Controversy in Turin as Roma fall to Juventus #1291

Score: Juventus 1 A.S Roma 0FT

Following the international break, we were treated to one of the most fascinating matches of the weekend. Jose Mourinho makes his return to Turin as he has many times been their Public Enemy Number One. He takes his Roma side on the road to Allianz Stadium to take on a Juventus team that requires some inspiration. Even though they picked up some points over the last couple of weeks, they have not played well in any of the matches, and a game of this magnitude could be a turning point. On Sunday night Roma and Juventus went to battle a very physical match with non-stop controversy. Roma applied a lot of pressure on Juventus in the early part of the game, but Juventus took the lead as Moise Kean supplied the Finish as Juventus took a 1-0 lead. Roma continued to try to get themselves back in the game and had several chances throughout the first half; at the very end of the first half, Tammy Abraham scores after henrikh Mkhitaryan was taken out by the defense. For some ungodly reason, the goal did not count, even though in these situations, you can cancel the penalty if a goal is scored. Instead, a penalty was given. Jordan veretout was denied from the spot, but that doesn’t change that Roma’s goal should have stood. Juventus went into the second half with a 1-0 lead. Controversy again in the second half as Giorgio Chiellini tackled Lorenzo Pellegrini, not getting the ball whatsoever, taking out Roma’s best player in the Box, who could have hurt him badly. Not only was it not a penalty it was called against Lorenzo Pellegrini for a second occasion through the 90 minutes Roma see a prominent call ignored by the referee if you switch the jerseys that are being called differently Juventus atmosphere can sometimes provide a bit of pressure on the officiating, but that does not excuse this. If those things were called accordingly, the game could have changed dramatically. Even though they had opportunities to break through, it just wasn’t falling for them; they had some close calls and did get forward with success but just struggled to break down the center-back partnership of Giorgio Chiellini and Leonardo bonucci, who played an outstanding game. Roma played well enough to get the goal that they deserved under hugely controversial circumstances. Juventus hung on to a 1-0 victory to win their fourth match in a row; a dejected Roma went down in Turin with considerable anger at the results’ nature. These games come down to tiny details; those small details being ignored contributed mainly to the results despite Roma’s rebound from this, but it was a devastating result for the Giallorossi.

Jose Mourinho would set up his team out of the 4-2-3-1 formation. In goal would be Rui Patricio; at left-back would be Mathias Vina beside him would be the center-back partnership of Gianluca Mancini and Rodger Ibanez then at right-back would be this Flying Dutchman Rick Karsdorp. In the defensive Midfield, we would see the pair Bryan Cristante and Jordan Veretout. In central Midfield would be Roma Captain Lorenzo Pellegrini. On the left-wing would be the Armenian Henrikh Mkhitaryan, then on the opposite side would be Nicolo Zaniolo. Upfront as Roma as a central Striker would be Tammy Abraham.

After preparations and predictions, the match underway at the Allianz stadium in Turin is one of the most anticipated matches of the weekend. This would be quite a testy affair between a pair of Italian football heavyweights, and that’s precisely the game that we got. Roma looked promising in the early parts of the game; just minutes into the match, Gianluca Mancini put his head through a Lorenzo Pellegrini cross; the center-back fired wide but put some pressure on the old lady. Roma came through again; this time, a Rodger Ibanez came close with a powerful shot coming from a free-kick taken by Pellegrini. Everything was going their way, but in the 16th minute, it would be Juventus the Breakthrough de sciglio sent a cross into the box that touched Rodrigo Bentancur and then Moise Kean, who connected with his head beating Rui Patricio to give Juventus a 1-0 lead. Roma was significantly the better team in the early part of the first half. Juventus had one chance and converted on it, a very fortunate situation. Roma started moving the ball and continued to have that rhythm. However, they had the creativity to get into the box in dangerous areas with a little bit of a challenge going up against the Twin Towers Giorgio Chiellini and Leonardo Bonucci. Unfortunately, near the half-hour mark, Nicolo Zaniolo had to leave because of an injury; given his injury history, it was a bit of a scare, but it does appear that it is a minor knock. Stephan El Shaarawy came on to replace him. He attempted to make an immediate impact as he fired a shot from a long distance but was denied by the keeper. Roma came through again; this time, it was Tammy Abraham getting his head on the back of a Mattias Vina cross, a vast opportunity in what could have been the equalizer. Still, the keeper was unbothered despite a great connection between the two just lacked the finish in the end. Right before the lot of first-half massive controversy erupted. Roma got themselves in the Box henrikh Mkhitaryan was taken down; however, the ball ended up in the space of Tammy Abraham, who hit the half-volley into the roof of the net; however, egregiously, the referee blew the whistle right as the ball was being put in the back of the net. Instead, they called the penalty. Jordan veretout was denied from the spot he had scored his previous 13; however, that entire scenario becomes irrelevant because Roma’s goal should have stood regardless; this is a moment in the game that could have changed the whole complexion. The results did let the play finish. Roma would have gotten their equalizer. A horrifying referee decision on the rebound Gianluca Mancini was then taken down in the Box no whistle despite a second penalty that should have been called. In frustration and anger, it ended the first half with Juventus holding a 1-0 lead thanks to Moise Kean.

Roma in disbelief as Tammy’s goal not giving

Juventus scored on their only chance of the game while Roma was significantly the better team throughout the first half and was robbed of a perfectly good goal right before the break as controversy has only put gas into the fire. The high-level emotions fired up Juventus, and they looked much stronger in the second half. Juventus only registered one shot in the first 45 minutes; the game began to open up for them as they started to pressure the visitors. Minutes into the second half, Federico bernardeschi fired a blissful strike from outside the box, but Rui Patricio denied him but spilled it; however Moise Kean attempted the follow-up but sent the strike into the skies. The strike was hit with so much power. Rui Patricio did everything he could to get a hand on it it wasn’t a goalkeeping mistake, but when Federico bernardeschi hit that, it took a lot to Halt the strike not much long after, henrikh Mkhitaryan attempted to take advantage of an opportunity connecting and following through after retrieving a Vina cross but could not put it all together in front of goal. Roma seemed second-best in the second half but still had their moments. Roma nearly broke through as Jordan veretout hit a curler as he stretched it from outside was just inches away from finding the back of the net. With roughly 20 minutes to go, controversy erupted yet again, this time arguably even more significant considering the earlier controversy at the end of the first half. Giorgio Chiellini put together a masterful performance there’s no denying that, but Lorenzo Pellegrini was taken down aggressively in the box from the Juventus Center back. Even though his intentions may have been pure on the replay, it shows that he did not get any of the balls with the studs up; he makes connections with Lorenzo pellegrini’s leg; it’s hard to tell whether it was malicious intent, but the fact is Lorenzo Pellegrini was taken down in the Box with the defender making no contact with the ball. It is an evident and clear penalty and probably at least a yellow card, may be even red; the fact that he makes no contact with the ball while taking him down is as obvious of a decision as any, yet they want to review and still decided against the foul Not only was a penalty not given somehow the foul was called on Lorenzo Pellegrini in one of the most ridiculous decision Roma could have had a goal at the end of the first half, and they could have had a penalty here both of these situations called against them how are we going to sit up here and allow a guy that’s was clipped by the defender that somehow the foul is on Pellegrini the officiating made a mockery of the game and this was a massive example of that. Juventus and Roma continued to battle throughout the final 20 minutes it was a very physical game with a lot of yellow cards being shown Jose Mourinho made some adjustments, but they could not overcome the Avalanche of controversy in addition to that despite that it was exceptionally physically they only gave three minutes of stoppages as the final whistle blew Juventus were 1-0 winners in Turin. They are now winners of their last four but still have struggled at different points of all four games. They’re climbing up the table, and we’ll re-enter a conversation about title ambitions, but in actuality, Roma deserved a point from this game as they had a goal stolen from them and a penalty not given Josie Mourinho continues to be a villain in these parts they scowled at him much of the second half but even in defeat Jose Mourinho clapped back to remind Juventus that he won the treble with Inter Milan showing them three fingers in case they forgot. It was one of the most fascinating and dramatic matches of the weekend flooded with controversy with Juventus and Roma you wouldn’t expect any less than that as Roma leave Allianz Stadium having points stolen from them.

Controversy followed Roma all of Sunday and they suffer unjust defeat

One of the most dramatic matches of the weekend was blindsided by a load of controversy. Jose Mourinho returning to a part of Italy in which he is not like whatsoever with his Roma team that looks completely different it has in past years. This team in this project is determined to succeed, and Jose Mourinho will bring trophies to the Stadio Olimpico but the big narrative in the storyline of him going back to Juventus to play the villain he so often has voluntarily played. Juventus had mutually One Chance the entire game, and they were able to score. It was a well-balanced performance from Roma; they handled themselves well in hostile territory and were the better team for most of the game. Maybe 10 to 15 minutes at the start of the second half, in which Juventus did seem as if they were starting to gain control. However, through the 90 minutes, Roma was the better team and convincingly so not to say Juventus for foul there are certain aspects of the game in which Juventus were fantastic. The defensive performance of Giorgio Chiellini and Leonardo bonucci was certainly something to see. Roma did have some difficulty getting into the box and creating dangerous opportunities for them; the Juventus pair made things incredibly difficult in that aspect; however, outside of that, there wasn’t anything to say from the Juventus point of view it was an ugly win flooded with controversy they did not play that well in this game. They continue to win games but are having an issue putting together a performance that Juventus can feel good about. They were very fortunate against Roma controversy on Roma’s goal that wasn’t counted and a second penalty in the second half that was called a foul when it should have been a penalty against Juventus as well as a booking. Roma’s performance may not have been perfect, but they did push the tempo and initiate pressure on Juventus. Had the game been officiated accordingly, it could have been a cinematic match of football; it still was incredibly intriguing but removing the controversy and had things been called the correct way throughout the game, it would have been a potentially and Incredibly fascinating draw that saw both teams licking their chops for next time they go head-to-head instead controversial decisions change the outcome of the game in doing so taking a point away from Roma they truly deserved how did Roma been wearing black and white on Sunday night they might have got what they deserved there’s a pressure added from the atmosphere on the officials, but that does not excuse the decisions they made that took a point away from Roma that was deserved as it was a really strong performance from Jose Mourinho and his Roma side. In contrast, the match was fascinating controversy robbed us from a battle that we deserved. Mark my words Roma will not forget this; it might be months from now, but when Juventus makes the trip to the Stadio Olimpico late this season, it will not be kind to them.

MAN OF THE MATCH: Tammy Abraham

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