Derby Del Sole Match Day 9 Preview #1297

Roma comes into one of the biggest matches of the season coming off a controversial and challenging defeat against Juventus and a humiliating display in the conference League even though many of starters were rested it was inexcusable as a mid-table Norwegian side put 6 past Roma as they have become the laughingstock of Italian football at least for the time being. That can all be erased with a rebound performance in what is expected to be one of the most exhilarating and intense matches of the weekend. The Spalletti Derby perfect Napoli will arrive in Rome this weekend, attempting to show the validity of their unbeaten run. Napoli has gathered maximum points but has had a variable favorable schedule on the way. Roma is coming off a horrible defeat. Have an opportunity here to end the perfect run. Luciano Spalletti, who was the manager of Roma on two different occasions Roma won their last trophy under his management he has since gone to Inter Milan, and now Napoli as the characters on the sidelines will be incredibly entertaining with Jose Mourinho on one side and Luciano Spalletti on the other. Roma’s form against Napoli hasn’t been great over the last couple of years; their last victory against them was in 2019. However, the stage is set for battle. Roma being at home and everyone counting them out should only more go into it. Napoli will go into this game as the favorites, but this is as tough to call as any. Will Napoli keep their good run going against Roma at the Stadio Olimpico, or will Roma make amends for their midweek performance with a big victory to hang an L on Napoli for the first time this season? We will find out all that and more when these two teams go to battle at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome on a Sunday afternoon that could be very telling of where these two teams exist at the top of Italian football.

Roma Lineup

Roma’s bench and backups or exposed mightily on Thursday night but with the starters back together, we should see a very different type of performance from Rome. However, tactically Jose Mourinho will likely operate out of the 4–2–3–1 formation as always. We can expect to see Rui Patricio in goal with the back for consisting of Matias Vina at left-back beside him the center-back pairing of Gianluca Mancini and Rodger Ibanez with Rick karsdorp at right back. Roma’s entire backline had very little game time on Thursday, so the back four should be ready to take on the challenge that lies ahead. The defensive Midfield should be made up of Bryan cristante and Jordan veretout. As the central midfielder, we can expect to see Roma Captain Lorenzo Pellegrini; besides, he was likely to see Hendrik Mkhitaryan on one side and Nicolo zaniolo on the other. Then upfront, as Roma Central Striker will surely be the Englishmen Tammy Abraham. After Thursday’s showing, Roma does not have that much faith in their bench, but they have a few options they can go with if needed, mainly looking at Stephan El Shaarawy as well as Eldor Shomurodovas they seem to be the only two Off the Bench that still hold some value.

Roma possible starting lineup: Patricio; Karsdorp, Mancini, Ibanez, Vina; Veretout, Cristante; Zaniolo, Pellegrini, Mkhitaryan; Abraham


Much like Roma, Napoli went through a lot of different changes for this upcoming season. Luciano Spalletti is back in Italian football after having been out of the game since 2019. Luciano Spalletti is not the type of manager that does not necessarily lead to winning titles, but for this Napoli team, they come out of the Chute in incredible form. Napoli has been more or less than an inconsistent side of the last couple of years, and they seem to be finding themselves this campaign so far. There are very few that believe Napoli can win the title, but I’ll tell you what there is a big difference and how they have looked over the last couple of years and how they look this season, and for the most part, it is entirely the same team. The way Luciano Spalletti has got the best out of Victor Osimhen has been tremendous to watch; he has been Napoli’s best player this season and is finding the back of the net quite regularly. He plays a very attacking Style that suits the team has around him. They have been incredibly consistent at the back haven’t conceded one of the least amounts of goals in Europe; this will obviously be quite a challenge for Roma on Sunday. They’re a completely different team than many expected to remember; this team still has a lot of quality players like Koulibaly Lorenzo insigne even though he is inconsistent at times, and we have seen them come together as a team and perform exceptionally well it season eventually the gas is going to run out. It will all be based on their reaction if they can keep it up the rest of the season; that is what Roma hopes to do. Napoli, on the other hand, is going to do everything they can to prevent that. The best way they can get Roma offer game is to take total control of possession, a lot of quick passing, and release Victor into dangerous areas where he can be effective; their Midfield has performed much better than you would have expected, even though they don’t have any huge names but together as a team they’ve been a completely different side this upcoming campaign. I love what they can bring Off the Bench as well with Politano and Lonzono; they can provide something, especially in this game for Napoli to keep things going into hostile territory in Rome in the derby Del Sol will be challenging even though they’ve done well the last couple times Roma is incredibly motivated and wants to put the horrors of Thursday behind them with a big victory this is a platform for them to do that Napoli have to be at their best because this is going to be incredibly intense with all that in consideration on the other side of things Napoli have had more or less a cupcake schedule they did beat Juventus at a time in which they were in a horrid form not to mention the goalkeeping mistakes that occurred in that game. They barely got past Fiorentina, and lately, they’ve had to escape by the skin of their teeth to get points against Torino. You could argue that they were outplayed, and it took a fortunate deflection to set up the winner in the second half; they need to start quickly against Roma because if they don’t, then all the momentum will go in their favor. Victor osimhen is the key if he can be effective, Roma will find it very difficult to deal with him; he cannot be neutralized because if he is the Napoli team becomes beatable they play a very attacking minded system look for Napoli to start quickly and get on the counter-attack very early how they perform in the opening 15 minutes will largely depend on how the match will go we can learn a lot from both of these teams koulibaly is also very important of stopping a very physical Tammy Abraham in the Box containing Tammy Abraham is the recipe for victory.

Napoli possible starting lineup: Ospina; Di Lorenzo, Rrahmani, Koulibaly, Rui; Anguissa, Ruiz; Zielinski; Politano, Osimhen, Insigne

Prediction: 2–1 Roma

Roma is coming off a very problematic week, a very top result on the weekend, and humiliation on Thursday. There’s an argument to be made, but it shouldn’t even have a chance in this game because they are demoralized from all of it. The confidence might not be flowing right now, but Jose Mourinho will prepare his team for what lies ahead. The humiliation happened on Thursday; there’s no way to go around it; even if the entire first team wasn’t playing, that doesn’t excuse the performance they should be beating a team like that. There are no excuses that can be made, but Napoli is a game it always seems to resonate with the Roma players; they want to beat them so badly because even though it’s not as heated as it is with Lazio, there is animosity between them the Derby Del Sol it’s incredibly competitive as it has always been however Roma historically speaking always seem to have the upper hand that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re winning every game. Still, they would be on most days the better of the two sides. In their last two games against Napoli, they’ve conceded six and scored none; past results don’t necessarily mean anything in this instance, but it would be foolish not to acknowledge it because whoever reason lately they’re not having the success they would normally would against Napoli, however, this is a completely different situation Jose Mourinho is in the Roma bench and the goalkeeping issues they’ve suffered from the last few years are not there any more defensively they look much stronger, and they are capable of hanging around with this Napoli team. The truth of the matter is Napoli has been struggling with some teams that are not on Roma’s level; they need to use the frustrations and agony from the last two games and throw everything they got at Napoli because it is going to be a battle Luciano Spalletti knows Roma knows Luciano spalletti. Even though they came up short, they did outplay Juventus; they can use that performance and build on that trying to be naturally; even though the confidence is not at the high level right now, there’s still plenty of things that they can take against this Napoli side Napoli may have maximum points. Still, Juventus is a better team, and Roma saw Juventus last Sunday; that’s really heating up with a partnership of Giorgio Chiellini and Leonardo bonucci gave Roma all kinds of problems getting into the box and being effective. However, even with all that, Tammy Abraham could get past them both in the first half. The Roma Striker has shown the explosiveness being able to handle these center-backs; this is a statement game potentially for Tammy Abraham. Koulibaly is one of the best center-backs in Italian football; however, it is a much easier task to deal with than Leonardo bonucci and Giorgio Chiellini, if he can break through that backline, even who was just once then he can get inside the box and battle Koulibaly head-on. Both Tammy Abraham and Lorenzo Pellegrini we’re not given the luxury to do the things that make them so effective as a Midfield Striker tandem at home in front of the home fans that are going to make the atmosphere very difficult for Napoli if we can get that connection going on Sunday they have a real chance in this game. Attempt to dictate from the very beginning of the game a fast start from Napoli is the worst thing imaginable because the team is not in great confidence right now; they don’t have the momentum they could have had going into this, so they must start strong and hold off Napoli’s attack as much as possible especially in the first half don’t let them start quickly because if they start quickly, Napoli goes to go up then it’s going to be very difficult for me to turn it around. Roma had opportunities in their last two big games; the platform here is available to them to make it count finally. We saw them outplay Juventus, and we saw the fight and determination that they had in the derby; this could be the game where they pull it all together mostly because no one is expecting them to after what happened on Thursday and Sunday, but the thought is that Roma will be so demoralized I won’t be able to cope with it. Juventus is a better team in Napoli, and they were convincingly the better team in that game even if they didn’t get the results; this is why they have a real chance Josie Mourinho against Luciano spalletti Jose historically has had the upper hand even if it has been a battle each time. If Lorenzo Pellegrini can return to Peak form and he can hook up with Abraham a couple of different times this game, it’s going to make things difficult on the other hand, handling Victor going to be a problem defensively; they have to be sharp; Roma can’t make mistakes they got a Safe Pair of Hands and goal, so it’s Roma’s duty to do the rest of it. The problem is their benches and very strong, so the starting 11 need to get everything they can out of this game. I’m torn because I think Rome at least gets the point from this game, but seeing how much they struggled against Torino gives Roma an opportunistic chance to break this down. This is difficult if Napoli doesn’t score a goal in the first half. I believe Roma will win if they do score. It will be split points; it’s hard not to stand on the fence here because these games always have something extra. I believe Roma will get a reaction, and one way or another, Napoli will suffer their first loss of the season primarily because this match is being played at the Stadio Olimpico if this game was played at the Armando Maradona, it would be the polar opposite, but given that it’s in Rome I think Roma find a way through and win this game in a very tough battle with Roma winning 2–1.

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