A.S Roma vs A.C Milan Match Day 11 Preview #1306

Roma ended Napoli’s perfect run in firm performance in a 0–0 draw last weekend, and it Midway they rallied late to beat bottom-of-the-table Cagliari thanks to Lorenzo Pellegrini late heroics. Roma currently is in the top 4, vibing for a Champions League spot this season; however, the challenge that stands in front of them on Sunday night is as difficult as it gets. Roma will return home to the Stadio Olimpico in Rome play host to the best team in Italy this season AC Milan. Napoli can count up as many points as they want. AC Milan is the best team in the league, and there’s no sense that they are slowing down; they have only dropped one point this season and have battled through adversity twice to get victories. This is the most antagonizing challenge of the season. AC Milan will go into this game as big favorites as they continue to build their title ambitions. Meanwhile, while Roma looks like a Champions League team and Josie Mourinho has been a big part of a promising start to the campaign, it will take a lot to take points from the AC Milan team that looks destined to take back Milan with winning the scudetto this season. They are the title favorites for a reason, and even though the game being at home give Roma a chance, it is a challenging prospect that Roma will approach on Sunday night; it’s expected to be one of the most anticipated matches of the weekend with two Italian heavyweights setting to battle in the Eternal City will AC Milan stamp their claim have been further or will Jose Mourinho and Roma do the impossible.

A.C Milan 9–1–0 28Pts 1st

AC Milan possible starting lineup: Tatarusanu; Calabria, Kjaer, Tomori, Hernandez; Tonali, Kessie; Saelemaekers, Diaz, Leao; Ibrahimovic

AC Milan has had an almost perfect start to this upcoming season. They have only dropped one point in the opening 10 games back on September 19th against Juventus. Outside of that, they have been as close to perfect as you can get; even though Napoli was perfect until last Sunday, AC Milan has significantly looked like the most dominant team in Italian football this season. With some challenging fixtures throughout their run. I don’t want to hear anything about luck; what they have done this season is anything but luck; they have battled through adversity twice against Hellas Verona and bologna. More times than not, they are firing on all cylinders; the number one criticism going into this season was whether or not AC Milan with the improvements of their young players and well whether or not the aging attackers, specifically Olivier Giroud and Zlatan Ibrahimovic, were capable of continuing to perform at their age. All of those criticisms have been answered this season Raphael Leao and Ibrahim Diaz have become more proven commodities at the top level. Sandro Tonali is also progressing, although in his case, there’s still more to be established. Their attack is very high-functioning with the capabilities of scoring goals and mutually anytime, not to mention the production they are getting from their Midfield, especially Franck Kessie, who is among the best at his position in Europe. Have the second-best defense in Italy with only conceding nine goals this season; they are the very best team in Italy and have proven that regularly, they’re just a level above everyone out in Italy this evening. Napoli has gotten a lot of points, but in a good portion of their matches, they have not played well together. Napoli went to Rome, and their attack became nonexistent AC Milan is much more prepared for the challenge and should be confident they are the favorites; they have not played poorly hardly at all this season; they have been consistent and are firing at all cylinders. There should be no issue dealing with Roma a and excellent with a lot of really good players in it; they’re just not at the level of AC Milan this season, and AC Milan would significantly have to underperform to give Roma a chance of winning this game they have been a finely-tuned machine everyone on the same page constantly with great chemistry. A coach with a sense of direction will not have their number one goalkeeper in goal, and that is mutually the only way they don’t find a way to get maximum points in this game, Roma, and in doing so, we’ll have to take advantage of the situation. Still, AC Milan has been mutually Flawless all season and should feel great confidence going into despite the atmosphere that they’ll have to deal with.

A.S Roma 6–1–3 19Pts 4th

Roma possible starting lineup: Patricio; Karsdorp, Mancini, Ibanez, Vina; Cristante, Veretout; Zaniolo, Pellegrini, El Shaarawy; Abraham

Prediction: 3–1 AC Milan

Roma put up a brick wall against Napoli last weekend, showing their superiority they went into the game on Wednesday in High Spirits after an emotional Point against Napoli in the derby Del Sol, however, the battle with the bottom of the table a slightly concerning you would have expected Roma to deal with them without difficulty. Roma should have scored at least three goals in that game; it wasn’t an inspiring performance, and it took an awful lot for Roma to get there in the end. They had to rely on Lorenzo Pellegrini’s heroics to get the points; in the end, he set up the equalizer by Rodger Ibanez then scored a free-kick to put rum in front; their goals were scored in the 71st, and 79th minute for much of that game they just didn’t do enough against a team they should have handled easily Caglalri went into that game with one Victory this season Roma currently find themselves in the Champions League places at the moment they should have wiped the floor with them and the fact that they struggled so much in this game is exactly what they didn’t need ahead of a massive Clash against AC Milan. As a Roma fan, I would tell you that going into this game against AC Milan, even if it is at home, we should keep our fingers crossed hope and pray that we can get something done on Sunday against them. However, from the Tactical point of view, I will break this down. AC Milan is playing at such a level right now, and even though Jose Mourinho has built his reputation of handling games like these, it will be an incredible challenge. It’s a challenge that Roma will be up for, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that’s going to lead to the results they expire for. Lorenzo Pellegrini is one of the best midfielders in Europe and certainly the best midfielder in the league this season; they have relied on him far too often; he is capable of digging them out against Cagliari being able to provide the information against others as well however even though Lorenzo Pellegrini is a world-class player and has the potential to change a game anytime he’s on the pitch the Roma captain against this AC Milan team simply cannot do it by himself. As I spoke about earlier in the week, Tammy Abraham and Nicolo zaniolo are having very good seasons; however, they’re not finding the back of the net enough. Nicolo and Tammy must get more involved in giving Pellegrini more help; it’s not necessarily like he’s giving them a lack of help. Lorenzo Pellegrini still is having to deal with all this because the other two attackers lack goals vs. AC Milan; they’re going to need that contribution from both of them, and it still may not be enough if Roma plays the way they did on Wednesday they will get beaten which is why the two of them have so much importance in what could occur on Sunday. The defense has played exceptionally well this season, and that should give them some significant hope. AC Milan will have their backup goalkeeper who is not in the same class as Mike Maignan even though AC Milan’s defense is very strong, it is beatable, especially against a number two keeper meaning clinical finishing means absolutely everything if they get a chance to score a goal they must convert on it I don’t think AC Milan necessarily is going to come to Rome and rip them apart. Still, it is as big of a challenge as you can think of at this moment; considering how well they play Inter Milan for Atalanta would be a much more winnable matchup than this one; that’s why it’s going to take absolutely everything I do think Roma will score in this game. Still, I can’t sit up here and say that Roma will win this game; objectively speaking, I would be stunned if Roma ends up getting three points; getting the point off of them would be a reason to celebrate. Roma simply will not be enough, even if it is at home. AC Milan will be tested, but it will be a comfortable result; in the end, I see AC Milan winning their 7th game in a row with a 3–1 victory.

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