European Players of the Week #1281

Florian Wirtz Vs Mainz (3)

Florian Wirtz continues to impress me week in and week out. The young German Talent has caught my eye almost consistently ever since the back half of last season. This campaign so far he has been truly remarkable. The numbers can be discussed, but as a midfielder, he is so much more than that. You can look at the statistics; he has been imposing in that regard with six goals and five assists in 13 games in all competitions this season; he is already having a career and seems to be getting better each game. The stats will only look even more impressive, but that’s not what makes him such a commodity in German Football. This season he is already one of the best midfielders in Europe and certainly the Bundesliga. The impact has been able to make in a various different ways with the ball at his feet; his movement into the box, his activity in the middle of the Park; he is dribbling and footwork; his goalscoring ability, in addition to his football intelligence and many more attributes that makes him such an essential player to a Bayern Leverkusen team that are much better than initially suggested. Florian Wirtz is the true inspiration behind that. Last Summer, Leverkusen lost Kai havertz to Chelsea for this season. They lost equally explosive Leon Bailey to Aston Villa, not to mention the Larson Brothers have retired. All the pressure was on the 18-year old to be the anchor of the ship. As the club essentially needed him to mature incredibly quickly, taking on the responsibility, I’m driving this club back into the Champions League. He’s not alone by himself, with Patrik Schick, one of the best players at the Euros, and Moussa Diaby, the most underrated player in the Bundesliga. The teen star has got on the same page with both of them. Patrik Schick has scored in four of his last five games, and Moussa Diaby is as explosive as he has ever been, even though his numbers may be down. The three of them are Marching toward the top of the table; suddenly, Bayer Leverkusen is sitting just underneath Bayern Munich; it turned out to be a collective performance, but we saw inspiration from the eighteen-year-old once again. Now Florian Wirtz joins Joshua kimmich and duvan Zapata as the only players I have never recognized in three consecutive weeks. Bayern Leverkusen just got past FSV Mainz, who are having a progressively joyous season coming into the game and the top five. It was a nip-and-tuck battle after a Patrik Schick goal was ruled offside. The youngster supplied all those qualities to keep Bayern Leverkusen on the front foot throughout the 90 minutes, genuinely sensational as he continues to operate in scorching form. The moment eventually arrived in the second half, with Florian Wirtz creating and scoring simultaneously. A beautiful run into the box laid it off to Moussa Diaby, almost forcing him to return the pass takes one touch hitting a powerful strike into the bottom corner in what was the only goal of the game. His influence was only building throughout coming close to the Breakthrough numerous of times before it eventually arrived. He became the youngest player ever to score 10 Bundesliga goals at only 18 years old. Florian Wirtz is now becoming a serious conversation about the best youngster in the Bundesliga. Jamal Musiala still edges it for me, but it’s a lot closer; at least two are the future of the Germany national team, one with Bayern Munich the other with Leverkusen if Jamal were in a situation for he was able to play and start every game I believe he would be doing something similar. Still, one thing is clear Florian Wirtz is the real deal and has shown it in 3 weeks with running.

Marco Verratti vs Man City

PSG may have gotten a wake-up call in their opening Champions League match against Club Brugge; however, in what felt like a must-win game against Manchester City in Paris PSG delivered under the circumstances and that pressure. The headlines will surround Gana gueye following his rocket and Lionel Messi scoring his first goal in his new colors as PSG answered the Bell against Manchester City one of the favorites to win the Champions League along with Bayern Munich and PSG this was a testing game they had so much riding on it. The headline and the the papers will tell you one thing however the game itself we’ll tell you something completely different. There’s no doubt Lionel Messi and Gana gueye where are wildly impressive and made a big difference in the game. However the unsung hero from this PSG performance one of the most underrated players in European football had a Master Class Marco Verratti was truly sensational. PSG seemed to have control on the game throughout because of the battle the ability to maintain control dictate through the attack and contributing defensively despite Manchester City having a slight Edge when it came to possession. Marco Verratti isn’t a player that typically racks up statistics he rarely scores goals and only occasionally will supply goals he is a box-to-box midfielder someone that has incredible defensive attributes what having the ability to fuel the attack. Marco Verratti main responsibilities have to do with dictation and ball control the holdup the play making sure the Midfield that doesn’t collect forcing either the goalkeeper or the defense into vulnerable situations. It is very difficult to describe in words the importance of what he does. Marco Verratti is a European champion has been with Paris for a very long time he continues to fly under the radar primarily because his style of play isn’t a highlight film he’s not going to attract the eyes of a much more attacking oriented midfielder even though he does play a role and pushing the ball forward and getting the attack going he very rarely is involved in goals. However there are very few in World football that can do what he does. Ngolo Kante he’s very similar in that respect but the French midfielder get so much more credit than the Italian even though Marco Verratti is without question the more Superior player. Italian midfielder covers it’s so much ground is incredibly intelligent and always seems to have control of the ball it is very difficult to get the ball at his feet and he always seems to make the right play in the most important moment. Against Manchester City it was one of the most impressive performances in the Champions League this week Manchester City are one of the most dangerous teams in European football making the Champions League final last year and having dominated the Premier League over the last five years their quality is undeniable even though Manchester City may have had more of the ball and came close to scoring on a couple of occasions Marco Verratti made it a really antagonizing experience it was one of the most impressive individual performances we have seen this season Marco Verratti is a tough and difficult to deal with he put you under duress and often forces the opposition into mistakes he was a nightmare to deal with and certainly the most influential and antagonizing player on the pitch Lionel Messi and Gana gueye may have scored but this game was won in the Midfield Marco Verratti was the big difference.

Leroy Sane vs Dinamo Keiv (2)

Bayern Munich are firing on all cylinders they certainly look like the team to beat in the Champions League if they stay healthy I’m not sure there’s anything that can be done to stop them. PSG has a better Squad from top to bottom but they don’t play together the way Bayern does and their team was just put together while Bayern Munich has been playing together for several years we already know this about Bayern Munich they are the best team in the world. Robert Lewandowski scoring like crazy and almost Untouchable Midfield and have sorted out some other issues defensively the squad has become even more dangerous than the last couple weeks not because they added anything because we’re really starting to see the best of Leroy Sane. There was some criticism surrounding surrounding the season that he had last year it was utter nonsense Sane only continues to build on the last campaign and this season is one of Bayern Munich’s best players as far as an explosive player let him change games on the biggest stage that is exactly what Leroy Sane has been doing all season long. I broke down his importance to this Bayern Munich team a few weeks ago and he is only enhancing of what I said then. The biggest issue with people of had with this situation is he wasn’t quite playing at the level he was at Manchester City when he won those Premier League titles with Pep Guardiola however he still had a very remarkable campaign last year and this season he’s taking it up a level. Leroy Sane is a world-class play that’s now getting to show it in a team that seems destined for Glory both domestically and in Europe. Bayern Munich’s attacking play may be at its highest peak it has been in several years the reason they’re so explosive is because of the continued impact have seen from him. He has started the season hot and it is only fed the Beast has he has become one of Germany’s most in-form players this season you can say what you want about the team that they have especially in the attacking situation but a lot of time it’s Leroy that is feeding the attack being very instrumental and why they have been so dangerous especially going forward on the counter-attack they’re absolutely ruthless. Against dinamo Kiev he was just another level. The thing that’s most remarkable is he is contributing and counter-attacking play at an unbelievable level but he’s showing his versatile he is contributing boast in the build-up of the counter attacks with passing and facilitation as well as being the Killer that makes goalkeepers tremble. Against dinamo Kiev he continually threaded through balls into Thomas Muller and Robert Lewandowski Leroy is incredibly dynamic and has rapid speed not to mention when he’s going forward he’s able to maintain the pace with the ball at his feet able to make incredibly difficult passing situations as well as striking from anywhere he was able to set up Serge Gnabry as well as scoring an absolute screamer from the left wing operating from a very complicated angle. Leroy sane is one of the best players in the world and we’re getting to see this weekend and week out the criticism about his performances seems to be evaporating quickly it was another tremendous Champions League performance from Bayern and it’s safe to say that at this point in time he had become the quarterback of the counter-attack from Bayern Munich Leroy sane will end up having a gargantuan season he is contributing in exactly the manner that Bayern Munich need from him it seems like Julian nagelsmann has unlocked him in 10 games he has 11 Goal contributions with four goals and seven assists this was just another remind the Leroy Sane is one of the best in the world there are very few that are playing as well as he is right now he is the real deal and he showing the world constantly what he’s capable of if he continues to have the season like this to go along with the other weapons that Bayern Munich have not even a fully strength PSG can beat them The X Factor of this team is Leroy sane when he is at his best Bayern Munich is simply unbeatable and he’s shown no signs of slowing down the scary thing is you can play him anywhere which only opens up Bayern Munich to do whatever they want.Eliot Ben-Ner

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