The Robert Lewandowski show will only continue. Considering how dominant he is, sometimes we forget that he is a complete and all-around Striker that does more than just score goals which makes everything he has done Amplified, we expect goals that we forget all the other things that he provides to Bayern Munich.

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