A.S Roma vs Juventus Talking Points #1292

Juventus 1–0 Win

Defying win for Juventus as they stay hot

Juventus had quite a complicated start to the season, significantly after Cristiano Ronaldo departed on Deadline day. This was potentially going to be a very defining game of their season we’re less than 10 games into the campaign, but there was a significant amount of importance on Juventus to get something from this game. Juventus started the season near the bottom of the table but have slowly but surely dug themselves out of it. Prior to Sunday’s game, they had picked up some tough victories against Torino, Spezia, and Empoli Juventus weren’t necessarily dominant in any of those games. The critical thing to mention here is even though they’re getting points; they aren’t necessarily playing well; there was a big platform here for them to make a big statement. They were my preseason pick to win the league, but they have looked at times distraught and unconvincing this season. They are starting to play better with a more self-aware manager; they probably would not have been in that situation to begin with, but that’s neither here nor there. In a big game against Jose Mourinho in Rome, it was an opportunity for them; they took it. They ended up winning a 1–0 victory against Roma at home, making it four victories in a row; this was inevitable Juventus hadn’t been the most dominant side in Italy over the last decade; they weren’t going to be out for long while I don’t think they’re going to win the league they will definitely re-enter that conversation especially coming off a high-spirited victory against a strong Roma side. The important thing is that they win a big game which they were able to do; however they were still outplayed; even though Roma leaves without the points. Juventus winning intangibles prevail Juventus are in excellent form right now that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re playing well, but they’re getting the points which is the most crucial thing there. Following a victory Sunday with everything they have going for them, we should start seeing them make more of a footprint on their victories; first and foremost, getting the points is essential but with time, they will begin to play better and show themselves as a real threat for the league title in a massive game this was an essential first step to re-enter the conversations and reassess their ambitions.

Controversy or not Roma deserved more from the game

I’m not going to make excuses or say that this match was a robbery because I think that’s unfair the base the entire complexion of the game based on a few decisions that could have changed the outcome. Three different occasions had controversial elements to them. Juventus, on their first goal, it appears Juan Cuadrado handles the ball in the build-up of the Moise Kean goal; another is Tammy Abraham scoring but not being counted because instead they called the penalty. There is a question whether or not henrikh Mkhitaryan handled the but on one look at looked like it hits Locatelli on the shoulder; then in the second half Lorenzo Pellegrini is taken down in the Box by Giorgio Chiellini without getting the ball; there is a question that to be had on all of these instances. My previous insight could be incorrect; however, there were indeed moments of controversial nature. It’s been about 24 hours since I’ve been able to sit on it, and even though I firmly believe Lorenzo Pellegrini should have won a penalty looking back, the goal that Roma scored shouldn’t have counted. From the grand scheme of things, they don’t necessarily matter. Jordan Veretout has converted 13 consecutive penalty kicks; he was denied last night; had he scored, the game could have been much different. I’m not going to fault him because it is the first penalty he has missed since his arrival three years ago. It was a tense match with controversial moments; whether they are right or wrong doesn’t matter sometimes; that is just the nature of Juventus vs. Roma. However, Roma did not get what they deserved. Roma, at times, was significantly the better team; they looked much stronger throughout and played really well. Roma deserved to get something from the game not because of the decisions that the official made but because of the performance they put together. Jose Mourinho Roma will take some time, and even in the big matches that they have lost this season, they have looked promising in them. The derby against Lazio it was a defensive lapse, but they showed determination and fight in the result. Last night they may have come up short but still managed to put together an auspicious performance away from home in hostile territory; when you consider how well they played throughout, even if there were unable to score, Roma deserved at least a point from the game. Losing the game doesn’t really damaged themselves that much but with Napoli upcoming Rome need to be more prepared and take advantage of those chances I’m not going to blame Jordan because I don’t think you can fully put this on somebody who has scored all but one penalty that they have taken but from the outside perspective in regards to how Roma played it was encouraging they got into dangerous spaces and had opportunities after the penalty miss get another goal it just did not fall for them on Sunday night and ultimately Juventus get the three points that they may not have deserved not because of some of the call the officials made but because the way Roma performed they outplayed Juventus for most of the game and have nothing to show for it in their last three games against Juventus they have outplayed them but if you can’t close the deal than it doesn’t really matter Roma need to take the chances when they are there for them they will rebound and show what they are made of Jose Mourinho came out and said he believes that Roma should have won the game I don’t agree with that sentiment but certainly Roma should have got more than they did in a big match on Sunday night.

Jose Mourinho’s Roma Requires Patience

Jose Mourinho Roma will come good in a matter of time. We have to have a certain level of patience and not continually try to point the finger every time Roma loses. The Narrative around this team based on results is getting out of hand. When Roma played well and perform they are great team when they play well but lose all of a sudden they don’t have the quality required for Champions League football. We have to stay consistent with what we see and evaluate with his Roma team. Jose Mourinho is already Making Waves as far as the mentality and the winning attitude that this team has and the impact he’s been able to make on the pitch with the likes of the Lorenzo Pellegrini and Tammy Abraham becoming much more refined players this season under Mourinho as well as many others. Based on the squad that they have Roma is good enough to make the Champions League and I expect them to do so however this isn’t perfect and Roma still have some work to do with their squad. They don’t have enough depth at some positions. While Roma does have shomurodov, Stephan El Shaarawy, Ricardo calafiori, abrima Darbo and Carles Perez Roma need some more Squad depth. They’re starting 11 is strong and well-balanced but the depth it’s something they seem to be lacking at the moment. Leo spinazzola will return sometime this season which will help with that but Roma doesn’t have any backups for Rick Karsdorp and could use a few more additions before this team can fulfill the project. This is a three-year project Roma does have time to get these things getting another midfielder in January could be important Denis Zakaria from glabach seems to be the main target if Roma just had a little bit more depth and another midfielder it would give Roma some alternative options and allow them to make more adjustments and games like these. Roma have had a promising start to the season even though they faltered against Lazio and Juventus there are certainly things to be optimistic about but we need to have patience and time because this isn’t going to happen overnight this team finished seventh last season now they’re vibing for a Champions League spot but that doesn’t change the fact that there’s still work to be done and we have to be patient this Roma team will win trophies and by the end of the three-year they will be fighting for the league this is very early in Year One and we have to be patient and things will slowly start turning around and wrong will become the team we all know they’re capable of being.

Masterclass from the Twin Towers

Leonardo bonucci and Giorgio Chiellini were the best center-back partnership in European football last night; we were reminded of that in a thrilling performance against Roma. Regardless of the nature of the victory, they made it very complicated for Roma to get into the box and do any significant damage. Giorgio Chiellini and Leonardo bonucci, as I like to refer to them, the Twin Towers, Maybe 32 and 36 years old, respectively, but they operate at the highest level and can deal with the most difficult of circumstances. They have been together for a long time, and things just click they are European Champions have been to two Champions League finals and have won an avalanche of trophies together at Juventus. There might be other center backs that have a brighter future going forward, but in the very moment, I’m not sure that there is a better pairing in World football than these two. They have won everything together; they are experienced and have great leadership infectious to the rest of the defense. Tammy Abraham, in the first half, was able to dribble past them, nearly scoring but outside of that, Roma had a hard time getting inside the box and making any impact. It was a defensive masterclass forcing Roma outside the box and making things difficult on Lorenzo Pellegrini and Tammy Abraham; respectively, it is true that I believe that Roma should have got the point from this game. Still, Abraham and Pellegrini were not able to do the damage they are accustomed to; the Twin Towers could not have made it more difficult on Roma there’s a reason these guys are the best in the world it Masterpiece defensively from them. Still, you wouldn’t expect anything less coming from the best in the world.

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