Roma Show their qualities but Juventus Pull off second half come back to win in Rome #1287 (Late)

The Roman women come out of international break perfect in the league and hoping to increase their hot start to the season. They have picked up maximum points and seemed like a different type of team for this upcoming campaign. Champions League ambitions could it be a possibility they would have to face an incredible test even if they were at home in front of their home fans. Unbeaten Roma would host defending champions Juventus. Juventus has only lost three games in the four years the league has been in existence, one of which came against Roma as they knocked them out of the Coppa Italia last season on the way to the trophy however it was proven that this Roma side can beat Juventus even though very few can. It was an incredibly tough and intense match-up. Throughout the 90 minutes we saw in Rome, Roma looked like they were on the verge of collecting the points as they took the lead on the half-hour mark through Lucia Di Guglielmo as Roma took a 1-0 lead. However, late heroics from the defending champion Juventus proved to be the difference. Martina Rosucci got Juventus back in the game with a goal and 3 minutes till the end Andrea Staskova scored the winner as Juventus came from behind to beat Roma, getting revenge from the Coppa Italia semi-final. Juventus ended up with points and the victory; however, one thing is clear this Roma team is not going away as they tested the best team in the country.

Roma went with the typical 4231 formation. In goal would be the Romanian Queen Camelia Caesar; the back four would consist of at left-back Lucia Di Guglielmo; we would have a center-back partnership of Allison Swaby and Elena Linari, then at right-back would be Elisa Bartoli. The defensive midfielder would be made up of Thaisa, and Greggi in central Midfield would be Andressa Alves to the left. Former Juventus star Bernadetta Glionna on the right would be Anna Serturini. Upfront at the main Striker would be Valeria Pirone.

This turned out to be an intense matchup between two of the best teams in Italy. On one side we had Juventus, the reigning Serie A champions having won the league title three years in a row hardly losing over that stretch with only three losses in the last three years then on the other side the hosts Roma the current holders of the Coppa Italia as they won their first trophy in club history Last Summer. Both teams are perfect; both teams have maximum points; both teams have the quality; this was going to be a testy Affair regardless. There was a point to prove for Roma while Juventus were searching for Revenge as they were eliminated from the Coppa Italia semi-finals from this same team. Very evenly-matched affair with both teams exchanging chances on both ends. Even though Juventus had the bulk of The Possession, Roma looked good going forward and had the opportunity to break the ice. Anna Serturini, as expected, was so explosive, and it made things difficult on Juventus; she is, in my estimation, the second-best player in the league, third at the very least Juventus knew going in that she was going to do a significant amount of damage. She came through on the counter, nearly breaking through, but Juventus managed to make the save. In the 28th minute, Roma found a way around. Bernadetta gonna created the opportunity from the midfield for Roma setting up Greggi, who blasted a strike at the goalkeeper who made a fantastic save; however, Di Guglielmo was there to deal with the rebound sticking the ball into the back of the net to give Roma a 1-0 lead. It felt like it was coming for several minutes; a Roma was taking advantage of the possession that they had. It was a big nip-and-tuck back-and-forth battle throughout the rest of the first half, but in the end, Roma held a narrow 1-0 lead with still 45 minutes to play as the first half came to a close.

It was a very promising first-half from Roma. They were looking to keep it going into the second half, hoping to pull off the upset against Juventus; however, Juventus had a record of 22–0 they did not drop a single point last season there is a reason they have won the league title three years running they have one of the best put together teams in Italian football and are always in the Champions League showing how good they are. There was always an opportunity for them to come back; even though Roma had an excellent start to the game, this was far from over. Anna came forward again, applying pressure on that defense, cutting through the box into a one-on-one situation with reasonable time and space to operate. Still, the goalkeeper manages to get a hand on keeping Juventus alive in the game. If Roma scored that goal, it would have been almost insurmountable for Juventus to make a comeback. Around 15 minutes later, Juventus got themselves back in the game Rosucci converts at the far post despite Caesars’ efforts as Juventus equalized in the 64th minute. Momentum started swinging as Juventus now were the ones dictating the game. Camelia Caesar continues to make big-time saves to at least give Roma a point. She was continually tested throughout the second half. With seven minutes to go, Camelia Caesar made a fantastic save denying a Juventus counter-attack. Caesar then made another stop denying two chances from Juventus but ended up forcing a corner. In the 87th minute, Juventus showed why they are the Champs one of the League’s best players Staskova beat Roma at the near post with a superb strike Camila Cesar did all she could have but a bullet header from the Czech Republic International couldn’t be stopped as Juventus went on to win with a 2-1 victory thanks to two goals in the second half. Juventus are one of the best teams in Europe, and they show do showing the resiliency and determination to come back from a goal down in the first half; they showed Roma why they are the champions and got revenge for them knocking them out of the Coppa Italia however Roma show their own capability proving that they can compete with Juventus. If they can compete with Juventus, they can compete with the rest of the league. Roma will have to take this one on the chin, but they showed those qualities nearly pulling off the upset Roma only learned from this and apply it going forward bitter in defeat but indeed showed something as they don’t go down without a fight.

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