European Players of the Week #1296

Keylor Navas vs RB Leipzig

We saw a goalkeeping masterclass in Paris in the Champions League on Tuesday. Keylor Navas is a three-time Champions League winner and is one of the best goalkeepers in the competition’s history. However, for whatever reason, he continually flies under the radar. He was pushed out of Real Madrid because they signed Courtois from Chelsea; even though at the time he was at least Superior goalkeeper, he’s been one of the best goalkeepers in the world but still never seems to get the love and respect that he deserves. Courtois turned out to be a brilliant goalkeeper for Real Madrid. However, in terms of quality and impact, he’s still been unable to recreate what Keylor Navas did at the Santiago Bernabeu. He went off to PSG, where he continued to be one of the best goalkeepers in the world. Last season’s heroics in the Champions League against Bayern Munich was a symphony of greatness. He has been consistently a top-three goalkeeper in the world, and we continue to see it every time he puts on the gloves. In the summer, PSG signed Gigi donnarumma on a free transfer from AC Milan after winning the Euros with Italy; he joined in Paris despite the fact that they had a better goalkeeper already there. The media, especially the Italian media and fans, try to argue that he would be the number one. That’s simply not been the case donnarumma is going to be one of the best goalkeepers in the world in the future. Still, you cannot touch Keylor Navas. I continually tried to explain to my Italian friends that Gigi donnarumma was signed for the future, but they didn’t listen to me. I have been proven right here. Keylor Navas, to me, personally is the second best goalkeeper in the world, and he continues to display that in the biggest games. There was a reason Keylor Navas was given the start against RB Leipzig; even though donnarumma did get the start against Manchester City, it’s irrelevant it will be at least a year until donnarumma starting week in, and week out for PSG there’s a lot of pressure for this team to win the Champions League especially with the acquisition of Lionel Messi. PSG frankly has more faith in Keylor Navas; it was a thriller against RB Leipzig. One of the best goalkeeping performances of the season so far. It was a true battle in a 3-2 victory for Paris PSG eventually got going and was able to capitalize, but it was a tense battle throughout. Killian mbappe scoring a fantastic one-on-one Lionel Messi scoring a brace all the tremendously amazing performances as a whole. However, the thing that sticks out the most was not any of that; it was Keylor Navas. Without him, they would not have won the game. He saved three, maybe four, certain goals. Andre Silva, with a stunning strike looking for the bottom corner, nope, Keylor Navas saves it by his fingertips. Konrad Laimer tried to catch him off guard no dice; he was there again to make a great save, extending his body. Then he denied a stunning strike right at his goal in the second half with a quick reaction getting his hands up to deny RB Leipzig again on a different day with a different goalkeeper in the net RB Leipzig would have gotten all three points. Keylor Navas is truly The X Factor and what was a world-class performance it as he continues to be underrated regularly signing donnarumma was disrespectful. He has shown that there is no debate, there’s no conversation to be had about who is the number one at PSG donnarumma has a bright future, but he’s going to have to wait his turn Keylor Navas on yet another champions league night show the world is still on a different level than most has won everything he’s been to four Champions League finals he is battle-tested it’s unclear what PSG will do in the Champions League this season. Still, ultimately you will not find a safer Pair of Hands than Keylor Navas; this week, he was just on another level.

Leroy Sane vs Leverkusen and Benfica

Leroy Sane continues to be such a Difference Maker and an X-Factor for the world’s best team of Bayern Munich. For whatever reason, ever since he left Manchester City, there has been at this ridiculous perception that the German Winger has been struggling with Bayern Munich. I find that utterly absurd this season; he has been nothing short of fireworks. This week especially in the victory against Bayern Leverkusen and Benfica, he was able to do so much damage continuing to show why he’s a world-class player. Last season with Bayern Munich, Leroy sane had 10 goals and 12 assists, yet it was characterized as a Bad season. The impact he continues to have on the attack has been incredibly influential this week, especially he has been nearly unplayable this season. Obviously, Bayern Munich is led by Robert Lewandowski, the best player in the world at the moment with 16 goals and 12 games. Robert Lewandowski is the best player in the world on current form and in general, and there’s not even a conversation to be had. Leroy Sane has been incredibly impactful as he provides creativity in the midfield and the attacking areas a lot of the time; because of his athleticism and pace, he puts so much pressure on the backline, especially when he’s thrusting the ball forward this allows the game to open up Robert Lewandowski to make those brilliant runs into the box as he is scoring out of his mind yet again this season. We cannot underestimate the impact that Leroy Sane has had on that this season and last season. Whether or not he is assisting him or not the amount of attention he craves and provides when he has the ball opens up the entire Bayern Munich attack. Bayern Munich is the best team in the world. Unfortunately, that’s not up for debate; as long as they stay healthy, there is not a team in World football that can stop them from winning the Champions League the only thing that can stop them is injured if they’re entirely healthy there’s not a team that can stop them. Even though Leroy sane may not be the team’s best player, he plays his role so efficiently and can be such an impactful player, especially when it comes to creativity there is not a player in this Bayern Munich team with more creativity his influence dictate a lot of the time how they attack opponents. Against Bayer Leverkusen, he showed Supreme world-class quality; even though he did not score or Supply any of the goals, his movement has spacing incredible things he does with the ball made Leverkusen so uncomfortable they were overwhelmed with it what’s the amount of weapons that they have when Leroy Sane showing these qualities regularly and makes them Unstoppable. As harsh as the criticism has been for Leroy sane when he is on Peak form it makes the entire Bayern Munich team indestructible when you have an incredible Midfield with Josh kimmich Leon goretzka Marcel sabitzer not to mention the attacking players that they have with Jamal musiala Serge gnabry Thomas Muller and Robert Lewandowski it gives him the platform to take Bayern Munich to the next level when Leroy Sante is playing at this incredible Peak it simplifies everything for Bayern Munich he was outstanding against Leverkusen but against Benfica he was Unstoppable scoring a free-kick masterpiece a beautiful strike into the top Corner after making a brilliant run into the box to be in the right place at the right time not to mention the level of intelligence and unselfishness that he showed using his speed and athleticism to get on the break taking the Defenders with him leaving Robert Lewandowski mutually by himself as he laid the ball off in what was a beautiful assist Leroy Sane has been one of the best attacking players in the world this season six goals and seven assists already he continues to have a monster campaign in the Champions League and in the Bundesliga this week he was Touch of Class he continues to have a tremendous campaign and by the looks of it it seems like he’s only getting warmed up.

Mo Salah vs Watford, Atletico

Mohamed Salah continues to prove to be the best player in the Premier League at the moment. He is operating at a level above practically anyone in World football not named Robert Lewandowski this season, and he has been the second best player in the world. He continues to do things that amaze us; he has hit the ground running this season, and there doesn’t seem to be anything that can be done to stop him. The goal he scored against Manchester City was one of the goals of the season as he is just on another planet right now. I don’t think he’s ever looked this good in his career; he continues to dominate English football Mohamed Salah will be a problem for everyone. Liverpool continues to be one of the title favorites. They have not lost a game in all competitions this season, and after struggling so significantly last campaign, Liverpool are certainly back, and Mohamed Salah is leading them. After an incredible start to the season, scoring his 100th goal for Liverpool, he is only up the ante showing the world that he is among the very best a world-class player that has become one of the best players in the world under Jurgen Klopp when he arrived from Roma a few years ago he’s won the Premier League he’s won the Champions League. He is guided his nation of Egypt to the World Cup in 2018 not only that his current form is up there with his very best. Mohamed Salah is in the form of his life with 12 goals in 11 this weekend. Liverpool embarrassed Watford with a 5-0 victory; a lot will look to Roberto firmino hat trick, but in the end, it was Salah that came away from that game with the signature performance. A beautiful through ball into the box to sadio Mane to kick things off, and then he scored a goal that was very Lionel Messi like much like the goal against Manchester City, which I said a few weeks ago would be the best goal in English football this season however I’m going to have to retract that statement because the goal against Watford was even better dribbling around a swarm of Defenders keeping the ball at his feet and then a rifling it into the top corner leaving Ben Foster nothing to do but watch the Egyptian pull off something so remarkable. Mohamed Salah, he’s a master at work right now, unbelievable against Watford. Then in the Champions League against Atletico Madrid, he put on a show once again incredible ball movement and control with the ball seemingly glued to his feet even though James Milner does get credit for the goal and a game the way he turned the Atletico Madrid defense inside out what tremendous incredible strike that deflected off of James Milner got Liverpool going in that game it was a battle throughout in a 3-2 Liverpool victory with Mohamed Salah supplying as well as scoring from the spot Mohamed Salah has reached an unconscious level right now he is playing with so much confidence it feels like he can do anything right now, there’s no debate who the best player in the world is but on current form Mohamed Salah is clear of everyone in the Premier League and everyone in Europe outside of Robert at Bayern. Liverpool needs to re-sign him yesterday give him whatever the heck he wants; he is the most influential piece of this Liverpool Team without him, they’re not having anywhere near the success they are. Mohamed Salah is just an incredibly special player that is having an incredible influence on what Liverpool can achieve this season if he can stay healthy, there’s no reason why he can’t drop 50 goals this season. Mohamed Salah does miss chances, but in the big games, he makes his impact count whether he’s getting on the scoresheet or not; this was another influential week from Mohamed Salah, who continues to prove he’s just on another level right now and very few in World football can compare at the moment the Egyptian king he’s making light work all the Premier League and the Champions League as he comes up big yet again.

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