A.S Roma vs Lazio Derby Della Capitale Match Day 6 Preview (Late) #1275

Following a victory at the Stadio Olimpico on Thursday night, Roma prepared for one of the biggest matches of the season. That’s right; this Sunday afternoon is the return of one of football’s most storied and heated rivalries, the Derby Della capital, also known as the Derby of Rome. The match on Sunday is incredibly special between two teams that have a certain level of disdain for one another that can only be described by those that have been surrounded by it. The Roman Derby is all about superiority; it’s not simply about being the champions of Italy; it’s about winning the matchups and finishing ahead of them. Supremacy in the city matters Above All Else, which is why the Derby is so important; there’s a sense of pride in winning this game and a sense of panic of the feeling of Agony and pain if these clubs failed to do so. Historically speaking, Roma has the advantage and over the last decade have had their way with Lazio; in fact, he used to be quite simple Roma show up, handle them and go home. However, over the last couple of years, it has been much more balanced; they split the season series last year the year before that was a pair of draws. Roma’s finished ahead of Lazio 9 years in a row until Lazio has finished ahead of Roma during the last two seasons. Mourinho has arrived in the Roma dugout Maurizio sarri has arrived in the Lazio dugout tension will undoubtedly rise when the two teams kick off on Sunday night. Roma has the stronger team as they will be slight favorites and rightfully so, but potentially without their best player, it levels the playing field; we know records and form gets thrown out the window during Derby, it’s going to come down to who can execute better and who wants it more it should be an exciting Clash with all of Italy watching. Will Roma prove they are still the kings in the city, or will Lazio have something to say about that? We will find out all that and more when the teams go to battle on Sunday night at the Shared Stadio Olimpico.

A.S Roma

Roma Projected XI: Patricio; Karsdorp, Mancini, Ibanez, Calafiori; Veretout, Cristante; Perez, Mkhitaryan, Zaniolo; Abraham

The status of Lorenzo Pellegrini is unclear regarding his availability. He received a controversial red card at the very end of their victory over udinese. Jose Mourinho has advised him to appeal it, so by the time kick-off happens; he could be included after all; however, I’m going to assume that’s a red card will stand only because there’s not a lot of time in between to get a ruling. Jose Mourinho is expected to keep the typical 4-2-3-1 formation. In goal, we should see the Portuguese shot-stopper, Rui Patricio. At left-back, Ricardo calafiori should be set to get another start. Beside him is the potential center-back Partnership of Rodger Ibanez and Gianluca Mancini. There could be a slight shake-up in the defensive Midfield, but considering the alternative options, I would assume not. So we should expect to see, as usual, Bryan cristante and Jordan veretout. In the central attacking Midfield, we will probably see either Nicolo zaniolo or henrikh Mkhitaryan in that position. Considering the situation, Nicolo zaniolo will likely operate that space. My view point is that filling in for Pellegrini in the middle is the only way the youngster will start the game. Filling his position on the right-wing, I suspect to see Carles Perez, although Stephan El Shaarawy could be a potential alternative option there. On the opposite side, I am likely to see Hendrik Mkhitaryan. Then upfront as Roma’s Central Striker new fan-favorite Tammy Abraham.


Lazio Projected XI: Reina; Lazzari, Felipe, Acerbi, Hysaj; Alberto, Milinkovic-Savic, Leiva; Pedro, Immobile, Anderson

Lazio had a bright start to the season through the opening two games against Empoli and Spezia. They looked in total control showing their qualities in those opening two matches. However, they then lost AC Milan then dropped points against inferior Torino and Cagliari. In both of those games, they nearly could have failed; they’re coming into this massive game against Roma with inconsistent play and bad form. In actuality, this is not an incredibly strong team; even though they have some really outstanding players on the side, things haven’t precisely clicked this season. The teams they beat this season are in the bottom five so far this season. Milinkovic savic and Luis Alberto in past seasons have been the most dangerous part of the team along with Manuel Lazzari none of them are playing well; the only thing that seems to be working for them is the performance Ciro, immobile who has found his feet again after being an inconsistent mess last season. If Lazio wants the superiority, they need to get production out of the Midfield. Losing Correa to Inter Milan has been a disaster without him in the team; they seem rather one-dimensional and aren’t getting severe production out of the Midfield. Milinkovic savic, in particular, has it been so inconsistent it is best to use a serious problem a great box-to-box midfielder. Still, he’s just not playing well, so this can go one of two ways; this can be the game in which he gets back on track or Lazio we’ll have to rely on Ciro immobile entirely; the other thing is the defense and goalkeeper has been a mess they can’t allow them to make mistakes. The big thing here is Rui Patricio is now in the Roma goal, so they’re less likely to make those mistakes. The key is they need to take advantage of Pellegrini potentially not being available. Pellegrini is in the lineup; we have nothing to talk about. Roma would run them over; they still might do that, but they must play mistake-free football and take advantage of that Gap in the Roma team, and then this goes without saying Ciro immobile, who has had a habit of disappearing in this match, needs to be at his best Roma in the current moment is a better team. Everyone knows that, so it’s going to come down to how Lazio can execute their inconsistent players need to show up, or they won’t even stand a chance.

Prediction: Roma 3–1

Roma has been red-hot this season, having beaten some excellent teams so far this campaign. This is their first big test this season, and what they’ll do this campaign will largely depend on how they perform in this game. Under Jose Mourinho might have been nearly perfect, the only loss coming last weekend in the Rainy conditions in Verona. They are just a different type of team been; in past seasons, they probably have the best midfielder and the best goalkeeper in the league. The unfortunate thing here it’s how they’re going to adapt to Lorenzo Pellegrini not being there; if it is appealed and he’s allowed to play the game then, he will have no problem chomping down on Lazio. However, I suspect that he won’t be there means Roma needs to adapt to the circumstances. Lorenzo Pellegrini is operating on an unreal level this season; he is just next level, and so far this season, he’s already one of the best players in the league. So to a certain extent, there is a vacuum, but there are other surrounding players with a lot of quality and have enough to deal with this Lazio team that quite frankly isn’t that good. Defensively the objective will be neutralizing Ciro immobile they can take him out of the game and make him ineffective momentum goes in every direction. How are they are going to deal with the absence of Pellegrini will largely dictate how they’re going to respond to this misfortunate situation. They have been very strong and have the best goalkeeper in the league this season in Rui Patricio fiery Jose Mourinho will have a plan, and I think Roma will execute on it. Remember Lorenzo Pellegrini is out but Tammy Abraham is out and he is in excellent form mkhitaryan and Jordan will be the one to facilitate opportunities it can be Abraham gets the service in the Box coming from the wings as well as Central Midfield they will score goals in this game and be a serious problem considering the inconsistencies of lazio’s goalkeeping situation as well as their defense I’m afraid for Lazio fans it’s going to get worse even without Pellegrini Roma have all the advantages and a much better bench which could prove to be crucial it’s a rivalry game Roma have history as the superior side in this matchup even though it does not matter in the current time momentum is with them Jose Mourinho win the big game it’s what he’s always done Lazio struggled with a bottom of the league while Rome have been red-hot in the very beginning of the season they’re just a much better team and Roma have a considerable manager Advantage with Jose Mourinho it won’t be easy it will be tough but Roma who proved yet again that they are the superior side and that Rome is red

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