European Storylines of the Week #1265

Max Allergri is the Problem

Juventus seems to be collapsing at the bits as they’ve had a horrific start to the season. They have made some serious mistakes on their way to their horrid start. Suddenly, Roma and Napoli find themselves in what seems like a title race with AC Milan and Inter Milan as expected leading the charge. Juventus was expected to be a team that could have potentially taken back what is theirs and win the scudetto. With everything happening at Inter Milan with romelu Lukaku and Antonio Conte leaving, it seemed like a fantastic opportunity to reclaim their dominance in the league. Then they got played by Cristiano Ronaldo; we know the story he asked to start the game from the bench in the opening match against udinese Juventus ended up dropping points he requested to leave; first, it was going to be Man City, and then it became Manchester United. Leaving Juventus a lot of time to try to find a replacement, they ended up bringing in Moise Kean back to the club as well as signing Manuel locatelli finally. In their next two games, they went down to newly-promoted Empoli and lost a big game to Napoli. Juventus find themselves in 16th and 8 points away from the top of the table. Roma, obviously, it’s only been a couple of games, and they can’t get it back together, but they put themselves in an almost inescapable situation. The chances are they will return to Peak form, get themselves back into the champions league, and so on, but to make up so many points at this point of the season it’s just tragic. They have done it before, but the reason they will not do it again is because of Max Allegri. Max Allegri, at his best, was a fantastic manager; he won multiple titles and trophies with Juventus, won the league with AC Milan, and took Juventus to two Champions League finals. However, after he departed from Juventus, he did not watch the sport in 2 years; the entire reason he’s at the club is based on a business decision financially. It’s hard to imagine someone who has not watched the sport in 2 years could be a fan of the sport. They end up doing Pilro dirty with this team; he would be having much more success and would not have started this poorly. Understandably Cristiano Ronaldo scored a lot of goals for Juventus and may need to figure out a way to get those goals back; however, the absence of Ronaldo isn’t the reason for their struggles; it is Max Allegri being in charge of this group as he has made radical decisions. For example, even though it was unlikely that donnarumma would go to Juventus, Max Allegri was not interested as he viewed Sczczeny as a better option than a goalkeeper that has made a mountain of mistakes in 3 weeks. Many Juventus fans thought they were turning Max Allegri was going to be a great thing and could turn the club around and win trophies for them again; I warned them then. I’m warning them now this was a grave mistake. Juventus will turn this thing around and start picking up points and climbing the table; it’s just inevitable it’s in their DNA, but they are already eight points from the top of the table with a bad manager at this point does not know what he is doing the return of Max Allegri was a terrible decision. We’re seeing the victim of Cristiano Ronaldo’s absence hurts the team, but the problem with Juventus and their start to the season is not Cristiano Ronaldo it’s Max Allegri.

Bayern Still Reign Supreme

Bayern Munich may not be top of the league in the Bundesliga at the moment. Wolfsburg is playing fantastic football and has only conceded one goal this season while collecting maximum points. Bayern Munich will continue to close that Gap even though Wolfsburg could be a real threat in the title race. They certainly have the right strategy and philosophy to win them their first title since 2008. However, Bayern Munich will likely make things more interesting in the next couple of weeks in the Bundesliga. Ever since drop point against Gladbach, they have been fantastic and dominant. Robert Lewandowski is on fire and scoring like he does unbelievable display from the Midfield with Joshua kimmich, Leon goretzka, and so many others defensively; they look pretty Sharp along with Manuel Neuer handling the business in goal. With a young star that seems to be thriving despite only being 18 years old, Jamal musiala already is looking like one of the best players in the league. Bayern loaded it up and stacked the deck that they already have; they could add Marcel sabitzer from RB Leipzig. The Bundesliga form will continue, and they’ll get right back into the thick of it soon, but in the Champions League, they are currently looked at as an afterthought; it’s only been one game, but this Bayern Munich team is as good as any. Last year they probably would have won the Champions League if it wasn’t for the injury of Robert Lewandowski; there was expectations for them to continue to win and retain the Champions League. This season there’s no expectation on Bayern Munich other than the ones they put on themselves; the heavy favorites for this year’s Champion’s League are PSG, Manchester United and Manchester City with the additions that they made in Paris and they made in Manchester with the additions of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi specifically it puts them right in there in the thick of it with high expectations. Those expectations were checked by young boys, and Club Brugge PSG and Manchester United have one point from The Opening match of the Champions League. Things certainly will get better for them as the competition progresses, but Bayern Munich is off to a flying start. Relatively speaking, Barcelona is a much better team than young boys and Club Brugge they did lose Lionel Messi, but they still have a lot of quality inside the squad despite their financial situation. Robert Lewandowski and Bayern Munich went to the Camp Nou and rinsed them; an Incredibly dominant performance has Bayern Munich made things look easy. Thomas Muller scores once Robert Lewandowski scores twice as Bayern Munich handle Barcelona without too much difficulty. You think about the production they have got from the Midfield with Leon goretzka, who just resigned, and Marcel sabitzer; the entire team back to front is loaded, and now they have a little more Squad death that will very much go into their favor. The wild-card they have here is the fact that their defense is performing at a much higher level the last season. They don’t seem to have those issues at the back. Once again, the young stud Jamal musiala continue to grow into the team and become a serious problem for the opposition in both games against RB Leipzig and Barcelona this week; it was a chore trying to get the ball off of him as he was swarmed by Defenders constantly. With the attacking prowess that they have with Robert Lewandowski leading the line with Thomas Muller, Serge Gnabry Leroy Sane a potent Midfield a defense that’s not making mistakes and one of the best goalkeepers in the world even though nobody is talking about it, Bayern Munich may not be the favorites for the Champions League. Still, the thing that they have against PSG and Manchester United is very rarely blonder the expectations; even though they did get eliminated by PSG last year, they went down swinging, and they did not have their best player. Bayern Munich has been together for several years while PSG and Manchester United have pushed a brand new team together. No one’s talking about them but considering the way they have played together, Bayern Munich may not be the favorites for everyone, but they are the favorites for me; the question I had about Bayern Munich was whether or not they can do it with Julian nagelsmann so far a question has been answered while more questions are surrounding PSG and Manchester United PSG and Manchester United may have more star players the Bayern Munich is the better team it’s only been a short amount of time. Still, they might be a sleeping giant.

Firework Show In Leverkusen

There was an absolute firework show at Bayer Arena in Leverkusen on Saturday. The Bundesliga often gets the false narrative attached to it. They have the most young Talent of any league in the world; the quality inside of it is beyond ridiculous. Some have their reservations because Bayern Munich is a dominant team; however that does not represent the league its quality and competitiveness. Just because Bayern keeps winning means that they pick up the trophy they are tested throughout the season, and inevitably they pull away and win the title. Bayern Munich is one of the best-run clubs in European football, and they have dominated over the last decade for that very reason. But the league’s quality is undeniable, so many outstanding young Talent throughout Germany. A lot of the best players in the Premier League La Liga Serie A have come through the Bundesliga; it is a league that may have its issues occasionally, but it is the most entertaining league in the world, and it’s not even a conversation there’s no debate against it. On Saturday, Bayer Leverkusen and Dortmund went head-to-head in one of the best Bundesliga games of all time. A back-and-forth seven-goal Thriller between two top teams. Dortmund was looking to win the title while Bayern Leverkusen had the ambition of getting back into the Champions League. In the 10th minute, the game got rolling. German young Talent Florian Wirtz gave a through ball inside the box, and the Leverkusen Talent found the back of the net to provide Leverkusen with a 1-0 lead. With all the star power that Dortmund has, they’re eventually going to knock down the door; they did it with one erling haaland scoring a beautiful header goal to draw things level. Then it had looked like Jude Bellingham had given Dortmund the lead, but a video review scraped it. Only for Bayer Leverkusen to take advantage of it, young Talent Florian Wirtz drove the ball just outside the box with Patrik Schick to his left and Moussa Diaby to his right; the youngster opted for passing it to Patrik Schick that gave Leverkusen the lead in the closing moments of the first half. Both teams were incredibly Dynamic and dangerous throughout the opening 45 minutes, but the game was just heating up. Minutes into the second half, Julian Brandt got Dortmund their equalizer in the 49th minute. Six minutes later, in the 55th minute, Moussa Diaby did his magic as Leverkusen retook a 3-2 lead. Less than 20 minutes to go, Rafael Guerrero leveled the game once again as it was now 3 – 3. Bayer Leverkusen gave everything they possibly could have to win this game. Still, ultimately Dortmund wins the penalty, erling haaland steps up and converts, and despite some close chances at the very end in what was an absolute show Dortmund comes from behind to win a 4-3 victory in Leverkusen. Arguably the second-best Bundesliga game of the last decade was very similar in a drama and excitement of the 5-4 victory for Bayern Munich over RB Leipzig; it was a stunning performance from both teams Bayer Leverkusen. They are actually unfortunate not to have gotten points from this game because throughout they were the better team it was an absolutely outrageous match of football that most people missed because they opted to watch Cristiano Ronaldo’s Manchester United debut people made that decision in good conscience but to consider what happened in Germany it would have been a tragedy if I didn’t get to see that game live German Football has a level of excitement that no other league in the world can genuinely be compared to doesn’t make it the best league in the world even though I would argue it. Still, the one thing about German Football is if you allow your eyes to wonder just for a second, you can miss something spectacular, and it was an absolute show on Saturday night.

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