Roma vs Udinese Talking Points #1274

Roma has found their Main Man with Tammy Abraham

Tammy Abraham has quickly become a fan favorite at the Stadio Olimpico as he performs and thrives in the Roma colors. The English striker scored a vital goal in the victory last night and has scored already on two separate occasions, really proving some consistency at the striker position. Edin Dzeko is one of Rome’s greatest ever players; there shouldn’t be any pessimism or true negativity about him. He scored 119 goals for the club and should remain a highly respected figure. However, the issue over the last few seasons has been the lack of consistency. The style of football that edin Dzeko plays don’t necessarily fit the personnel or the system that Roma plays. It is not a surprise he is thriving in Milan with inter they play an attacking style system that feeds into his strengths, not to mention Correa and Martinez are next to him for support. Edin Dzeko does a lot of Hold Up play, slowing the margin down to distribute. It worked exceptionally well for Inter Milan, but for Roma, this was ineffective because of the system that they played the last few years. It was a good switch off Inter Milan to get a complete Striker not necessarily replace Lukaku but someone that can operate out of a similar Style. While Tammy Abraham is different, it’s about athleticism and speed; he makes those runs into the box and is a threat in a counter-attacking situation not to say that edin Dzeko isn’t, but Tammy Abraham in Rome has a system that is very effective because he does not slow the play-Down and is a threat going forward especially when he has the ball at his feet. He is very agile, and not to mention he has already created and on-pitch relationship with the orchestrator of Roma’s Midfield, Lorenzo Pellegrini. See the qualities already three goals already this season he’s only going to add to that. There was criticism for the amount paid for Tammy Abraham, but under Jose Mourinho, he is thriving like never before. Tammy Abraham has the possibility of reaching 20 League goals this season; he is off to a terrific start and has become a fan favorite immediately; he shares a passion that the Roma fans have; he’s such a dangerous player, and as a massive weapon to half going forward edin Dzeko was aging with Roma in a system that wasn’t complimenting his age in the right way. At the same time, Tammy Abraham is a young striker only 23 years old who has that hunger, not to mention the ability. The relationship with Lorenzo Pellegrini is the most important thing for me; they have been communicating with almost perfection without speaking the same language Tammy Abraham in a recent interview, admitted he’s starting to learn Italian when he starts to understand the language more freely the communication between himself. His teammates will become second to none, and he will just take his game to another level. Tammy Abraham will become a monster with Roma, and we’re starting to see that already. Edin Dzeko leaving for Inter and Tammy Abraham arriving works out perfectly for both clubs and both players. Tammy Abraham seems exactly what Roma needed at this position; this season, Roma had been searching for that Striker for a few years; the Search is Over they found their guy.

Udinese Screwed by ridiculous midweek schedule

Udinese started their season in fantastic form looked like they could potentially be a team to watch this season; even though they struggled last night and didn’t test Rui Patricio that much until the very end of the game, they have a lot of quality in their side. They don’t have the Superstar player with Rodrigo de Paul left for Atletico Madrid; it is reasonable to say they have played together as a team for the first time in a couple of years, outstanding promise and the best start to the season but possibly could have wished for. However, just as things were starting to look up for them genuinely appeared like a team that could possibly push conference leave for Europa League. However, udinese were absolutely screwed by the Serie A schedule. They have to play whoever they put in front of them. I don’t have an issue scheduling Napoli and Roma in back-to-back games. There are always going to be challenging stretches. The reason they were screwed though isn’t that they had to play those games the amount of rest time in between those games. There is no European football this week, and because of this, Italian football has decided to stick games in the middle of the weak for no reason. The Bundesliga doesn’t, so why does Italian football do it? There’s actually no good reason for that. I understand that the Bundesliga has fewer games, but it isn’t necessary to do this. I’m okay with midweek games occasionally, but the thing is to do it when the champions league isn’t operating at full speed. Udinese, after a hot start to the season, got humble against Napoli, who ripped them apart with a 4-0 victory at home. A devastating thing to say for a side that has had such a promising start. Then they had to travel and play Roma at the Stadio Olimpico days later, not giving them much time to rest and prepare. Not to mention they’ll have another game this weekend. Stuff like that can derail a season very quickly. Suddenly, they have dropped two games in a row putting incredible pressure on the weekend game. This hurts Roma with only days away from the Derby after playing on Thursday. Still, udinese in particular, we’re completely screwed by the way the league schedule these game putting them in an uncomfortable situation immediately for no apparent reason; they could have played these games on the weekend; it’s just really frustrating, and I feel bad for them they had to a massive game in a row not enough time to repair it. Napoli on the weekend Roma on Thursday and now they have to play a Fiorentina side in fantastic form all three of these matches occurred with a tiny window of rest and preparation I’m not saying that Roma would have lost I think Roma was determined last night what to have to play three many matches in a row with not a lot of time to prepare just put their entire season in a vulnerable place because of how well it started the season they’ve been effectively ruined potentially based on the way the game for schedule udinese could have put up a bigger fight they have a strong team so I’m sure they’ll be fine, but they got a raw deal.

Lorenzo Pellegrini to miss derby follow controversial red card decision

Lorenzo Pellegrini has been the best midfielder in the league this season. He has been an animal under Jose Mourinho and will continue to develop and thrive as the Roma Captain is just becoming a really complete player. The captain is expected to sign a new deal this week to further his commitment to the club. He has already scored half the number of goals and all of last season, and the season has just begun. By the end of this campaign, not only will he be the best midfielder in the league, but he’ll be one of the best in Europe. Lorenzo Pellegrini and each game have a moment of magic that puts Roma in a position to score. His passing ability, his goalscoring ability now that he’s playing in his natural work he’s an all-around midfielder he is the anchor of the ship for Roma he is the club’s the best player this season this is why it was so important to have his availability against Lazio. The Derby is arguably the biggest match of the season regardless of positioning or how well they’re doing because superiority means show much. At the end of the game on Thursday, Lorenzo Pellegrini was given a red card for a ridiculous decision. On a jump ball, so to speak, Lorenzo Pellegrini rose up, trying to get his head on it. In doing so, he collided with the defender as there was slight contact in between them. It was not malicious; he did not lead with his elbow; it wasn’t even worth a yellow card. It was just a collision between two players that went for the ball at the same time. An atrocious decision that’s going to affect Roma this weekend. Lazio is not in good form right now, having dropped their last two games splitting points with Torino and Cagliari, two not very good teams. However, Roma lost their best player before the biggest match of the season. There’s been some criticism of Jose Mourinho for not taking them off earlier, but that does not excuse the decision made by the referee. A devastating blow considering the Derby is this Sunday, and he will not be available. With Pellegrini, Roma would have isolated and crushed them. While I believe Roma will still win the game, it has made things really complicated. The question is who is going to play in his position. This is the thing that concerns me henrikh Mkhitaryan could potentially play there; maybe you play Jordan a little further up the pitch perhaps putting Nicolo zaniolo in that spot kind of makes sense since he has played there in the past there; regardless of what happened, it has put them in an undesirable situation. Putting either Mkhitaryan or zaniolo in that spot potentially opens up to start either Perez or s h o m r o d o v on the outside. With Tammy Abraham and Jordan veretout both in good form among other players in the Roma team, they should probably be fine and handle a Lazio that quite frankly isn’t that good; they don’t scare me, and I don’t fear them, but without our captain, Roma will have to adjust a miserable situation accruing from a ridiculous red card decision as Pellegrini now has to miss out on one of the biggest games of the season.

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