Wolfsburg vs Frankfurt Talking Points #1270

Frankfurt Never Replaced Andre Silva

Sam Lammers wonder goal earned a Frankfurt side that’s struggling an adamant Point against one of the best teams in the league. Frankfurt throughout different parts of the game for ripped apart and other times looked really strong and connected together. The squad doesn’t lack quality. Dashi Kamada is one of the most underrated midfielders in the entire Bundesliga; then you look at Filip Kostic, who still looks in excellent form. I may have other components of the team that are promising. They needed to get something from the game because they are within touching distance of the relegation zone; they have a fantastic coach that was given a raw deal after joining ironically from Wolfsburg last season. Oliver Glasner got Wolfsburg back in the Champions League for the first time in six years, and over his time, there did a remarkable job; there was a reason that Frankfurt went after him. The club is in a bad situation right now, but it’s not the manager’s fault; in fact, the manager is doing the best he can with very minimal Solutions to Frankfurt biggest problem. Last season Andre Silva led the club as he scored 29 goals in the Bundesliga; the previous season the club’s highest goal scorer since 1977; in addition to that, we saw incredible production from both Filip Kostic and Dashi Kamada all three of them made it into my Bundesliga team of the season. Andre Silva departed for RB Leipzig, who is equally in a bad situation. However, the biggest problem for Frankfurt is the fact that they did not replace him. Trying to fill the shoes of Andre Silva is going to be a massive problem when you consider they were unable to bring in a striker, and now that the transfer window is closed, they’re stuck with a team that got. They have a solid defense, and Midfield and Kevin Trapp are among the most underrated goalkeepers in the league, but their attack is problematic. Jen Peter Hodge has given in a bit of a spark in the attacking insulation after joining from AC Milan, but the bottom line is he’s not a striker. Frankfurt doesn’t have a legitimate Striker; they can rely on what makes Dashi Kamada and Filip Kostic so effective last season was their ability to facilitate into the attack. Andre Silva, it’s not there anymore, and as great as they are, there’s not a way or situation for them to be effective without a striker there; they have to try to get that production from other areas and it’s simply not working. Sam Lammers, he’s a good player, can provide something, but they cannot rely on him; four players of his ilk regularly they are missing a goal scorer, something they have not had an issue with over the last several seasons, and now it seems to be their biggest issue. Granted, their performance against Wolfsburg was good enough to get them a point, and it’s a precious point, but watching them over 90 minutes, it’s clear what their problem is, and there’s not a way to fix it.

Can Wolfsburg Push Bayern to the Brink?

Wolfsburg Remains the level on points with Bayern Munich; it is early in the season, but thoughts and questions begin to wander as they haven’t dropped off in performance. Even though Wolfsburg probably should have got more out of that game, their incredible quality is there. It appears we will have a title race this season between three different teams. I kind of assumed RB Leipzig would be involved in that, too; it is early in the season, but they are so deflated and so far from the top of the table that even though it’s only been four games, I think they missed their opportunity to be among the best in the Bundesliga. In all likelihood, they will get things going and get into Europe and potentially return to the champions league, but they’re just not involved in this conversation at all right now. The question is, can Wolfsburg legitimately close to Bayern Munich to the brink. There’s also a team in Dortmund that has erling Thailand; they are a talented selection of players; they certainly, if they play their game, can push Bayern Munich. However, Wolfsburg is the most exciting thing here; based on what I’ve seen so far, there’s no question they have what it takes the push Bayern Munich. They have a very complete team, the very best defense in the league; they have conceded twice this season one was a penalty, the other was a rocket on Sunday night by Sam Lammers. This team just is not going to concede very much they’re quite deep of what they can bring Off the Bench were they can provide, and their team selection and have the players to be a huge problem. Mark Van Bommel has hit the ground running with this Wolfsburg team; they are legitimate, and for real, they defend like hell with full-backs that can show the attacking qualities as well. Not to mention the center-back selections they have are really impressive, led obviously by the best young center-back in Europe right now, Maxine LaCroix but was also a lot of worthy Partners to play alongside him. Answer the question plainly the absolute could win the league. They have the material they play defense of football that leads into the attack; it will frustrate teams as they have been doing all season. You add that wout Weghorst, one of the best strikers in the Bundesliga, he has three goals this season but will only heat up as the matches continue. With this style in the big games, can they score enough goals or be more consistent in the attack. Bayern Munich and Dortmund are averaging over three goals a game around there Wolfsburg are scoring in low numbers, which is okay because they shut people out, but against the big teams special they go down early Wolfsburg will need to handle that situation by scoring enough goals to at least keep pace with some of the highest-scoring teams in the league that would be the one concern I would have as far as mounting a title challenge. Still, they’ll be involved in this until the end of the season; the question is how long they can keep pace with the champions having the defense that they have a go into their favor? They’re playing some of the best football in Germany this season if the goal starts finding the back of the net more often and even could be Wolfsburg the year you never know.

Wolfsburg Should of Finished the Job

Wolfsburg dominated the game for the most part they were in total control even when they were behind. Defensively they cut them off and only because of the rocket that was hit from Sam Lammers foot. However despite how well they played they should have got more of that game. Frankfurt are not playing well this season they have a serious problem at the striker position and Wolfsburg just couldn’t take advantage of it. As I’m saying that though Wolfsburg scored a second goal late that probably should have counted but was called as an offside decision. However even before all that Wolfsburg had a number of chances to get themselves back in the game and even win it. You cannot blame Wolfsburg for the goalkeeping performances coming from Frankfurt Kevin Trapp made a couple ridiculous saves that made things difficult on a Wolfsburg. However even though wout weghorst played unbelievable game of football not only because he scored the chances he created the way he opened up play for the others. It was truly a tremendous individual performance but he missed a golden chance prior to the equalizer perfect cross steering and straight in the face and could not take advantage of it. This wasn’t a game away from home they couldn’t close the deal at home and again some of the better teams missed chances like that will help been in a even more antagonizing way. Frankfurt has the qualities in their squad but they don’t have a striker they weren’t in good form and Wolfsburg really should have took advantage of it. Mark Van bommel made some really outstanding tactical switches that put wolfburg in position to win and they just could not deliver on it considering that were in control the entire game I’m not going to criticize them all that much but simply put they have to close games like these dominating is meaningless if you can’t close the deal Wolfsburg played great football they had opportunities to close the deal and it just did not occur for them no need to really be worried because Wolfsburg still unbeaten is still played extremely well it was a really good performance but they just didn’t couldn’t finish the job. I’m sure we will get a reaction and learn them from this but the three points that were sitting there for them you’ve got to take advantage of it. In addition to that they should not be leaving it to the 70th minute to get back into it be better in front of goal and Wolfsburg will be a much more dangerous team.

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