European Players of the Week #1272

Florian Wirtz vs Stuttgart (2)

The Bundesliga continues to get incredible production of their young Talent. Last week I broke down two of the most considerable talents in Germany, and their performances in their respective games as Jamal musiala and Florian Wirtz showed some incredible qualities as we continue to see their promise this season and Beyond. Jamal musiala was an unused substitute for Bayern Munich destruction over the weekend; however, Florian Wirtz returns to my list for the second week in a row. His performances continue to impress me week in and week out. It’s unclear what Bayer Leverkusen will be able to do this season in regards to qualifying for the Champions League; however, with the struggling RB Leipzig, we could see an opportunity for Bayern Leverkusen to return to the Champions League we are very early in the season. Still, we are starting to see the big players in the Bundesliga. One of the most critical pieces to that puzzle is Florian Wirtz. At 18 years old, he is slowly becoming one of the Bundesliga’s best midfielders. He has had a scorching start to the season as he has already contributed to having a goal scorer and a facilitator for Bayer Leverkusen. He has been one of the most exciting players to watch this season so far. Along with musiala, he will be the future of the German national team, and you see exactly why they were another tremendous performance against Stuttgart. After scoring in the fireworks show against Dortmund and in the Europa League, he slowly establishes himself as one of the most promising stars in World football. This weekend only continues to build on that. After suffering a tough defeat, the young German was up for it as he was magical against Stuttgart with another two-goal contributions performance another man-of-the-match display. He dictated the game from the Leverkusen at Midfield, showing his versatility with and without the ball. It was one of the most impressive performances we saw over this last week; the momentum continues to build and build when it comes to this kid. I have a feeling we will be discussing him all year long. Not only did he contribute within the team and help them secure three points, but he showed some outrageous pieces of individual skill; his talents were on display throughout the 90 minutes. On the second goal of the game, Florian Wirtz concocted his magic, making a beautiful run hitting the ball out of the air with a back heal an outrageous touch running at full speed with the ball at his feet into the opposition box before ultimately picking out a perfect pass for Patrik Schick to score. Displaying his Brute Force intelligence and incredible dribbling ability making that run before hitting it off at the right time. On the earlier goal, the young German, even though he was not credited with a goal or an assist on the play, he found space on the outside as a Bayern Leverkusen were pressing he dished it out to the wing across went into the box, and Bayern Leverkusen scored. Although he is not credited for that, it shows his true unselfishness making the imaginative football play that ultimately led to the game’s opening goal before his assist a little while later. After being very influential in two goals highlighting his a facilitation, he did get a goal of his own. Picking the ball off from Midfield with space and time to operate ran the length of the pitch into the box beautiful strike beautiful finished as he scores in his third consecutive game. There was a question of how they were going to replace Kai havertz; they may have found the answer as it has been proven repeatedly throughout last season, and this season Florian Wirtz is the real deal and what’s scary is there’s only been a couple of games this season. He’s already operating out of midseason form; the kid is extraordinary; the sky is the limit indeed with already nine-goal contributions this season, the breakout season is coming he is one of the most prominent young talents in World football for him to be doing what he’s doing as a teenager is just outrageous. In contrast, I don’t rate him as highly as Jamal musiala need. Leverkusen’s Talent will only continue to explode improve even at 18 years old he is one of the best midfielders in the Bundesliga. Two weeks in a row, he’s been on my list since I’ve been writing these articles; only one player has ever gone three straight will he return next week? We’ll just have to wait and see, but his performances this season I’ve been incredibly impressed as he continues to make history at Bayer Arena.

Erling Haaland vs Union (2)

Erling haaland is an incredibly special, and he continues to do extraordinary things that we can’t even begin to believe. His goal-to-game ratio in the Bundesliga is out of this world, and he continues to come up to the plate and dominate every time he touches the ball. Erling haaland may be spending his last year in the Bundesliga, but this move as a whole was knowledgeable and intelligent career choice. He is building something incredible in his career, and he will be the best player in the world in the coming years; not quite there yet and won’t be there for a little while, but we just know that he is the next superstar in football. Erling haaland had an option to go to Manchester United; he chose against it to join Dortmund because of the project and the progress you can make. The Norwegian superstar is in double figures in goal already, and it’s on top of the pile on the Bundesliga scoring list right alongside yep, you guessed it, Robert Lewandowski. At this very moment, the Bayern Munich star is the best player in the world and the best striker in the world by far. Still, erling haaland is coming generational Talent is a word that’s used far too often, but it certainly applies to the Norwegian Superstar. Against Union Berlin, he scored two jaw-dropping goals, one in particular that I could not believe he pulled off. A fantastic run to the Box bullet header has erling haaland started his afternoon late in the game, potentially the best goal I’ve seen this season. A beautiful cross coming from Matt Hummels with the goalkeeper slightly out of his box erling haaland let the ball bounce before striking it out of the air Ibrahimovic like giving the goalkeeper no chance he launched the strike from outside the box he continues to show how dominant he has been and continues to be in the Bundesliga. Dortmund under Marco Rose looks incredibly special, especially when it comes to getting the very best out of erling haaland. He’s one of the best players in the world, an absolute goal-scoring machine. Cristiano Ronaldo is arguably the most gifted goal-scorer of our time in the game, but erling haaland is doing things at this age, but I’m not sure we’ve ever seen. As far as the number of goals he is scoring and how fast he is progressing, expanding, and developing, he is the definition of a goal-scoring machine; his hold-up play could use a little bit of work, but the guy has mutually no weaknesses. He’s built like a tank, runs like Usain Bolt on steroids, and finishes like Marco van Basten; he’s got the complete package. He still hasn’t reached a level of Robert Lewandowski, but it’s only going to be a matter of time before the Gap becomes small; the number she is putting up is ridiculous I nominated him as a player of the week nine on different occasions last season more than any other player. He has 68 goals in 67 games for Dortmund; he just is so gifted when it comes to scoring goals, and he can do it in any way very versatile and just an absolute monster. He gets a brace Dortmund win again he is a mix of Ibrahimovic, and Cristiano Ronaldo things he is capable of achieving in football are quite ridiculous; there’s a reason every team in Europe want a piece of him another incredible performance, but we shouldn’t expect anything less Robert Lewandowski will be the overwhelming favorite to win the Golden Boot. Still, this season for the first time in several years, there might be someone that can challenge him for the Bundesliga Golden Boot; another outrageous performance and erling haaland continues to set the world on fire.

Leroy Sane vs Bochum

Leroy Sane has been harshly criticized ever since he made a move to Bayern Munich. There have certainly been times when he has struggled and not lived up to the immense expectations upon his arrival. However, this idea that he hasn’t been influential in the Bayern Munich team is complete nonsense. Leroy Sane is a world-class player one of The Very Best Wingers in the world. However, the criticism arrived at his feet in regards to a lot of things; it wasn’t so much that he has not been performing at a high level since returning to Germany the issue people were having with the fact that he hadn’t exceptionally been performing at the pace and the level he was when he was with Manchester City. Leroy, sane to me, was the most important player during the first two Premier League titles has Manchester City had won under Pep Guardiola along with others. Still, I thought he was the most important and most influential; he wasn’t the best player on the team, but he was the best performer during that era at Manchester City. The thought was on a Bayern Munich team that is loaded back to front; he would be taking a more dominant role into the team. It hasn’t exactly been the case; the performance on the weekend, though, was just tremendous; the game against Lazio was his best performance and the Bayern Munich shirt, but the performance on Saturday came very close to that. The German international at the game on the ropes it is more profound than the statistics; what he did in that game is extremely important, and it set the pace for the way they played throughout the 90 minutes. However, his undeniable creativity is what opened up the game for opportunities. His world-class dribbling skills were on display, constantly trying to get in dangerous spaces and areas for himself as well as for his teammates. His vision, anticipation, athleticism, and incredible Footwork allowed Bayern Munich to open up and attack them in such a different way. It was a masterful performance, incredibly unselfish and proving that he still is one of the best players in the world. My confidence and belief never wavered when it came to Leroy sane I wasn’t expecting fireworks out of the gate because you have to understand the team that they have in Munich has so many other vital components when you play for Bayern Munich. You’re not Robert Lewandowski; you’re playing a very particular role in one of the best teams in the world. The fact is he’s just not going to start every game; the club has so much depth when you think of Jamal musiala Serge gnabry and so many others that play in those attacking areas. People have been ripping his name ever since he arrived. Still, the fact of the matter is if you watch and evaluate the way he’s performed since being in the Bundesliga, he’s been nothing short of sensational he hasn’t quite reached the Man City forum but still showing those world-class intangibles. He started things off with an absolute missile from outside the box on a free kick any cleaner than he did; it was so precisely connected almost Surgical from the free-kick. Then he made a beautiful run down the wing to find Joshua kimmich, who controlled and then finished Bayern Munich continually racked up the goals in playing a big part of all of it late in the game he then created a perfect opportunity with a run down the wing cut Inside the Box ultimately finding Serge gnabry to set up another goal. Still, it was the ball movement the footwork, and the dribbling to get into that dangerous position that entire goal was orchestrated by Leroy sane even if he didn’t get an assist on the play, he put Bayern Munich in that position. It was a world-class performance last season; he was unbelievable but hadn’t quite hit that man city form this season; he started to we haven’t talked about him in the first couple games of the season. Still, he’s been unbelievable this campaign so far; this was just another level of Genius when he’s playing well and conducting the attack while also contributing, and multitude of different ways Bayern Munich will be tough to beat. This is the best team in the world; there’s no doubt about that when he plays like this, this team is almost flawless, just like his performance was on Saturday afternoon.

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