Roma vs Empoli Talking Points #1286

Empoli Aren’t Going Anywhere

Empoli typically has been a club that has gone back and forth between Serie A and Serie B. It was no surprise when they returned to the top-flight once again. The team itself looks very different than it did when they got relegated three years ago. There’s always a sense of optimism for newly-promoted teams the possibility of trying to do something unique and surviving a season among the elites. However, typically speaking, two of the three teams that get promoted usually go right back down, but one of them always seems to break through and do better than expected. During the last campaign, it was Spezia before Hellas Verona who may be the best newly-promoted team of the previous decade. It’s very early in the season, but Empoli seems to be that team this campaign; they are playing at an extremely high level coming into Sunday’s match; they were eighth in the table. Empoli came up short against Roma at the Stadio Olimpico; however, they showed real promise. There’s reason to be optimistic about their chances of not having to deal with a threat of relegation at all. Is that possible? It just might be I’m not suggesting capabilities of getting into the Europa League, but I believe there is a world in which they won’t have to deal with the threat of being relegated. It is very early in the season, and things will undoubtedly change, but they have got a team that is capable of doing a lot more than many expect. Against Roma Sunday, the approach was very confusing and conflicting. The expectation was that they would stack the Box with defensive midfielders; it was quite the contrary; they went slightly more aggressive and put a lot of pressure on the Roma defense in the early part of their loss. They went after it from the start of the game; they even came within Striking Distance a few times in the opening 15 minutes. By the half-hour mark, Empoli still hadn’t conceded we’re surviving the most vital part of the game; preventing Roma from starting quickly was the key to success, and they kept them at arm’s length for part of the first half; however, it inevitably folded Lorenzo Pellegrini scores right before the start of the second half and then minutes into the second half henrikh Mkhitaryan tucked away a rebound after Tammy Abraham hit the bar However the level of enthusiasm and aggressive approach did not change as they continue to try to chip away and get a goal back it ultimately did not work out. Still, despite the defeat, they have a reason to be optimistic as they look quite a strong side. The fact is Empoli can walk away from this game with their head held high they have suffered four losses this season. Still, those have come against Juventus, Lazio, Roma, and Sampdoria, all four of those teams, are very strong and even after the defeat are still in the top 10 if they can build on this performance and start picking up some points after an International break this really could be a team that could avoid the threat of relegation the entire season even after the loss I can’t help but be very complimentary of the opposition.

Roma Gets the Bounce Back Performance they were looking for

After losing the Derby to Lazio under very controversial circumstances a week ago, Roma needed a rebound performance to show everyone for that they remain a threat for the Champions League as well as potentially getting themselves into a title race. Roma has a hectic month after the International break concludes games such as Juventus away in Turin, which certainly could be a delicious affair. Then later in the month, they will welcome perfect Napoli at the Stadio Olimpico for the Derby Del Sol Luciano spalletti vs. Jose Mourinho. Massive games, which is why Roman needed to go into the international break with confidence and momentum driving them; even though they continue to win in the conference League, a rebound performance was undoubtedly in order, and that’s exactly what they got on Sunday. Empoli is no slouches; they have the capability of making things difficult as they’ve had a promising start to the season. In the Derby last Sunday, they had some defensive issues that needed to be handled. Sunday was a spotless performance from the backline, and it was more or less mistake-free throughout. Rui Patricio was tested especially early and was able to handle the situation without too much difficulty. Once Roma started grabbing the momentum in the game, they pulled away and got a very important three points. That is now an unbeaten run against newly-promoted sides that reaches 31, including 30 victories over that stretch. Jose Mourinho has already changed Roma drastically since arriving in July. In terms of performance as it has been an excellent start to the season as the club returns to the top four following the victory on Sunday as well as atmosphere and support the Stadio Olimpico has been one of the loudest venues in Italy this upcoming season as fans were allowed back into the stands. Even though they did taste defeat against Hellas Verona and Lazio, they have been getting completely different teams than the last several years; the difference is clear this is more or less the same team with a couple of auditions, and they continue to thrive later this month will be telling of what this Roma team is made of but for the time being Roma get a bounce-back performance that they genuinely needed.

Lorenzo Pellegrini and Tammy Abraham Could be an even Better Duo then Salah and Dzeko

Lorenzo Pellegrini and Tammy Abraham have been intertwined with one another ever since Tammy Abraham completed his move from Chelsea. This relationship is a fascinating part of this entire season so far. According to reports, Tammy Abraham it’s starting to learn Italian; he is in the capital on a five-year contract he will only adapt as the season continues. The Englishmen has already been wildly impressed earning a man of the match on Sunday and has been exactly what Roma needed for this particular team. He has scored four goals this season, netting twice in the UEFA conference League and Serie A, not to mention what he’s been able to do with his passing and vision. The pressure and attention he requires when pushing the ball forward make defenses extremely uncomfortable, considering his athletic ability and pace. Still, the most impressive thing about his time here so far is having been on the same page as Lorenzo Pellegrini so quickly. They are communicating mainly by body language as Tammy Abraham does not speak Italian yet, and Lorenzo Pellegrini’s English is not very good, so essentially, the two of them have to communicate without speaking the same language, and the crazy thing is it’s working so well. Lorenzo Pellegrini, before last night’s, put his pen to paper on a new five-year deal as the captain commits his future to the club. He celebrated it with an opening goal to start the game, running over to the romanista in Celebration. Lorenzo Pellegrini so far this season has it been the League’s best player and has become a different monster under Jose Mourinho; he has seven goals and two assists so far this season, he is the anchor of the ship in the Roma Midfield, and by The Season’s end he will be one of the best midfielders in Europe he only continues to progress and grow to each game he is the Difference Maker last night scoring a beautiful goal open the game and then to kill things off Tammy Abraham put pressure on the defense once again before ripping off a beautifully hit strike that hit the crossbar Mkhitaryan puts it in to finish them all, but it was indeed a man-of-the-match performance from Tammy that had several other opportunities to score a lot of the times those chances were being created by Lorenzo Pellegrini the two of them have a specific chemistry and Vibe that’s almost unexplainable so much so Tammy Abraham has earned himself a call-up do the England national team for the first time in over a year. This might be in the best duo Roma has had in many years; it has only been a couple of games, but they’re only becoming more and more intertwined every time they step on the pitch together; there’s just a connection. This is vaguely similar to edin Dzeko and Mohamed Salah that were a perfect match together as well from 2015-2017; the two of them are counted to 124 amount goals contributions together which mainly included the 2016-17 season, the record-breaking Roman season when they indeed should have won the scudetto that season Roma had the most point ever 87; Edin Dzeko had 39 Goals and 15 Assists Mo Salah had 19 goals and 15 assists 88 of their 124 goal contributions together came from that great season. Those are big shoes to fill, but Tammy Abraham and Lorenzo Pellegrini might even be better together. Mohamed Salah and edin Dzeko spoke the same language. They also were further apart in age, definitely the best pairing of this last decade for Roma, but the reason Lorenzo Pellegrini and Tammy Abraham might be able to replicate that history is both players are under contract until 2026. Chelsea has a Buy-Back clause on this deal with Tammy Abraham. Still, two things are costly, and they have Lukaku and Timo Werner, so I guess it will not be executed either way. Jose Mourinho being at the club, I think we’ll keep him here regardless. Secondly, Lorenzo Pellegrini 25 years old Tammy Abraham 24 years old they’re closing age, not to mention the play style of Lorenzo Pellegrini very much feeds in and benefits Tammy Abraham when Roma get on the counter-attack with Tammy Abraham running forward Lorenzo Pellegrini most of the time is the one releasing the ball ahead they have been on the same page the second they got on the pitch together in that first game against Fiorentina edin Dzeko and Mohamed Salah wear outstanding together considering all the variables between Tammy Abraham and Lorenzo Pellegrini this could be the next outstanding Duo but this Duo might be able to win a trophy together when Tammy Abraham starts understanding Italian. They can speak to one another; it’s just going to take this Duo to a whole nother planet.

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