Chelsea Mount Title Charge hanging seven on the Canaries at the Bridge #1297

Chelsea Mount Title Charge hanging seven on the Canaries at the Bridge #1297

Chelsea 7 Norwich 0FT

On Saturday afternoon at Stamford Bridge, we saw the Premier League weekend kickoff as Norwich City came to town. Chelsea went into this game top of the pile after a narrow victory against Brentford last weekend and a dominating display in the Champions League in midweek, putting for past Dinamo Kiev. While Norwich City sits at the bottom of the table without a victory, it will take something truly remarkable to survive the afternoon. It didn’t take very long for Chelsea to clamp down on a Norwich City Chelsea threatened, and it did not stop until the full-time whistle. In the opening 10 minutes, Premier League Rising Star Mason mount struck gold with a beautifully hit strike into the top corner as Chelsea would take a 1–0 lead. The blues were just getting warmed up; they had much more in store for the canaries. They broke through again; this time, it was Hudson odoi as Chelsea scored again to put themselves in a 2–0 lead. It only got worse Norwich City became Chelsea’s punching bag. Reece James chipped the keeper to give Chelsea a third near the end of the first half. In the second half, it would get humiliating Norwich City to the displeasure of the Travelling fans. Ben Chilwell added to the scoring fun; it was now a 4–0 lead. They continued to dominate Norwich City could not do hardly anything the canaries gifted Chelsea a goal sticking the ball in the back of their own net to make it 5. They were so overwhelmed by Chelsea genuinely looking like the worst team in any League this was light work for Chelsea. Mason Mount converting from the penalty spot Chelsea now had a 6–0 lead then in the closing moments Chelsea got on the break was laid off to Mason mount at Chelsea’s youngster complete his hat-trick in what was a 7–0 demolition has Chelsea rip Norwich from limb to limb throughout the 90 minutes truly one of the most one-sided games we’ve witnessed in European football this season no Lukaku no Timo Werner no problem has Chelsea remain at the top of the table Agony from Norwich with the Blues support smiling at the full-time whistle.

Manager: Thomas Tuchel
7-1-1 22Points 1st
Formation: 3-4-2-1

Manager: Daniel Farke
0-3-1 3Points 20th
Formation: 3-5-2

After preparations and predictions, the match was about to get underway at a jam-packed Stamford Bridge on a Saturday afternoon. As Chelsea welcomed bottom-of-the-table Norwich City into hostile territory, Chelsea would be without romelu Lukaku and Timo Werner. Chelsea had control from the kick-off as they regularly put immense pressure on the Norwich defense; there was an intimidation factor as Norwich would have to play nearly perfect to get out of the first half. Chelsea dominated possession with the opposition having any of the balls; they used it to their advantage early as they attempted to break down a Norwich defense that has been leaky this season. Many things contribute to why they have not won a game, but defensively, they did not have the materials to deal with Chelsea as they thrust forward even without their two attackers in the lineup. Just a minute into the game, Hudson Odoi tries to find Kai havertz in a dangerous position in the opening minutes, but Norwich could clear it out. Just two minutes later, Mateo Kovacic finds Antonio Rudiger in a perilous situation as the German Centre-back takes a strike on goal, testing the goalkeeper, but Krul was able to deny him. Just moments later, the Norwich nightmare would start unfolding. Hudson Odoi attempts to get something going striking at the opposing goal it was cleared out only for Jorginho to control before kicking it out to Mason mount, who hits a rifle into the top corner giving Chelsea a 1–0 lead. It did appear it would be a challenging experience for Norwich City at Stamford Bridge as the young Englishman hits the ground running with a stunning strike to put Norwich City in a vulnerable position early. Norwich City struggled to get the ball out of their own half very rarely, even getting it past the halfway line as Chelsea is just suffocating them. Chelsea’s continued progress saw them open it up just 10 minutes later, a beautiful team goal as Thiago Silva finds Antonio Rudiger. He puts a ball inside the box to Hudson odoi as simple as you like; the attacker tucks the ball into the bottom corner as Chelsea runs out to a 2–0 lead with is 18 minutes gone. Norwich City, as much as they tried to hold off the onslaught, it was coming, and they could have done nothing about that. Chelsea continues to push the envelope and get themselves in dangerous positions. Antonio Rudiger looks to get Chelsea a third connecting on a header coming from a free kick, but it is dealt with without much difficulty. Norwich City was able to get a rare chance near the end of the first half when Ozan Kabak connected on strike from outside the box. Mendy was forced to jump, but his strike sailed over. Near the better end of the first half, Kai havertz had a chance from close range in the box, but the goalkeeper could deal with it. Then as the first half was coming to a close, Chelsea was able to open up the scoring once again. Mason mount just added to his already terrific performance with a beautiful ball tucked inside to Reece James, who gets inside chipping the keeper as Chelsea ran out to a 3–0 lead; it was a late chance by Mason Mount to end the first half after 45 minutes it was a performance of pure domination from Chelsea Reece James, Mason mount and Hudson Odoi have Chelsea running riot at Stamford Bridge.

Mount gets Chelsea off to a start in the first half and never look back

The first half was as one-sided as you can get. Not only did Norwich City get torn apart regularly, but they only registered one shot, and that was the only attacking situation that Norwich city were in the entire first half. Chelsea is in complete control, and it’s highly likely we would see it continue. Mendy was forced into action at the very beginning of the second half. Rashica came through getting around the goalkeeper, but the 29-year-old got his fingertips on the attempted shot from Norwich City. There weren’t going to be very many opportunities for Norwich whatsoever; it was going to take a miracle for the tide to turn. Chelsea slaughtered Norwich City in the first half with three goals it was only going to get worse in the 57th minute Mateo Kovacic spread the ball to Ben Chilwell has the right back from the side of the box picked out the bottom corner to add gas to the fire has Chelsea took a 4–0 lead. There was still plenty of time left in the second half even to add more humiliation to a Norwich City there’s a real question to be asked whether they belong in the Premier League. 4 minutes later, in the 62nd minute, Max Aaron’s trying to deal with a cross coming from the wing putting in the back of his own net to give Chelsea yet another as Chelsea took a 5–0 lead coming from the own goal. If that wasn’t bad enough, just three minutes later, Ben Gibson received a second Yellow Card has he was sent off Norwich City was down by 6, and now they were reduced to 10 men; this was getting out of hand. Ruben Loftus-cheek Having been on the pitch for only minutes, he attempted to stretch from outside the box, but the keeper was able to make the save. It was non-stop domination from Chelsea; this was light work for Chelsea; they didn’t have Lukaku or Timo Werner, but it didn’t matter they continue to run through a Norwich City team that seems like a lost kid at a park confused and disoriented. Ross Barkley attempted from close range but was denied by The Keeper. Then things got crazy in the 81st minute Antonio Rudiger while attempting a shot on goal, noticed a handball on the Norwich defense. Inside the box, it went to video review; the penalty was given. Mason mount stepped up but was denied from the spot, however. There was movement from the inside the box before the penalty was taken; the young Englishman was able to redo it this time, guessing correctly, hitting it right down Main Street to score his second believe it or not, it was now a 6–0 lead with not much time remaining. This was a massacre; however, in stoppage time, Mason Mount completed his hat-trick on a counter-attack orchestrated by Ruben Loftus-cheek; he lays It off to Mason mount, who stuck it into the back of the net, scoring a 7th for Chelsea completing his hat-trick and what was truly a man-of-the-match performance. Norwich City is the worst team in the league, and this might not have been very difficult for Chelsea; this was an indictment on how horrible Norwich City truly is; they only had two shots the entire game watch Chelsea just took advantage of them repeatedly it was a seven-goal annihilation at Stamford Bridge as the Blues stay top of the league as they rip Norwich apart as Chelsea win big at Stamford Bridge on Saturday afternoon.

Chelsea bully Norwich scoring four times in second half of 7–0 Victory

There isn’t a lot we can take away from the match of football that we witnessed at Stamford Bridge Saturday. Chelsea was relentless, got into dangerous areas, and took advantage repeatedly. They controlled every aspect of the game and continued to hunger to go after it and do damage. Norwich City hardly had a shot on goal all game long. Norwich City generally looks like a team that may not win a game this season. Derby County is the worst Premier League team of all time according to statistics with only 11 points; this team might be even worse when you think about the teams in the Premier League it’s hard to imagine them being able to get three points from any of them we’re ten games into the season. They don’t have one victory; this is a spell for disaster, and quite honestly, this team is too bad to be even associated with the Premier League. Every time they come up, they go right back down. I don’t know the situation at Norwich City well enough to understand why that is the case, so I’m not going to speak on that, but collectively, whatever it is that they’re doing is not working from my viewpoint none of these players are good enough it’s hard even to pinpoint a difference-maker anywhere in the squad. Chelsea was absolutely amazing; there’s nothing you can do to take that away from them, and you know the old saying you can only play what they put in front of you. However, this was more about Norwich City than anything else; they made things easy for Chelsea; it feels like half the time, they were at half speed instead will level above them. Chelsea is a much stronger team, but Norwich City made things so simple put themselves in a vulnerable position constantly; the defense is atrocious, and no matter what they do in the January transfer window, there’s no coming back from this team will likely go down as one of the worst we have ever seen in the Premier League. That doesn’t take anything away from Chelsea thought they were fantastic; they moved the ball well, and they look like a finely-tuned machine; this Chelsea team will be in the title race until the very end and have a good chance to win it. Obviously going to be other teams in that conversation Manchester city-Liverpool are the ones I’m thinking about; it’s unclear what will happen to The Season’s end, but this will be one of the teams fighting for everything in the end when Lukaku gets going it would be tough to stop. The man of the match for me was Mason Mount. I rate him incredibly highly; he has the capabilities to read at a World level in regards to English talents. Mason Mount is my preference Phil Foden and Mason Greenwood are great, but I’ve always preferred Mason mount. I like the way he plays what he can bring to the game and the influential nature that he has tonight; he was fantastic whether or not Norwich City made it easy on them doesn’t make a difference; he scored a hat-trick and was absolutely outstanding throughout one Chelsea gets the points, and you feel a high level of confidence going into Newcastle next Saturday hoping to keep the Run going Chelsea are title Challengers this season I think they have a good as the chance of any regardless of who you put in front of them it seems like they have everything in their toolbox to perform tonight was just another example of that.


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