Derby Della Capitale Talking Points #1278

Lazio Were Fortunate but Impressive

Although it is fortunate to be the case, the superiority in the Rome Derby rest with Lazio, they were able to scrape out a 3-2 victory. I don’t need to reiterate or to explain the importance of this Derby; sometimes, it’s even more critical than the scudetto, so whoever comes out as the winners have a sense of great pride and bragging rights. That doesn’t necessarily change who the city belongs to, but it’s a good boost for morale as they can potentially kick-start the season. Lazio coming into the game were struggling, having dropped points against two teams they should have dealt with accordingly without much difficulty. This was an opportunity for them to get back on track. It will give the club more confidence as they push forward even if their Ambitions for Champions League football are probably out of touch with reality. Lazio had some excellent players with in the side, but collectively, add the team they have much work to do teams like Atalanta, Napoli and despite losing, Roma provide a stronger case for Champions League football. However, on the contrary, this could be a turning point of the season wildly as they almost threw it away. Lazio held a 2-0 lead and 3-1 lead and honestly were fortunate to be in that position at times. Nicolo Zaniolo was fouled Inside the Box in what was a clear penalty; this happened in the build-up of their second goal, not to mention Lucas should have been sent off for a much more aggressive challenge than Lorenzo Pellegrini on Thursday. This allowed Lazio to play the derby without Roma’s best player available. It was a lot of they should be fortunes about because if I were to tell you, but the points were Justified, it’s reasonable to think, but that’s not accurate. While I do criticize the way they got their points and the circumstances that existed, I can’t paint this or dress this up any other way; it was an awe-inspiring performance. They play together as a team, don’t rely on one individual, and constantly put Roma in unfortunate situations because of the gaps in the defense. On the other end, Pepe Reina is 39 years old and has been atrocious this season. On Derby Day turn back the clock and looked like Manuel Neuer; if you want to boil this game down to one thing if the fact that Roma couldn’t capitalize, not because they didn’t have the opportunity they had plenty to complete the turnaround and even win on maximum points the big problem that they had have to do with the fact that he was unbelievable in goal if he wasn’t operating on that type of level the results of the game could have been drastically different. Luis Alberto and milinkovic-savic put together an outstanding performance after really struggling as a tandem so far this season. With a rapid start to the game taking advantage, you have to understand the circumstances of the second goal. However, it still was a fantastic counter-attack with a beautiful finish from former Roma Pedro. They played together as a team, and they executed Ciro immobile was fantastic supplying two-assist Lazio put together a reasonably impressive display especially considering they are significantly less talented and less deep it was a game of opportunity regardless of how they got there, in the end, they deserve credit were putting together a display that gets them the superiority at least for the time being Pepe Reina as a brilliance allowed the blue of Rome to upstage Mourinho superiority achieved for now, but Lazio should be incredibly proud a big way they played as a team if Pellegrini plays this could be a different story, but that’s not their fault they took advantage of the chances that came the rapid start and the incredible performance in goal attributed do a giant win.

Nicolo Zaniolo is BACK

Roma lost one of their most important games of the season on Sunday afternoon. Like I said before, they probably deserve more than what they got; that’s a devastating feeling, especially when you consider how important the Derby is to Roma. However, despite all that, there were positives to be taken from the performance. They were given a bad hand when their best player Lorenzo Pellegrini arguably the best midfielder in the League he had to watch this game from the stands following a controversial red card on Thursday. In this game, Lazio had a considerable advantage as well as making things complicated as far as the lineup and who was going to step up who was going to play in his position; there were a lot of different things that were on the line in trying to adapt to this situation on just a few days rest. This is again why I’m not too fond of the Midway games, especially when you have a big one coming up and there’s nothing more significant than the derby. Had this game been played a week from the game on Sunday, Lorenzo Pellegrini would have had an opportunity to appeal the red card and Get It reversed, which is highly likely that that would have happened then Jose Mourinho now had to deal with the absentee of his best player in the starting lineup. Mkhitaryan started in central Midfield what Stephan El Shaarawy on the left and Nicolo zaniolo on the right. The youngster that has dealt with two injuries to his me in the last two seasons has finally returned to this campaign unrealistically. Roma fans expected unrealistic fireworks, but I digress in a previous couple of games come off as selfish and just not all the way there we were waiting for that perform to say hello to the world with the two words I’m back. If there was ever an opportunity for him to show us it was the derby on Sunday without Roma’s best player Lorenzo Pellegrini this provided a chance for the young Italian to shine. That’s exactly what he did; he showed us all of what we have been missing in the Roman team since his injuries. It was a superstar performance that only built as the match continued. Nicolo zaniolo, before his injuries, was the biggest talent in Italian football; he’s still incredibly Young and showed the Stadio Olimpico that we certainly could capture his form in the most vital match of the season so far. He started slowly, but as the game progressed, he became much more aggressive and assertive while he was still selfless with the way he was playing. So much so Lazio made it their mission to deck him as much as possible. He had a penalty not given in the first half that should have taken away the Lazio goal. In the second half, he became much more dynamic really showed glimpses of the player he was before. If he can reach that level again, it instantly makes Roma a much more dangerous team. Lorenzo Pellegrini and Jordan are clearly the best players in this Roma team. Still, if Nicolo zaniolo can build on the way he played today into the rest of the season, it will only enhance the club’s chances of winning a trophy this season. He displayed his dribbling ability, his physicality in toughness, not to mention his football intelligence. But most important of all, his confidence will grow coming off what I would describe as a world-class performance. If he can play this way with Pellegrini back in the lineup, then oh my God, Roma just found a robin to Pellegrini Batman. I just have one last thing to say Nicolo zaniolo is back.

Its a Marathon NOT a Sprint

Losing the derby it’s just devastating it reaches the kind of emotions that can drive a person crazy. The days of Roma winning the derby every time have been gone it’s becoming one of the most interesting fixtures an Italian football and throughout Europe. The story lines that are now transfixed with this match only gone up a level. Mourinho versus Maurizio sarri not to mention Rome upgraded their squad I will continue to get better. Lazio didn’t finish ahead of Roma for 9 years and then they did it two years in a row all of this goes into it we can talk about the hatred and the superior and all the things that go hand-in-hand in this Derby but after a show like that this matchup has more intrigued then ever before it’s been many years when it’s been so split down the middle. A nice performance I think for Lazio was down to opportunity and execution Roma are a much better team. Lazio have enough individual Talent inside their team always make this a difficult matchup. This is a tough one to take especially because Lazio or rather fortunate to collect all three points. However Roma can’t make excuses for the performance corporate for not winning this game there certainly causes of action that you can argue influence the outcome. The penalty that wasn’t called, the red card for Lucas Leiva one of the dirtiest players in the league getting away with something that Pellegrini did with no action obviously with Peregrini Roma in the team it’s a different story. There are so many obvious glaring issues inside this game that could have put things to Roma’s advantage, but I think that does a disservice to how Lazio played. I’ve been a Roma fan for over 20 years, but we have to look at this objectively; they played well together, and they executed. The problem I have is Aroma made that far too easy for them. Lazio ran out to a 2-0 lead in the opening 19 minutes; both goals were avoidable. Roma defensively had a horror game; the cross that comes into the box milinkovic savic got on the end of it Roma allowed him to run inside mutually unmarked stayed on side putting Rui Patricio in a vulnerable situation. The Serbian just ran through the middle of the box without touching anyone. You cannot give that much space Inside the Box to a Serbian Midfield that is physically strong and imposing. They allowed Lazio to get on the counter constantly and exploit them defensively; it was just not good enough. Roma will need some upgrades to me. Gianluca Mancini is a top-class center-back, one of the best in the league. Rodger Ibanez is progressing and has the capability but at times lacks the all-around game and can make mistakes even with a bright future. Roma could undoubtedly use an upgrade in there somewhere. Don’t get me started, Matias Vina, who offers a lot going forward but nothing defensively. Rick karsdorp has a good combination of both, but he can be caught out and make mistakes; he made some colossal errors in the game but also did some nice things offensively collectively; as a unit, Roma needs to be playing better defensively especially. Chris Smalling should be starting some games in both of their losses this season; this has been part of the problem. I wouldn’t go as far as to say is Roma has a lousy defense, but there are prone to mistakes occasionally. Sunday, in particular, defensively, they just put themselves in a bad situation. Rui Patricio was put in these situations by the defense and could only do so much. There was a lot of didn’t like, but Roma was unlucky not to get the point; they went down by multiple goals twice, and each time they were able to claw back Ibanez right before the break and Jordan veretout from the spot they showed remarkable resilience and determination and fought until the very end had the game gone on another 10 to 15 minutes Roma probably would have got something. Pepe Reina is playing out of his gourd; in hindsight, we have to remember his campaign is a marathon, not a Sprint; while this is disappointing, there is a slight Advantage inside of this. Losing the first derby, in a way, helps them. Napoli and Juventus both play against Roma this month; going through the situation and dealing what will they do with Sunday will only help them, not to mention when they play again months from now, Roma will use the in agony a hatred of what occurred use it against them when they play again. This could kick-start Lazio, but on the other hand, this may be precisely what Roma needed. Lazio won the battle, but Roma won the war. Roma will finish ahead of last year this season, Book It, and it’s just was a necessary blow that Jose Mourinho and Roma needed to deal with; this will only make them stronger.

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