Christoph Bumgarner stars as Wolfsburg Stunned at Hoffenheim (Late)#1276

Score: Hoffenheim 3 Wolfsburg 1FT

Following a 1-1 draw against Frankfurt at the Volkswagen Arena, Wolfsburg attempts their continued hot start to the season as they go on the road against a struggling Hoffenheim side that does have the capabilities. Wolfsburg is coming off two draws in the Champions League and the Bundesliga; they had ambitions of collecting another three points away from home; however, that turned out to be easier said than done. This was a drastically competitive match between two teams that seemed very evenly matched. Wolfsburg had some early momentum as they attempted to break through despite a couple of early chances from Hoffenheim. It wasn’t clear who would take the first stab until Midway through the first half when Baku hit a missile out of his back pocket on a counter-attack to give Wolfsburg a 1-0 lead. However, right before halftime on Andrej kramaric took advantage are the rare mistake from the Wolfsburg defense being equalized right before the end of the half. In the second half, Wolfsburg had their chances, but Hoffenheim was the better team. Christoph Baumgartner gave Hoffenheim the lead on a counter-attack to give them a 2-1 lead. Glenn Hoffenheim scored again. Raum hit a free kick that hit off the post only to land at the feet of blank to tuck it in the back of the net, give them a 3-1 lead. Wolfsburg tried to get themselves back in the game and had some chances late on at the full-time whistle. Hoffenheim and will start their first loss of the season as they win in front of the home fans for the first time. Wolfsburg played well but hasn’t been as precise over the last couple of games; this will be an opportunity to see how Mark Van Bommel reacts as Wolfsburg go down in Hoffenheim.

Mark Van Bommel set his team was out of the usual 4-2-3-1 formation. In goal, as always, would be the Belgium International Konan Casteels. At left-back would be Kevin mbabu, beside him would be the center-back partnership of John Brooks and Maxine LaCroix, then at right-back would be Jerome Roussillon. The Defence and Midfield would be made up of Max Arnold and Joshua guilavogui. In the attacking midfielder centrally sitting underneath the striker would be Maximilian Philip to his left would be a lukebakio, and then on the right would be Baku. Then upfront as the central Striker as always wout Weghorst.

After preparations and prediction, the match was underway in Hoffenheim in a crucial game regarding the top of the table and the bottom of the table. Wolfsburg came into the game as favorites, and rightfully so in what was expected to be a taut match-up. In the early portion of the game, it was more or less even as Wolfsburg was trying to get into those dangerous spaces early. However, we would have to wait for the game’s first chance. Just before the 10-minute mark Christoph Bumgarner supplied a headed pass to Andrej kramaric the Croatian hit a strike from Deep but misfired. Wolfsburg would try to respond several minutes later with Jerome Roussillon. He was saved from Deep only to see Baku try to test Hoffenheim from outside the box once again but ultimately misfiring. Wolfsburg began to take the momentum from the game. Kevin mbabu put his head through a cross off a free-kick but did not have the necessary accuracy on it. A minute later, Wolfsburg nearly broke through in the game’s most significant chance of us far lukebakio did a strike on a swivel from outside the box, essentially finding the back of the net just inches away as he hid it slightly high. However, Wolfsburg was coming in 25th minute they broke through initially coming on a throw-in as they pushed the ball forward Max Philip on the break supplied a pass to Riddle Baku who scored an absolute scorcher one of the goals of the season after retrieving the ball from outside the box he controlled before taking one dribble as he sent a missile into the top corner giving the goalkeeper no chance. 2 minutes later Hoffenheim try to respond through Babu, but his header hooked. Christoph Baumgartner gave Hoffenheim another chance but yet again missed the necessary touch. Bebu, Max Arnold, and Andrej kramaric all had their chances; it looks like it was going to end the first half, but Andrej kramaric beat the Wolfsburg defense as a bouncing ball goes through as he follows through on the side of the box to earn the equalizer for Hoffenheim. The Wolfsburg defense made a very rare mistake as they got back into the game two and a half thanks to Baku and Andrej kramaric.

Wolfsburg had a promising start to the game, but things started to sway in Hoffenheim Direction as they scored at the end of the half, so there were some levels of concern before the second-half kickoff. However, at the start of the second, Wolfsburg got themselves a pair of chances, with Max Philip and lukebakio both not having the right touch from outside the box. It really became a back-and-forth battle despite Wolfsburg still having their moments in the game. Hoffenheim, we’re growing in confidence as they were pushing inside the Wolfsburg box. Wolfsburg’s defense is one of the best in Germany, so for the most part, they were able to deal with it for large portions of the second half, but it was becoming overwhelming. Meanwhile, Wolfsburg didn’t seem to have the energy to get themselves that winning goal. It wasn’t necessarily that they were playing, for they’re playing pretty well but just not as well as they had at the start of the season. However, often Hoffenheim was a menace the way they were pushing, and eventually, they broke through. A really well-put-together counter-attack in the 73rd minute ending with Christopher Baumgartner tucking a strike into the back of the net as Hoffenheim takes a 2-1 lead. Marco van Bommel made the proper adjustments following the goal, but it just wasn’t Wolfsburg’s day as Waldschmidt and nmecha both were brought on sacrificing riddle. Baku may not have been the right thing to, but those were the right pair to bring on. However, Hoffenheim has struggled this season, and it just didn’t seem like they were going to let up in the 81st; they killed the game off once and for all. David Raum hit the post on the free-kick only to land at the feet of Pavel kaderabek, who stuck his foot, giving the keeper no chance to save it. Wolfsburg attempted to Rally late with a few opportunities at the end, But ultimately they suffered their first defeat of the Season as Hoffenheim when for the first time in front of their home fans.

It was a disappointing day for a Wolfsburg team that had a scorching start to the season defensively; at times, they look sharp but worn as strong as usual. The result of the game cannot be totally put on the defensive display; however, bringing in John Brooks for Sebastian Bornauw had played really well the last couple of games was a strange tactic things were not falling for them other than the Baku strike and really couldn’t get their star man going as a wout Weghorst had a rough day at the office the goals they conceded for mostly unavoidable other than the Andrej kramaric a goal at the end of the first Wolfsburg attempted to fight back and do something but Hoffenheim was just slightly more determined Mark Van Bommel made all the right changes but sometimes you can make all the proper adjustments. It just doesn’t fall for you; that was, in a nutshell, the story of the game. For Hoffenheim, it is a character-building and momentum driving victory potentially to help them turn around their season as they pick up a massive 3-1 win.

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