Horrid Start against Gladbach leads to continued skid as Wolves fall again #1285

Wolfsburg were coming off disappointment in the Champions League as they earned a 1-1 draw with Sevilla in Germany a late penalty and red card had them just minutes away from securing all three-points. However, all is not lost as they still have a good chance in the group of advancing as their group is so wide open. They would a challenge Gladbach at Volkswagen arena in a place that Gladbach has had very little success however after a piping hot start to the season Wolfsburg has seen their form a dip following four straight wins to start the season they suffered a draw at Frankfurt and loss against Hoffenheim. This was an opportunity get things back on the right track however it could not have started any worse. Breel embolo scores in the opening minutes on a bicycle kick to give Gladbach a 1-0 lead. Then minutes later Konan Casteels makes a rare mistake as Gladbach double their lead opening up a 2-0 lead inside of the first 10 minutes. Wolfsburg eventually found their footing in the game as they slowly tried to Chip Away finally getting a goal back from Waldschmidt they give the Wolves some hope to turn it around Gladbach held the lead going into the second half it became much more tense with a lot of aggressive fouls from both teams as they were constantly getting into it. Then in the second half things became even more complicated when Wolfsburg was reduced to 10 men after Maxine LaCroix getting a red card. Wolfsburg got another red card late in the game, but it was reviewed and taken back. Wolfsburg tried to push late in the game but ultimately did not come, and the last moment of stoppage time, Joe Scaily, the Young American, scores his first goal for Gladbach as they managed to hold on to a 3-1 win at Volkswagen Arena as Wolfsburg slide as they need of inspiration to try to get back on track will have an opportunity to do that following the international break, but this was a crushing blow to a Wolfsburg team that started the season so strongly.

Mark Van Bommel set up his team out of the usual 4-2-3-1 formation. In goal, as always, would be Konan Casteels. At left-back would be Kevin mbabu, beside him would be the center-back partnership of Maxine LaCroix and Sebastian Bornauw, then at right-back would be Yannick Gerhardt. The defensive midfielder would be made up of Max Arnold and Joshua guilavogui patrolling the central Midfield; sitting underneath the striker would be Waldschmidt to his left, we would see the ever explosive Baku, and to his right, lukebakio then upfront as Wolfsburg Central Striker would be wout Weghorst.

After preparations and predictions the match got underway at Wolfsburg in one of the most anticipated matches of the weekend as they take on Wolfsburg. Things got off to a rapid start for the home side find me the back of the net very early in the match. A couple of chances from Gladbach before they broke through in the fifth minute coming off a free-kick from the edge of the box the ball was crossed just outside before being struck by Denis Zakaria his strike bounces off the ground before breel embolo hits a bicycle kick out of the air giving no chance Konan Casteels to save it. Two minutes later, they would score again in the seventh minute after a mix-up in the middle of the park; they kept the ball in as a Gladbach push forward Konan Casteels made a rash decision to try to come out of the box and deal with the situation; however, the attacker had the upper hand going around the goalkeeper has Jonas Hofmann scores into an empty net as Gladbach take a 2-0 lead less than 10 minutes gone. A nightmare of a start for Wolfsburg but the good news was there was a lot of time to make up however they would have to change the momentum of the game rapidly. Wolfsburg try to respond with Kevin mbabu putting his foot to a cross hit by Max Arnold coming from a corner but the strike misfired. Wolfsburg we’re slowly driving the momentum forward and they looked dangerous over the next chunk of the game then in the 24th minute Waldschmidt get a strike into the roof of the net getting a goal back minimizing the deficit. It became a battle in the remaining part of the first half; even though Wolfsburg had their chances and opportunities, it did seem Gladbach had the upper hand at least for the time being. Konan Casteels makes a great safe on breel embolo then again on a Joe Scaily as it would signal the end of the first half was Gladbach holding a 2-1 lead thanks to Jonas Hofmann and breel Embolo

It was a really horrible start for Wolfsburg as they dug themselves in a big hole in the opening 10 minutes of the game. They did show some fight as they were able to get a goal back but it was going to be a truly uphill battle in the second half. Marco van bommel brought on John Brooks, and Jerome roussillon Wolfsburg has one of the best defenses in the Bundesliga, but it just wasn’t working today, which is why Mark Van bommel dug into their depth to bring on a pair of Defenders to start the second half they needed to get back in the game offensively what they had in the materials to do that already on the pitch the thought was to avoid defensive mistakes in the second half as Marco van bommel pulls the plug on his defense. Wolfsburg apply pressure early in the second half as wout Weghorst put his foot through a headed pass from Maxine LaCroix but his strike hooks to the left. However despite the early chance Gladbach weren’t exactly going away either they’re Quick Start gave them the momentum and confidence that they needed. Matthias Ginter and Kona both came close as the visitors continue to attack and find those spaces to be effective. Wolfsburg, for struggling with their meanwhile Gladbach was really on their game and in control. However Wolfsburg was not giving up on the match Luke bakio was denied from close range by Yann Sommer. The match continued to progress with both teams trying to seal it, Gladbach wanted a third goal two more or less secure the points, while Wolfsburg we’re looking to see if they could Salvage something despite a horrible start. Max Arnold blasted a strike from Deep but once again and was denied by The Keeper. Gladbach we’re in a really confident mood and we’re getting after it but Konan Casteels despite the earlier mistake continued to defend his goal, trying to keep his side within distance in the match. It looks like it was all but dead in the water for Wolfsburg has Maxine LaCroix was sent off, and a penalty was awarded; this turned out to be a very aggressive game from both sides, incredibly vicious at times, But ultimately, it was just an expression of toughness and physical play. Lars stindl stepped up of his 16 Bundesliga penalties he has scored 14 he seems like almost a sure thing however Konan Casteels read him like a book as he was denied from the spot had he scored that penalty any hope of Wolfsburg coming back would have a evaporate the penalty save gave Wolfsburg a chance even though time is running out. Wout weghorst had a great opportunity with a little less than 10 minutes to go, and it almost seemed inevitable that there wasn’t a way back. Konan Casteels denied Patrick Herrmann, Alexander Plea, and Daniel Zainczek late in the game in the closing moments waldschmidt gave Wolfsburg one last grasp of Hope, but he was dismissed by Ian summer then in the final seconds of the game American Teenager Joe scaley scored in the final seconds of the match as gladbach ultimately pull away and secure the points. That is now four games without a victory for Wolfsburg after their incredibly hot start to the season. Konan Casteels made an uncharacteristic mistake and the defense just did not perform nearly well enough something’s not right Mark Van bommel is putting his team in the best position to widen his tactics have been spot on his decision making has been excellent but for whatever reason over the last several weeks now Wolfsburg have struggled to execute they need to figure something out just so they can taste victory again and get their confidence back because of this moment the confidence is just shot the international break could not have arrived at a better time time is needed to regroup and decompress the Wolves need to get back on track has yet again they are beaten in back-to-back weeks as gladbach secure a 3-1 victory in Wolfsburg.

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