Renato Steffen Strike cancelled out by Ivan Rakitic late Penalty as Sevilla split in Germany #1279 (Late)

Wolfsburg, after a scorching start to this campaign, seemingly have cooled off slightly without a win in their last two Bundesliga games; the wolves try to use this particular champions league night to propel their momentum. They welcomed Sevilla to the Volkswagen Arena in Germany, playing host to the six-time Europa League winners in what was expected to be a colossal Clash. On matchday, one of the Champions League Wolfsburg ended up grinding out a 0-0 draw against Lille in a tension-filled occasion. Meanwhile, Sevilla did the same against Salzburg in matchday one. Both Wolfsburg and Sevilla are near the top of the table in the Bundesliga and La Liga, respectively; this was expected to be a very tense challenge for both of these teams that seemed to be very evenly matched when it comes to their Squad. Once again, even at home Wolfsburg did not look at Sharp as they did at the start of the season. It was a back-and-forth first half with both teams having opportunities to breakthrough. However, Sevilla seemed to be pushing the tempo, which had considerable advantages in passing and possession. However, the Wolfsburg defense continues to be challenging to deal with; it was a 0-0 draw after the opening 45 minutes. In the second half, Wolfsburg had an opportunity they weren’t not going to waste it this time. A well-crafted goal with wout Weghorst setting up Renato Steffen with a superb strike to put Wolfsburg in front. For most of the second half, they were holding on for dear life; it’s not that Wolfsburg played poorly; they came close on a few occasions after that, but they didn’t have the ball all that much, so It put Wolfsburg in a vulnerable position as they were having to deal with the possession-based football that Sevilla was playing. It seemed like Wolfsburg was going to find a way to collect all three points. However, Wolfsburg had a sending-off and a penalty as guilavogui sees red Ivan rakitic step up and converts the penalty to equalize. Sevilla late comes close to a win, but tremendous luck and defensive strength deny them as both teams take a point. This group seems to be wide open and up for grabs. Sevilla was the better team, but it seemed like if Wolfsburg were able to hold on, they would have put themselves in prime position to qualify for the round of 16; a late red card and penalty is the difference as Mark Van Bommel Wolfsburg misses an opportunity to take a big step in the right direction it doesn’t get any easier as they host Gladbach on Saturday afternoon Mark Van Bommel has proven to be one of the most impressive managers in Germany this season. Still, they could be in a very defining occasion of the season as Wolfsburg sees three points slip out of their hands. However, with RB Salzburg winning at home Wolfsburg could be one win away from potential pushing for qualification.

Marco van Bommel as usual, would set up his Wolfsburg team out of the 4-2-3-1 formation. In goal would be the Belgium International Konan Casteels. At left-back would be the inform Kevin mbabu beside him would be the center-back partnership of Maxine LaCroix and Sebastian Bornauw, then at right-back would be Jerome Roussillon. The defensive Midfield would be made up of Max Arnold and Joshua guilavogui. In central Midfield, sitting underneath the striker would be lukebakio. On the outside would be Renato Steffen on one side and Baku on the other, being upfront, would be the Dutchman wout Weghorst as the central Striker.

After preparations and predictions, the match got underway in Germany as there was a lot at stake in this critical Champions League match from La Liga’s third-place team Sevilla. The game started rather tense as Maxine LaCroix picked up a yellow card in the opening minute. Just a minute into the match, Joann Jordan attempted a strike from deep range, but the Belgian could not deal with the situation without too much difficulty. The Spaniards had a significant advantage in possession as they were moving the ball very quickly and smoothly; nothing was coming of it yet, but it was something to be aware of as the match progressed. Hovering around the 20th minute, Wolfsburg came forward in numbers, a dream scenario for the Bundesliga side especially considering they didn’t have that much of the ball; this was their opportunity to breakthrough Renato Steffen continued to push the ball fall, but his execution from the shot was horrible as perhaps he should have looked for another option as his strike did not have power or accuracy behind it. A little less than 10 minutes later, Sevilla tried to take advantage coming from the corner suso supplied a cross into the box as Lucas ocampos attempted to get his head on the end of it; the moment was there, but the accuracy was not as Konan Casteels was not tested. A few minutes later, Papu Gomez found space to set up suso tried stretching a strike from a distance but didn’t test Wolfsburg, just falling into the goalkeeper’s hands. A few minutes later, he missed yet again from a distance as the first half was coming to a close a free-kick from Max Arnold coasted Over as the first half came to a close with a goalless draw between two Champions League teams looking to get a step up in the group with big points at stake.

Following an interesting first half of play, it seemed like this would be a match that was going to be determined by opportunities. There are two sides of this coin; on one side, you have Sevilla, the much stronger team during the first half with a massive advantage in possession, and then you have Wolfsburg, who had barely any of the ball. Still, when they had it, they looked incredibly dangerous only execution standing in their way, really pointing out the Renato Steffen Counterattack with lacking the Finish. However, Wolfsburg found their moment just three minutes into the second half in the 48th minute. Baku hit a ripping shot at Bounou; he managed to make the save. Still, wout Weghorst made a diving header on the rebound, falling in the space of Renato Steffen as he hits a strike into the roof of the net, making amends for his previous Miss as the Swiss attacker knee slides near the corner flag to give Wolfsburg a 1-0 lead.

Whether or not it was deserved is not up for debate; it was a very opportunistic chance for Wolfsburg, and they were able to deliver on it. Sevilla starts to push, following Wolfsburg’s goal. Papu Gomez looks for Diego Carlos through the air, but once again, Konan Casteels is there to make the save. Just a few minutes late, Wolfsburg could have killed the game off once, and for all the Wolves got on a Counterattack with wout Weghorst pushing the ball forward he finds just enough space to try to curl it missing by mere inches this was a very defining moment of the game because if he scores this game is over wout Weghorst should not be blamed for this it was a very well hit strike. Still, a matter of inches could have changed the entire game. Wolfsburg would make their first change Lucas nmecha comes in for Kevin mbabu. I’m not totally sure how I feel about this one. I thought the left-back was playing well, but I understand it from a tactical point of view. I see it a little differently. Wout Weghorst came close again with less than 20 minutes. He puts his foot through a through ball sent in from nmecha, but the goalkeeper makes a great save. Sebastian Bornauw gives the Wolves another chance of putting his head through a cross sent in from Renato Steffen. Wolfsburg brought on Waldschmidt as they went to the bench again. Then with five minutes to go, Joshua guilavogui was given a red card as Sevilla was given a penalty. I think this was controversial in that situation; it is undoubtedly a penalty, but I questioned some validity about this; the red card should not have been given the midfielder plays the ball and makes contact with it before clamping down on foot the way his foot was moving he did not have the motion to adjust hits studs they were up. Still, he didn’t lead with them as he was trying to make contact with the ball. After a video review, Ivan rakitic stepped up in the 87th minute beating the keeper to get a vital equalizer. Then at the very death of the game, Sevilla had an incredible opportunity a cross coming from the left-wing into the box that’s hit off the post comes back out. Sevilla attempts to push it before; the Defender comes in deflects off his foot. Remarkably Sevilla is unable to capitalize, ending the game in an exciting and dramatic 1-1 draw. RB Salzburg takes up a big three points this week, taking them to the top of the group, but it’s still very much up for grabs for both Sevilla and Wolfsburg. Even though Wolfsburg played very well in this game and showed that they had what it took to Win It, that is now their fourth game without a victory, not to mention they have a challenging game in the Bundesliga this weekend they’re still looking very promising this season. Still, they need to grab maximum point on Saturday as the team needs their confidence back; they’re making all the suitable adjustments from a tactical point of view; they need to be better with their execution that showed last weekend against Hoffenheim and that showed tonight. Wolfsburg is in good shape still in the group, but it puts so much importance on their next Champions League game against RB Salzburg.

MAN OF THE MATCH: Renato Steffen

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