European Storylines #1280

Barcelona’s Nightmare In Lisbon

Barcelona is in total disarray as things only get from bad to worse. Barcelona is one of the most historical clubs in football history; they have dominated Spanish football for decades and have won the Champions League on three different occasions over the last 15 years; when you talk about the greatest teams in football history, Barcelona teams are always included in that conversation. However, all of a sudden, they have a Breaking Point. Over the last several years, they have been humiliated and run amok by the former Barcelona president Juan LaPorte in addition to the constant disaster that we have seen over the last 24 months. The loss to Bayern Munich in the Champions League quarter-final was the beginning of the end, a Barcelona lost 8-2 on that night, and they were never the same since. The following year they lost Luis Suarez for free, who went on to join Atletico Madrid; he was the top scorer in La Liga, and he won the league with Athletico Madrid under Diego Simeone left for free and won the title. Last year Lionel Messi had to essentially do everything himself as he was legitimately pulling the entire team on his back which is why the Copa del Rey Triumph was one of his most significant accomplishments considering how average the rest of the Barcelona team indeed was and has been over the last couple years. The financial crisis led Lionel Messi to leave the club as he joined PSG on a free transfer. Despite agreeing on a five-year extension, La Liga stepped in and prevented it. Even though they will stay afloat to a certain extent in La Liga, the disaster continues to get worse. They were humiliated against Bayern Munich in the Champions League; on top of that, their La Liga performances have been highly inconsistent. They lost multiple vital players during the transfer window, and now the La Liga title race, it seems to be The club legitimately Could Fall From Grace. However, this week they reached a new low. Being humiliated by Bayern Munich is one thing even though it was a shambolic performance and they did not have a shot in the game Bayern Munich are the best team in the world, and I would expect many teams to have a similar fate. However, on matchday two of the Champions League, they took a trip to Lisbon to take on SL Benfica. Barcelona, once again, we’re embarrassed this is possibly as bad as it has ever been. SL Benfica is an excellent and big Club in Portugal; however, for a Barcelona team to go to Portugal and be ripped apart is humiliating considering the club and the reputation it has. Even though we knew Barcelona without Lionel Messi was going to be an enormous challenge show something has collapsed against an SL Benfica team that they made look like Bayern Munich; they now have played two Champions League games, have scored none, and conceded six absolute nightmares in Portugal a beautiful moment for SL Benfica but simply put Barcelona continue to live their own nightmare throughout this entire situation one thing is obvious it’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better.

Sheriff Stun Madrid at the Bernabeu

Real Madrid is in a significantly better position than Barcelona; that is something we can say as an absolute fact. Karim Benzema it’s piping hot and looks to be very instrumental in the potential of securing another title for Real Madrid. Atletico Madrid, despite having the qualities, doesn’t seem to have as much as they did last year, and Real Madrid looks like a serious contender for La Liga Glory based on what we’ve seen so far there’s no reason to believe that they couldn’t potentially continue to add trophies to the cabinet. However, despite being in a good position domestically, their Champions League ambitions are always the same win the Champions League when you are at the size of a club like Real Madrid that isn’t some illusion of something; it is the expectation it is the requirement there’s no way around it. They ended up winning late against Inter Milan in the first game but did not look all that dominant in that match despite taking the points. Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabeu was stunned by the smallest team and the smallest country in the Champions League. Moldovan side Sheriff went through an incredible qualifying run that landed them in the premier competition for the first time ever. Moldova, not only are they the smallest country in the Champions League this season economically, they’re not doing well and do not have the resources to compete truly. It was such a huge deal when they picked up a massive three points against Shakhtar Donetsk. This matchup was expected to be a wonderful occasion for such a small team looking to write some history. At the Santiago Bernabeu, the stage was set for the possibility of thrilling mortality. The sheriff drew blood first Moldova has a lot of things riding on this Champions League campaign; it gave the people a reason to believe it was an explosion when they opened up the scoring with a stunning strike. As expected, Real Madrid pushed, eventually getting the Breakthrough from the penalty spot Karim Benzema got them back into it. They had a fair share of opportunities as the Sheriff continued to try to break them. The downtime was running out, and the Moldovan side was on the verge of something inconceivable with a potential of stealing they point at the Santiago Bernabeu against Champions League Daddy’s Real Madrid. A draw at the Bernabeu would have been a cause for celebration, and they were just minutes away from that; however, just for the sake of it, they went for it, and in the 90th minute, Sheriff scored a late goal to beat Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabeu they did The Impossible something that probably still doesn’t seem like a reality this is a team in the first-ever Champions League campaign coming from a country that’s not doing as well as it would like this team has so much hope attached to all of this they did The Impossible beating Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabeu with a genuine chance qualifying for the round of 16 which would be a beautiful footballing moment moments like these are why so many of us opposed the Super League and why it would have destroyed football moments like these would be impossible and will not be allowed to happen. Sheriff has maximum points they are sitting top of the group; there are four games left in the group stage of the Champions League; if they can even win one more game, the Champions League dream will reach the most unlikely of outcomes.

Leo Messi Responds to Critics with Screamer against Man City

In one of the most anticipated Champions League games of the group stage, we saw PSG and Manchester City go head-to-head in Paris. It was a perfect setting for Lionel Messi to open up a goalscoring account in his new colors officially. Leo Messi is the greatest ever player. I’m not even sure that’s debatable anymore as I said he left Barcelona after 21 years winning absolutely everything there is to win. He joined PSG, a team that went to the Champions League final two years ago and made the semi-final last season. This PSG team has more expectations of winning than any club in sports history. A Frontline with Lionel Messi, Neymar Killian mbappe; a Midfield with the Gini wijnaldum, Marco Verratti, Gana gueye, marquinhos in defense, Hakimi Sergio Ramos with the depth in goal with Keylor Navas and Gigi donnarumma, not to mention the bench that they have. According to the coefficient rankings, France has been replaced by Portugal in the top four leagues. As expected, PSG has picked up maximum points, but in the first matchday of the Champions League, this star-studded PSG team dropped points against Club Brugge on the Champions League stage. Not a good look for the overwhelming favorites for the Champions League. However, there has been a misconception surrounding Lionel Messi at PSG; he has not scored in his first six games in what many people described as a farmer’s League. Ronaldo has scored consistently in the Premier League; there was this big narrative that Ronaldo is now Superior because of this. This is what idiotic football fans will tell you, so I’m going to tell you the truth Cristiano Ronaldo has scored goals but has not had one overly dominant performance. Ronaldo has been inconsistent but has scored. Messi has been very good but has failed to this idea that because Messi didn’t score, this somehow tells us something is utterly ridiculous. Again only small-minded people would make such arguments against Manchester City, and Pep Guardiola, his old friend; the history they have created together is well-documented. This was a moment for Lionel Messi to show the world he is on another level still. PSG needed to win; there was no excuse for the way they performed against Club Brugge; as harsh as it may have been, PSG needed all three points they needed to beat a hugely competitive Manchester City, and Lionel Messi had to be the guy to deliver. Everything that had been said about Messi had been put to bed by the conclusion of the game. Manchester City put six past, RB Leipzig. PSG handled this Gana gueye hit a rocket early in the game to give PSG the moment then in the second half Lionel Messi came to life and had the moment we all expected dribbling through multiple Defenders cutting into the dangerous area in typical Lionel Messi fashion just outside the box hit a rocket into the top corner as they say it was a magical Messi moment now his performances have been Justified with a stunning strike single-handedly making a statement outside of that he was brilliant even though Marco Verratti stole the show the Lionel Messi strike shows that he has arrived he didn’t do this again some French team he saved this moment Pep Guardiola and Manchester City all they can do is watch as PSG deliver when it matters. Whether or not they will do this as the competition progresses, it’s unclear if Bayern Munich stays healthy. The champions league is theirs, but you can build on it, and Lionel Messi shows that he still is the best player in the world; this will be a dangerous team to deal with they have quality everywhere Lionel Messi gets going only Bayern Munich will be at their level Messi scoring his first is important but to do it in a game with the level of magnitude and pressure was just magnificent.

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