Roma vs Empoli Match Day 7 #1282

Roma are coming off a very disappointing and controversial lost in the derby against Lazio on Sunday; however the Romans rebounded in the UEFA conference League with another routine victory as they look like one of the favorites in that competition. Roma will return home as they will be hosting Empoli on Sunday afternoon in the capital. Empoli has been one of the most interesting stories of the season so far through six games they are in 8th Place as they seem to be overshooting their coverage as it has been a very bright start of the season for them. The newly-promoted side lost twice against Roma during that season. Even though they are in good form Empoli will be huge underdogs considering history is not on their side. Roma are unbeaten and their last 30 matches against newly-promoted teams including 29 victories. However history only mean so much but considering the form that they are in Roma will be big favorites this match might be more complicated than meets the eye but Rama is expected to rebound after the loss in the derby and collect the points that is what we are expected to see but there is always a possibility of something unexpected that is what Empoli will attempt to do when the sides Clash on Sunday afternoon in the capital.

A.S Roma

Roma is expected to come out with the usual formation as Jose Mourinho has operated primarily out of the 4-2-3-1 formation with this Roma team. In goal we can expect to see the in-form Portuguese stopper Rui Patricio. At left-back I would drop Matias Vina for Ricardo Calafiori. The centre-back partnership should be as usual Gianluca Mancini and Rodger Ibanez then at right-back the Flying Dutchman Rick Karsdorp. The defensive Midfield should stay the same with Bryan Cristante alongside Jordan Veretout. In as the central attacking midfielder the return of Captain Lorenzo Pellegrini after serving a suspension in the derby. On the left wing we could potentially see Shomurodov been on the opposite side coming off two positive performances should be Nicolo zaniolo then up front as Roma’s Central strike as always should be Tammy Abraham. This is certainly more than enough to do enough damage against Empoli.

AS Roma Projected XI(4–2–3–1): Rui Patricio; Rick Karsdorp, Gianluca Mancini, Roger Ibanez, Ricardo Califiori; Bryan Cristante, Jordan Veretout; Lorenzo Pellegrini Nicolo Zaniolo, Shomurodov, Tammy Abraham.


Empoli knows that history is not on their side but despite that should feel somewhat optimistic a potentially getting something from the game if the game is handled correctly. If they are able to hold on an onslaught from Roma in the first 20 to 25 minutes with the game they’ll have a shot to potentially steal something however an an early start from Roma would be almost inconceivable to come back from. Roma just flat-out does not lose to newly promoted teams in the last 30 games only once have they dropped points that is 90 points from these games can makes it really difficult the only team that was able to even steal points from them was benevento last season. However this could be a somewhat exception the team is playing really well having nearly beaten Juventus earlier this season and are coming off a great performance against bologna in which they scored four. However the approach they took in those two games potentially may not work in this game on Sunday however it might it just depends what kind of risks they’re willing to take. Defensively against Lazio Roma look concerning but considering the counter-attacking pieces that they have it would be playing with fire but Roma will expect them to sit back especially going to the stadio olimpico maybe it’s a way of figuring out the right way to approach them the element of surprise could be an intriguing situation but all of this comes with an element of risk. The path to points essentially is defending at a high level using as many midfielder to drop back not necessarily parking the bus but providing themselves enough support do not put themselves in vulnerable positions then pushing forward through the Midfield when they have the ball this game will come down to a few chances for them they will have significantly less possession most of this game she will be on them to take advantage of them when they come testing Aroma in the early part of the game is important and they must avoid at all cost conceding a goal in the opening 25 minutes they have one player with two goals and an assist but the way to find the back of the net in this game is by working together will not giving anything up in the end it’s probably not enough this game could be a tough one or Roma could cut through them with ease play want to be optimistic and try to get a point but I think ultimately they have to make it as difficult as possible but do have a plan to attack but must be very wary of when they are aggressive because doing this on the wrong moment could lead to a drubbing decision-making will be everything.

Empoli Projected XI(4–3–1–2): Guglielmo Vicario; Petar Stojanovic, Simone Romagnoli, Mattia Viti, Riccardo Marchizza; Szymon Zurkowski, Samuele Ricci, Liam Henderson; Nedim Bajrami; Federico Di Francesco, Andrea Pinamonti.

Prediction 2–0

Roma should feel very confident going into this they will be more motivated than ever before this season having lost the Derby under some controversial circumstance will light a fire under them. Not to mention they have their captain and best player back in Lorenzo Pellegrini and Nicolo zaniolo is looking like he’s returned to his old form we witnessed two years ago. If Roma able to do two things they won’t be beaten. Roma beat newly-promoted sides it’s what they do they don’t lose these type of games not to mention they’re at home in front of their home fans that will be making lots of noise it will be very distracting and uncomfortable for the opposition. Roma defensively was erratic against Lazio they need to fill in those gaps and make sure they don’t make similar mistakes. Don’t put rui Patricio in a vulnerable position where is feels like he needs to save the Titanic because his Defenders are putting him in situations that are inescapable. Empoli we’ll try to make things difficult they’re in good form and a really playing well lately but they can and will be broken down. Roma will start quickly and that should be there their intention make things as difficult as possible go ultra-aggressive during the first half hour put pressure against that defense and find an early goal if Roma finds an early goal I don’t see a way back in for empoli not to mention Lorenzo Pellegrini is back into the side and will feel very motivated after having to see his team lose the Derby without him I think empoli we’ll stay alive in this game But ultimately at home at the stadio olimpico and taking into account their 30 game unbeaten run against newly-promoted sides I feel like the writing is on the wall Roma should capture a 2-0 victory on Sunday afternoon as they look to build momentum and get back how they started this campaign.

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