Roma vs Hellas Verona Talking Points #1268

With Di Francesco Gone Hellas Verona are back and rolling

After struggling immensely to start the season, Hellas Verona got back on the right track when they upset Roma at home. Hellas Verona failed to pick up a point in their first three games of the season despite the circumstances; it was tormenting. Hellas Verona has been a dark horse over the last couple of seasons, with two back-to-back top 10 finishes in the league following their promotion two years ago. There’s a lot of quality in the squad, and even though they arguably of lost their best player, Verona still has a lot of quality inside their squad; they just were unable to show it during those first three games. There are many questionable motives behind this, but yesterday against Roma, they looked highly confident and played like a team that had a point to prove. The team itself didn’t seem to be the problem yesterday; they flipped a switch that should kick-start their season. Eusebio di Francesco was a strange appointment by Verona in the summer. Following being sacked by Roma, it’s been disaster after disaster He’s never done a great job with talented teams and has struggled in his last couple of jobs; he was a considerable downgrade when the club appointed him following his previous two disasters. He was relieved of his duties after three defeats to start the season. As proved, he wasn’t getting the best out of the team as they looked flat up until yesterday. The manager was holding them back yesterday; they looked like a completely different team than the one we saw in the first couple of games of the season. They looked motivated, inspired, and played exceptionally well together. The team is very talented; they weren’t playing like it under his leadership. I underestimated them because I thought they would be demoralized by the recent events, but it turned out to be quite the opposite; they had specific energy and momentum about them that they had not shown previously this season. In rainy conditions, they went straight at Roma, came out very aggressively, and found their spots. Even after conceding in the first half, they looks like the better team throughout the game. They scored three times in the second half as they upset one of the best sides in Italy who enter the game winners of their last six, truly showing that this Hellas Verona team has more quality than they’ve been showing the last couple of weeks, it seems like for them to dig deep and find it they needed a manager that could guide them now that they seemed to have that they should have no problem getting back into form to restart their season it’s only been four games that are plenty of time to make up for their early struggles.

Nicolo Zaniolo MUST come off the Bench for Now

Nicolo zaniolo has not been involved with the team in two years because of his knee injuries. The return of him to the side was an inspiring thing for the Roma fans, an opportunity to see him play again, a player that could be hugely influential under Jose Mourinho. Nicolo zaniolo needs his confidence and continues to grow and develop inside this team as he attempts to recapture for what he was before his injuries. Roma fans have a very cuddly relationship with him, so sometimes their judgment is clouded. It’s unclear what the infatuation is; he’s a fantastic player. No Doubt; before his injury, he was one of the best young talents in Italian football. For whatever reason, he is a player. In the starting lineup, this season has turned out to do more harm than good. He hasn’t really had any terrific moments; he had a great run in the conference league in the qualifying stage and scored a great goal, but in League Play, he has not done anything, in particular, there haven’t been any glimpses of the player he was two years ago. It is going to take a little bit of time for him to get back in the swing of things, and I think that’s a totally fair assessment; we should not expect him to be scoring regularly or even being one of the team’s best players. But in the same breath, his remaining in the starting line is starting to be harmful. His decision-making has been extremely poor and Incredibly selfish. He’s a young kid with a bright future. I feel like he is just desperate for a goal, and being in the starting lineup is taking him out of his rhythm. Jose Mourinho should try something else. There were multiple times within that game in which it’s clear he does not look the same. With time maybe he will recreate the form from two years ago; it’s unclear at this point, but at the very moment, Carles Perez gives Roma a better chance to win at his position. Roma has a multitude of options at that position, mainly Carles Perez and Stephan El Shaarawy could feeling for him as well. For the time being, until he starts improving and showing growth within this Roma team, the best thing for the club moving forward is using him as a Super Sub. You don’t want to destroy his confidence, but in good conscience, Roma can’t just put him in the starting lineup every single game Carles Perez and Stephan El Shaarawy have both outperforms in this season; he should be eased back into the team he deserves to play solid minutes, but it seems from my viewpoint that putting him in the lineup every single game is ineffective give him some confidence by coming off the bench providing Roma something that they’re missing any particular game. Then he gains confidence work on his decision-making and becoming a more refined player even if he doesn’t return to his former Just throwing him in the starting lineup because he’s talented doesn’t make sense to me using him as a Super Sub going forward might be precisely what the team needs. His starting spot on the right-wing is his and his alone, but for the time being, bring him off the bench to try to gain confidence and form I think is the best strategy for success because over his last couple starts, he’s just been off and hasn’t been providing nearly enough into the team his decision-making just hasn’t been sharp enough as a super-sub he can improve on those things while continuing to play and providing for Roma, but at the moment Carles Perez it should be starting on the right wing just temporarily until the young kid can gain his confidence.

Necessary Defeat for Roma

This was an unfortunate and rough performance by a Roma team that started the season with six consecutive victories. However, the result last night could ultimately become a blessing in disguise. Roma came out this season firing with three very impressive victories. It was nearly a perfect start to the season, especially last weekend with a dramatic victory. However, Hellas Verona is always a tough matchup and just got the better of Roma last night. All Things Considered, though this was important, I would describe it as necessary to defeat. Obviously, Roma want to win and pick up as many points as possible. Nine points from a possible 12 so far is a perfect start. This is where this Roma team will truly be tested. It’s all going to come down to how they are going to reply to the defeat. Lorenzo Pellegrini was world-class yet again, but his magic ultimately wasn’t enough to take them to Victory. It will allow Jose Mourinho to see what went wrong and potentially correct it. Roma has had an excellent start to the season, But ultimately at times that Lorenzo Pellegrini Roma carried them can’t just hope that Lorenzo Pellegrini can create Magic. He is the best midfielder in the league this season, but it will be an opportunity to innovate and evaluate the rest of this team to see what exactly went wrong. Jose Mourinho, in his closing press conference, had mentioned that his team never lacked the winning attitude or desire; ultimately, it came down to the fact that they couldn’t reply to the Way Verona was playing against them. Roma has a challenging two weeks of udinese at home, and the derby after that those are two excruciating difficult matches. Roma will try to have to figure it out; the start to the season was fantastic, and Roma didn’t play that badly last night; even though they came up short, they had their moments. Their first loss of the season, they get it out of the way but all things considered, this will be a learning curve as the team we’ll figure out and answer all the questions that they’ll have the following that performance; it was a tough pill to swallow, but the defeat was necessary next weekend we will see a reaction.

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