Anna Serturini taken out minutes before Inter score the winner as Roma’s skid continues #1294

The Roma women had an incredibly hot start to the season however over their last couple of games they have seen somewhat of a skid that could largely affect whether or not they can challenge for the league title or even make the champions league for that matter. There has been a lot of changes at the club but they started the season so well with four consecutive victories. However they lost late to Juventus after taking the lead then against AC Milan they had to settle for a draw despite scoring in the opening 10 minutes. The AC Milan game was misfortune as the crossbar was heavily involved in AC Milan’s only goal. This time they would head out on the road to take on the other Milan Inter. AC Milan is a significantly stronger team but inter is starting to become more of a threat an Italian football on the women’s side. Roma had the possession advantage but outside of that it was wildly competitive and split right down the middle most of the high-quality chances came in the first half it was a really tough match for both teams it did appear that we would not get a winner. Both teams played well statistically they were almost identical no one team really ever seizing control however despite how well Roma battled with five minutes remaining Nchout found enough space Inside the Box to beat Camelia Caesar to give Inter Milan a late lead Roma had a chance in the closing moments but it wasn’t enough as Inter Milan take all three points over Roma’s last three games they only have one point after that hot start something needs to change that is clear Anna Serturini and glionna can’t always do it by themselves and it’s not going to get any easier on Sunday the 31st they take on the best team in Italy this season Sassuolo.

Sagna set his team out of the usual 4-3-3 formation. In goal as always would be the Romanian shot-stopper Camelia Caesar. At left-back would be Lucia Di Guglielmo we would see the centre-back partnership of Allison swaby and Elena Linari then at right back would be Angela Sophia. In central Midfield we would see the Brazilian playmaker Thais besides her as the right midfielder would be her Brazilian national team teammate Andressa Alves on the opposite side as the right midfielder would be Manuela Guliano. It is about time that she returns to the starting line in their Midfield she has the most playmaking abilities he is vital to this team success so I find it rather odd that she has had to come off the bench so frequently this season but it’s good to see her back in the lineup. In that left-wing one of the League’s most explosive players Anna Serturini on the right wing starting her first game this season have Pamela Lazaro another player that deserves more minutes in this team after having such a terrific year last season. Then up front hovering as a false 9 would be Bernadetta Glionna.

Things got underway in Milan as the battle commenced. There wasn’t really one team over the other that seem to have be in control or be playing more Superior however Roma had a slight advantage in possession they had a lot of the ball and they were moving it quite well. Inter Milan only occasionally had the ball at their feet a lot of the time they just let Roma have possession and try to dictate on the chances that they had. What would happen is every time Inter Milan got the ball they pushed everyone forward trying to create counter-attacking football. In the early parts of the game Inter Milan made it beautiful run inside the Box before supplying a pass right in front of Camila Caesar however the strike did not have the accuracy as the power in which the ball was hit cost the ball to shoot upwards. Roma attempted to respond a little less than 10 minutes later as Roma were pushing the ball forward they hovered the right outside the box thaissa try to extend from distance but the goalkeeper managed to get her hand on it denying a fantastic opportunity. They continue to be a back-and-forth battle between the two teams. There wasn’t necessarily an avalanche of chances but there were a few close calls the intensity was heating up through every walking minute both Inter Milan and Roma had their chances in the first half But ultimately the match remained even as it was a goalless draw after 45 minutes.

It wasn’t necessarily a concerning first half of play but neither team what’s hitting the target often enough. The clinical finishing in the final third needed massive Improvement. We continue to see more of the same through big stretches of the second half there was a lot of creativity in the Midfield but certainly having opportunities from both sides but both teams had some what of a challenging second half as well as they could not convert on the chances that they were creating. It was really hard to determine who was really in control both teams seem to be very evenly matched throughout. With about 25 minutes remaining Inter Milan had a great chance to capitalize. Inter Milan that got on the break with the best player having the ball at her feet Martinelli looked at determine it to breakthrough and score a late goal like she did in the draw last season. However Martinelli certainly try to do too much instead of cutting into the bar in what could have been a one-on-one The Inter Milan Striker attempted to lob the Romanian keeper who was coming off her line slightly however in the end Caesar caught the ball out of the air has she wasn’t threatened whatsoever. That was a very significant chance and could have been very costly however with five minutes remaining Inter Milan got their breakthrough a beautiful run inside the Box as n Chout retrieve the ball before tucking it into the bottom corner to give Inter Milan a 1-0 lead. There was a late transfer Roma to turn it around Angela Sofia trying to strike late in stoppage-time but time ran out on Roma has Inter Milan win with a late goal with five minutes remaining Roma drop another game as they suffer their second defeat in their last three games things are only going to get more difficult as they will be hosting the top of the table at the end of the month. Something needs to change whether it is Squad rotation formation switch or something this game in particular the Tactical adjustments weren’t good enough taking out your best player while the game is still in balanced was a huge mistake and honestly Roma got what they deserved they played well throughout the game and maybe didn’t deserve to lose but when you make a decision like that there’s always a possibility that you can get punished for it Roma looked like they were going to be a dark horse team for the league title Roma can still have a productive season but they are eight points from the top of the table meaning it will take dumb luck for Roma to get back into the title race and now Champions League some what looks like a stretch after poor results in the last couple games.

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