European Players of the week #1288 (Late)

Patrik Schick vs BFL

Patrik Schick came into this season off of a historic European championship this summer being the driving force behind the Czech Republic making the quarterfinals and being one of the best players at the tournament with five goals if it wasn’t for Cristiano Ronaldo’s penalties, Patrik Schick would have won the Golden Boot as well. He became the first player since Milan Baros to score five goals at a tournament for the Czech Republic. He also scored the best goal of the tournament, scoring from the halfway line against Scotland. There was just a sense that he would only build on this and become vital to Bayer Leverkusen. Since failing to cut it at Roma, he has been in the Bundesliga the last two seasons with RB Leipzig and the Leverkusen. Even though he scored 13 goals last year, it’s felt like he was capable of much more after the Euro that had he was ready to prove a point in the Bundesliga and show German Football that he still is the super Talent that he was expected to be that was years ago. Against Armenia bfl he was outstanding, getting into dangerous positions constantly, and his finishing in front of goal has been very impressive this season. He is in fantastic form this season, having scored in three of his last four games. Even though this team is not necessarily lead to by a superstar with Florian Wirtz, Moussa Diaby, and a well-rounded team along with Patrik Schick, the Champions League ambitions that they had at the start of the season could become a reality they’re currently level on points with Bayern Munich and even though they lost Leon Bailey who left for Aston Villa and Kai havertz who left the club a year before for Chelsea Bayer Leverkusen seems to have adopted a big part of that is the emergence of Patrik Schick he scored twice in a 4–0 victory over Armenia bfl. On the game’s first goal, Wirtz Diaby and Patrik Schick all connected. The young German ended up pushing the ball forward, finding that space as Moussa Diaby retrieves the ball before putting the ball right in the space of Patrik Schick, who put just could not miss finishing a beautiful strike into the bottom corner to give them an initial 1–0 lead. He is in great form right now; his celebration Bows in front of Armenia bfl fans. Later in the game, he completed his brace in what was a truly magnificent Frimpong made a run near the end of the touchline, going into the box delivering a cross to find Patrik Schick the Czech Republic International gets in front of his man and connects with the header given the goalkeeper, not a chance in the world to save it. Once he made the connection bfl knew what was going to happen, and there was nothing they could have done to stop it; the connection was near perfection. Patrik Schick pulls off an unbelievable performance as he continues to play so well this season, earning his first-ever Bundesliga brace as Bayer Leverkusen starts to put pressure on the top of the table. Florian Wirtz is playing a big role being the orchestrator in the Midfield, Moussa Diaby is that explosive Speedster down the flank and Patrik Schick has been that finisher upfront; whatever they’re doing, it is working by the looks of it, Patrik Schick is in for a big season he has six goals and two assists this season as he’s also been able to contribute in other facets of the game as a striker he continues to play at a very consistent cliff and this performance last weekend was another example of that the Czech Republic International has taken his performances at the European championships and applied them to Bundesliga play as he has been one of the best strikers in the league this season as he capped off another brilliant display.

Kevin Trapp vs Bayern

Kevin Trapp is someone I’ve always considered one of the most underrated goalkeepers in German Football. I didn’t rate him that highly when he was in the PSG net; however, my opinion of him has changed drastically since he moved to Frankfurt a few years ago. He has been such a good signing for the Bundesliga as a whole. Even in their low moments, Frankfurt has had somewhat of a security blanket in goal as he is capable of some fantastic individual performances. He is not a goalkeeper who typically is brought up in these conversations, but I feel like he deserves to be more than he is. Kevin Trapp is someone I think I’m very high in the Bundesliga I wouldn’t go as far as to say is he’s the best in the league, but he has moments that show how important that he is for Frankfurt. Frankfurt is going through a transition after losing Andre Silva, who accounted for the most goals for my Frankfurt Striker since 1977; although Dashi Kamada and Filip Kostic both remain at the club, it’s been a difficult season for Frankfurt to account for those goals Kevin Trapp has been put in a complicated situation to a season where he has to be a superhero every game for them to get points. Coming into a game against Bayern, Munich Frankfurt had not won a game this season. They went into a game against Bayern Munich as huge underdogs expected to be slapped around by the world’s best team. However, something is interesting about this matchup because Bayern Munich and Frankfurt always seemed to have tough games last season; Frankfurt beat Bayern Munich so it wasn’t totally uncommon even the year before they did that but both years, Andre Silva was still at the club so going into this game the expectation was Bayern Munich was going to handle their business. However, Kevin Trapp had other ideas. Martin hinterberg got Frankfurt back into it following a Leon goretzka opener. Bayern Munich attacked Frankfurt throughout the 90 minutes going for the throat; this is a game that quite honestly could have been a 5–1 thrashing in favor of Bayern Munich on a different day but not this day. Kevin Trapp put together one of the most impressive individual displays we’ve seen in the Bundesliga in a couple of years. Bayern Munich constantly got into those attacking areas, but the result was identical: Kevin Trapp making outrageous saves; his reflexes and footwork were incredible. Robert Lewandowski nearly got him a few times. Still, quick reactions denied him as well as Serge gnabry Leroy sane Leon goretzka Joshua kimmich and so many other Bayern Munich threw the kitchen sink at Frankfurt. Still, it did not matter because Kevin Trapp, from an individual standpoint, was like Superman it wasn’t like it was a game in which Frankfurt had control or was pushing Bayern Munich to win at them constantly. Still, Kevin Trapp was there to save the day each time it looked like we were about to see a breakthrough. To put it simply, throughout the 90 minutes he saved the Titanic, Bayern Munich have the best team in the world; there are so many different ways they can break you down and hurt you, but it wasn’t their day because Kevin Trapp was on a different type of level it looked like Frankfurt we’re going to steal a point and then Filip Kostic thanked Kevin Trapp for all his working goal with a late goal as Frankfurt against the odd beat Bayern Munich. It was a great game played by both teams, but in the end, Kevin Trap’s incredible performance stood out on another day; this game would have gone completely different, but last Saturday, Kevin Trapp prevented the Titanic from sinking.

Mo Salah vs City

Mohamed Salah is one of the best footballers on the planet, and it continues to do extraordinary things that we cannot comprehend. Yet, at the same time, we don’t find it surprising because it’s what we have grown to expect from the Egyptian king. Being a Roma fan, I thought Mohamed Salah grew into a superstar overnight, but he’s just taking it to another level at Anfield with Jurgen Klopp’s side; he has already won the champions league and the Premier League title for Liverpool playing a starring role and Liverpool winning those trophies. When Mohamed Salah left Roma for Liverpool, they could get the deal done at a very reasonable price, mostly because there weren’t that many who were really paying attention and watching what he was doing at the Stadio Olimpico. He went to a completely different planet when he went to Liverpool and immediately became one of the best players in the world; this is something that I expected because I saw the development and where he was heading, But ultimately he needed that Premier League move to become one of the world’s best at the beginning of his time at Liverpool there was this big narrative surrounding his inability to perform in big games now he lives for these moments. He has been a scoring machine since moving to Liverpool and, in my opinion, is the greatest African ever to Grace English football. He is just on another level, certainly one of the top 10 players in the world. There’s nobody at Liverpool more critical than Mohamed Salah he has scored a 100 goals for Liverpool, and against Manchester City, he was instrumental in getting the point. It turned out to be a 2–2 draw at Anfield, but Mohamed Salah was inspirational. The ball from Midfield sent through a pitch-perfect pass into sadio Mane to supply the Senegal attacker. However, Liverpool’s second goal was pure genius from the Egyptian king dribbling through multiple Defenders; he was surrounded by a swarm of them getting by a couple rather than dealing with more in his space, finding just enough distance to score one of the goals of the season. Mohamed Salah was one of the most impressive performances of this Premier League season, showing yet again why he is one of the best players in the world. He has an expiring contract; Liverpool will constantly be kicking themselves if they don’t get this deal done. Liverpool Point Blank cannot win the Premier League without Mohamed Salah; he’s the most important player, and they would struggle significantly without him; he has been one of the most consistent players in World football during his time at Liverpool, and yet again, he shows everyone how special of a player he truly is.Eliot Ben-Ner

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