Mourinho’s Return to Turin Roma vs Juventus Match Day 8 Preview #1290

The international break comes close as Italian football returns this weekend; no match is as highly anticipated Roma against Juventus at Allianz Stadium in Turin. Jose Mourinho has returned to Italian football this season, having previously won the treble with Inter Milan in 2010. However, he has had somewhat of an ongoing rivalry with Juventus as he taunted the fans after Manchester United beat them in the Champions League. Jose Mourinho and his Roma side that happened while the impressive this season make the trip to attempt to silence Juventus once again. Juventus has had a rough start to the season what has won their last three games; despite this, they have not played well in any of their victories and still are yet to find their rhythm this season. This makes Roma slightly favorites but only slight. Roma has beaten Juventus at home in the past; they can pull this off, but on the other hand, Juventus can reclaim their season with a big victory in a match like this. What will we see on Sunday night it’s hard to say it should be some Clash as Roma look to keep the momentum going hoping to give Juventus the business away from home. Will they do it? We will find that all out and more when Roma and Juventus go to battle on Sunday night.

A.S Roma

Jose Mourinho should set up his team very similar to their recent Victory against Empoli. In goal, as always, will be one of the best Keepers in a league in Rui Patricio. Left-back is the question of whether or not Jose we’ll roll the dice with Matias Vina as he is the regular starter at left-back. Still, his performance in the derby against Lazio was horrid, so we very well could see Ricardo calafiori, who ran riot last time, had a cap against Juventus; beside him will be the center-back partnership of Gianluca Mancini, who is reportedly on the verge of a new contract and Rodger Ibanez then at right-back should be the Flying Dutchman Rick karsdorp. In the defensive Midfield, we should see Jordan veretout and Bryan cristante. As always, we should see arguably the best player in the league this season, captain Lorenzo Pellegrini centrally, we are likely to see mkhitaryan and Nicolo zaniolo on each side. There might be an issue with Tammy Abraham has he picked up a knock while on International Duty with England. However, it’s still possible that he gets to start, and I expect him to. If he’s unable to go, we should see Shomurodov fill in if he needs to.

Roma possible starting lineup: Patricio; Karsdorp, Mancini, Ibanez, Vina; Cristante, Veretout; Zaniolo, Pellegrini, Mkhitaryan; Tammy Abraham


Juventus had an awful start to the season, losing Cristiano Ronaldo on Deadline day and not looking the same with a manager that provides no inspiration or intellect into his Squad. However, Juventus has picked up some points with three straight victories after the horrible start. However, those came against Torino Spezia and Empoli; even though they did perform against Chelsea in the Champions League, they haven’t shown what they’re capable of against top teams. In their last three games, they have struggled and nearly could have dropped points and all three of them. So there is a significant area of concern; however, if anything, this is an opportunity to show everyone who they are and what they’re capable of. Juventus, however, will have a sizeable disadvantage when it comes to the manager. I concede that Max Allegri at his Peak was an excellent manager, and he still has it in him, but this season, he has made some atrocious decisions and does not look like the same manager that got them two to the Champions League final. He had admitted in an interview that he did not watch the sport in 2 years; from the management standpoint, it’s a considerable advantage Mourinho. However, this could be a game where they can turn things around and play a masterful performance they have a talented Squad Federico chiesa being the one name that comes to my mind he is a world-class player that continues to grow and show that he is special. Getting him going early and using hand as the big heavy hitter was going to their favor especially being at home. They also have one of the best defenders in the world and we have seen some incredible progress with the addition of Manuel locatelli. Juventus definitely has the team to do some damage but their last couple games hasn’t exactly been great performances they played ugly games and got the job done which is an important asset to have in a team but they’re still struggling to put their performances together. Roma have ways in which they can hurt them and the goalkeeping situation is a scary problem however being at home you going to their advantage and they need to use it as much as possible. They operate out of the 4-4-2 formation and they will play through the Midfield and activate through the chute making Roma uncomfortable early scoring in the opening 15 to 20 minutes could be incredibly crucial because unlike games in which Roma had come back from that position they will be away from home grabbing as much as early momentum as possible will be important because all things considered they are not playing well but this might be the platform for them to showcase that they still are in the conversation for title ambitions.

Juventus possible starting lineup: Szczesny; Danilo, Bonucci, De Ligt, Sandro; Cuadrado, Bentancur, Locatelli, Bernardeschi; Chiesa, Kean

Prediction: A.S Roma 1 Juventus 0FT

Juventus will be difficult to take down, especially when they’re at home; however, this is an opportunistic chance for Roma; there may not be a better chance to take advantage of this Juventus have won three games in a row, but they have not played exceptionally well and have not been challenged by a top team. Roma has got back on track right before the international break, and Jose Mourinho will have a point to prove. Roma needs to find a way to get through dealing with the ever so dangerous Federico Chiesa; he will pose a big problem for the best put a lot of pressure on the defense, although if they can make things difficult on the Juventus attack and somehow slow him down it will become much more manageable. Juventus does not have many players that would scare you; if they can handle the Federico Chiesa situation, all the momentum will be in their control. Roma has a security blanket in goal in Rui Patricio, one of the best goalkeepers in the league this season. Roma has been a very different team under Jose Mourinho, and his return to Allianz Stadium will be quite an occasion. Lorenzo Pellegrini has been the best player in Italian football, and the one time they did not have him available, Roma struggled; he sets the pace for this Roma team and will dictate how the game will be played. If he can get in those dangerous spaces, we could see an individual performance of true brilliance along with Jordan veretout and Bryan cristante in the Midfield. That has been a very well-put-together pairing this season. The game will ultimately be determined by whether or not Tammy Abraham can play. Roma has some explosive players they can put alongside Lorenzo Pellegrini, and we’ll have options up top, but it will be significantly more challenging if Tammy isn’t able to play. Lorenzo Pellegrini and Tammy Abraham have been on the same page all season; if they get a rhythm going early in the game, it will be hard to stop. Jose Mourinho is a chess player, and I believe he will have a formula that will end up in Checkmate for Juventus considering their form and the way they are playing Roma can make this challenging on Juventus if a start slow against Roma, unlike their last three games there may not be a way back if Roma can put their stamp on it early they will grab all the momentum they need to push Juventus does not have a squad that will scare many Roma will feel that they have everything required to pull off the upset even though I think Roma should be favorites in this game Juventus at home it’s still a challenge but ultimately considering how the season has gone I guess there will be up for it Jose Jose Mourinho will return to Turin and leave with the points as I see Roma keeping it going with a narrow victory at Allianz Stadium.

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