Roma’s scorching hot start halted by Verona in the Rain #1267

Score: A.S Roma 2 Hellas Verona 3FT

It has been a scorching start for Roma. Jose Mourinho has yet to lose this season in his six competitive games. Roma manhandled cska Sofia in midweek, and then last weekend, we saw a dramatic finish against sassuolo as El Shaarawy scored a winner in the 90th minute. This week they head to winless Verona that has recently sacked Eusebio di Francesco; they would either be demoralized or have a point to prove against a Roma team that’s playing so well. Hellas Verona came out of the fire and played with high intensity challenging Rui Patricio on numerous of occasions in the first half. It was a wet rainy night in Verona; it seemed to very much go into their favor. However, even though Roma did appear to struggle at times. Roma did break through with Lorenzo Pellegrini with an incredible back-heel goal to give Roma a 1-0 lead. They held on to it into the second half but slowly but surely; our last Verona returned. Roma played a little bit to open, and they took advantage of it as Verona scored its two quick goals through Antonio Barak and Gianluca caprari as Verona took a 2-1 lead. Rome ended up pulling one back when Lorenzo Pellegrini forced an own goal to get a much-needed equalizer. However, Verona had specific energy about them and took advantage of it as David Faroni scored one of the goals of the season, hitting an absolute rocket on the volley from outside the box what proved to be the decisive goal at Hellas Verona look inspired following the sacking of Eusebio di Francesco in what turned out to be a rough night for Roma.

Jose Mourinho sets up his team out of their typical 4-2-3-1 formation. In goal, as always, would be Rui Patricio. Matias Vina was injured, so at left-back, we would see the youngster Ricardo calafiori beside him would be the center back of Rodger Ibanez, and Gianluca Mancini patrolling right-back would be the Flying Dutchman Rick karsdorp. The defensive Midfield Duo would be made up of Bryan cristante and Jordan veretout. In as the central attacking midfielder would be Roma Captain Lorenzo Pellegrini. To his left would be shomurodov as he gets his first start of the season. Then on the opposite side on the right-wing would be the out-of-form Nicolo zaniolo. Then finally, upfront as Roma as a central Striker would be Tammy Abraham.

After preparations and predictions of the match got underway in Verona there were dodgy weather conditions from the start as the rain started to come down. Hellas Verona is a very good team and they showed that they are much better than their latest performances. Giovanni Simeone in the first couple of minutes came relatively close to an opening goal trying to stretch it from outside the box but couldn’t reach the target. It was a little bit of a warning to Roma despite being significantly be more superior team Verona’s new manager had a plan and the aggressive press from the start of the game at seem to be really effective especially with Roma starting an eighteen-year-old at left-back. Roma did have a slick reply about 10 minutes later Lorenzo Pellegrini hits a beautiful cross Inside the Box finding a Bryan cristante the Two Italians hooked up on a goal in the Thriller last week came dangerously close to repeating that. Bryan cristante put his head through the cross but unfortunately hit off the bar a situation that could have given the team so much momentum early. Even though Roma came close to scoring Hellas Verona we’re very ambitious in their approach getting into those dangerous space is quite often and not playing with much fear even though they were the underdog. Verona try to test rui Patricio as Barak hit a powerful strike from outside the box but the Portuguese goalkeeper was able to handle the Situation. As we approached the half-hour Mark Nicolo zaniolo at space outside the box but made a very selfish choice trying to stretch from outside the box despite the space being completely closed down. A minute later Verona came close as Darko lazovic another Verona player tries from outside the box. Most goals come from inside but I guess the idea was to beat a goalkeeper like rui Patricio you need to catch him off guard I’m not really sure what the thinking was behind the attempts from Deep but that’s the only conclusion I can think of. Even though Roma had their chances in the game let’s not kid ourselves Verona looks like the much better team for the majority of the first half. However Roma still found a way the Breakthrough Lorenzo Pellegrini scoring one of the goals of the season in the rain when Rick karsdorp picked out a cross for him in the 36th minute the Roma captain caught the ball in the air and supplied a backheel burying it in the bottom corner as Roma took a 1-0 lead. Lorenzo Pellegrini has just been as we say in America that dude for Roma as that was his sixth goal of the season he’s really becoming a different player under Mourinho. As the Roma’s goal more or less ended the first half.

Lorenzo Pellagrini stays hot with yet another goal as Roma took a 1–0 in the first half on Sunday night

Verona would be slightly better team in the first half even though Roma score through Pellagrini It wasn’t necessarily a bad performance but momentum was just building for Verona that all of a sudden we’re playing much better then in previous weeks. It continue to rain which went into Verona’s favor there was a slight delay and kicking off the second half but the rain just continue to come down. The second-half kicked off in Verona just came out firing. In the 49th minute Hellas Verona found the equalizer a unfortunate pass would set up Barak rui Patricio made an initial save clearing it off the line it landed right at his feet as Verona get their equaliser. There was nothing that rui Patricio could have done. By the time he had made his save he was on the ground by the time he got up the ball was in the back of the net. The Roma defense has to do better they cannot allow themselves to put themselves in that situation. Unfortunately Verona’s High Press and Roma has occasional vulnerability in the back let them to score another just five minutes later in the 54th minute Gianluca Capari picked out in the bottom corner from inside the Box as Verona double their lead. After a Verona Miss shortly after then Roma got themselves back in the game in the 58th minute Lorenzo Pellegrini ran through the Midfield before picking out a pass for Tammy Abraham however the defender stuck it in the back of his own that and just like that it was all leveled again. 3 very quick goals to start the second half this thing was far from over. Then it happened again in the 63rd minute not the fault of anyone as Marco Feroni just hit a rocket from the sky as the captain hit the ball out of the air into the top corner not even a world-class goalkeeper like rui Patricio would be able to get on the end of it the rain continues to pour down as Verona explode now having a 3-2 lead. Stephan El Shaarawy, henrikh mkhitaryan and Carles Perez all are entered into the equation as Mourinho attempted to try something different. Roma had an immediate chance but Perez used too much power striking a deep shot over the goal. It continued to be Verona’s day rui Patricio denied Gianluca capari as Roma then made two more changes bringing in Chris Smalling and bojar mayoral. It became a battle throughout the closing parts of the game Roma desperately try to find an equalizer but it didn’t seem like it was going to arrive. Lorenzo Pellegrini tries to set up Carles Perez late but a late save on the Spaniard settled it as Roma suffered their first loss of the season while Hellas Verona after the sacking of DeFrancesco puts together and inspiring performance as they beat one of the best sides in Italy for Roma it was a necessary defeat and a true test but Roma is not going away will still be in the thick of it but tonight was Verona’s night.

An Inspired Verona show promise as they pull off the upset in the rain

I wouldn’t necessarily say that Roma was stunned tonight, but the match was significantly more difficult than expected. With the weather had been playing this season, the underutilization of Verona I believe they would be demoralized and would be in a vulnerable state that Roma could rip them apart. It turned out to be not the case, and furthermore, Verona was the much more impressive team throughout the game. They constantly put pressure on the Roma back that played far to open throughout this game; they just look like a different team this week than they had the previous couple. Lorenzo Pellegrini was absolutely out of this world for Roma, as he has been the majority of the season this far. Still, collectively it’s a performance Roma surely needs to improve on. Pellegrini scored a tremendous back heel and was able to force an own goal when they were down. It was a true Captain’s contribution Lorenzo Pellegrini is my man of the match for Roma, but the performance as a whole, there’s certainly room for improvement. Roma had a scorching start to the season tonight; they were humbled, which will only help them going forward. This defeat was essential, Roma; now that their perfect start has ended will have a chance to look at the performance and see what they could do better. Honestly the back I don’t think it’s going to be a severe issue this season, but tonight, in particular, it just wasn’t right. It’s not his fault, but Ricardo calafiori, it wasn’t good enough at left-back Matias Vina being out cost Roma severely. It’s not like Vina is one of the best left-backs in the league, and he had some issues of his own to start the season, but the Uruguayan has played first-team football constantly and would have been more prepared for the challenge. The problem is Mourinho didn’t have another option; it was either Ricardo calafiori or American Teenager Bryan Reynolds; those were his options tonight. Between the two, Ricardo calafiori was the safer option, but essentially he had his hands tied. Verona looked strong, played with optimism, and ultimately Roma couldn’t deal with it; another challenge will be waiting for them against udinese. The result doesn’t sit well, and it’s obviously something that Roma didn’t want to see happen, but it’s only going to prepare them more so for next weekend against udinese, one of the Dark Horses of the season so far. Roma was not awful, but it could have been a lot better and didn’t have a complete performance. Mourinho should seriously consider benching Nicolo zaniolo; he does not look the same, and you’re delusional if you think that he’s also been highly selfish with his decision-making, and Mourinho needs to rectify that I would bench him and start El Shaarawy against udinese next weekend there’s a lot to take from this it’s not the end of the world Roma is still going to be a big player in the Champions League and potential title race this season this is just the first hiccup Mourinho will be prepared and figure out a way to make the suitable adjustments, but this was not a great night for the lads from Rome.

MAN OF THE MATCH: Lorenzo Pellegrini

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