Derby Del Sole Talking Points #1299

A.S Roma 0 Napoli 0; Stadio Olimpico

Napoli’s Approach Crumbled; How Will They React

Napoli had not dropped a single point all season while only conceding three goals to last night’s game. It’s not a big sample size, but it’s enough to tell the Napoli have changed dramatically. They have been tremendously impressive this season at times, but despite continuing to get results, they have looked underwhelming lately. That is the biggest argument surrounding the pessimism in regards to Napoli winning the league. Mourinho and Luciano spalletti were enough to intensify the match. Napoli had gone into the game with nine consecutive victories to start the season one more victory, and they would have gone level with the 2012–2013 Roma team that won 10 straight to start the season. His return to the Stadio Olimpico didn’t go as planned; the perfect run was ended in a very dramatic goalless draw in Rome. Napoli was quite fortunate not to have lost that game. Roma was the better team in that game throughout, even though it was very competitive. The Tammy Abraham chance, Lorenzo Pellegrini strike, and the Gianluca Mancini header all could have put the nail in the coffin. Napoli could have very easily lost that game. It wasn’t a devastating performance; the Napoli certainly were not at their best. Napoli has attacking options, and Luciano spalletti has done a great job of unlocking them the season, but it’s been a little inconsistent lately. Nonetheless, Napoli continued to get into the box. They were completely controlled and dominated by the Roma defense that did not allow an inch last night. Even with that, the strategy just didn’t work Mattias Vina and Rick karsdorp are great attacking hybrids but can struggle in the defensive aspect; the attack targeted both of them. Not only did it not work, it failed miserably; they were their two best players; they couldn’t do much either because Gianluca Mancini and Rodger Ibanez were there to deal with it wasn’t a bad performance, but collectively, as a team, they’re attacking Play Just evaporated. They only had one chance that genuinely could have found the back of the net; they are still at the top of the league, so I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s a wake-up call, but if you look at their past couple of games, they’ve not been playing well as a team Fiorentina and Torino probably could have beat them they were miserable on both of those games they were better against Roma. Still, the defense was able to handle Napoli without much difficulty. Napoli’s defense isn’t conceding any goals, which is really important, but it puts a lot of pressure on their next couple of games. Once they get hit, some teams don’t have the means or attitude to respond to it. AC Milan drop points against Juventus get right back on the horse and haven’t dropped any point since. The question is given Napoli’s history with these types of situations. It’s going to be a real test on how they will react to all of this. As I said last night, Roma needed a reaction; now it appears that Napoli needs one. Last night we didn’t learn anything about Napoli; we cant come away from that game thinking they will contend for the title. I don’t think anybody after the 90 minutes that we saw but honestly, step away from that being more convinced in fact, I think if anything, Napoli’s title Ambitions are less convincing after last night, Luciano spalletti needs to find a way to unlock the attack defensively they’re going to be solid, but the attack and the Midfield need some work it can be unlocked because we saw that at the beginning of the season but now since it’s kind of dips recently they need to try to recreate that over the next couple games we will get to see what they truly are.

Roma’s Big Reaction Defensive Masterclass

Prior to Sunday’s game, Roma had a horrid week. Devastating and demoralizing would be worried that I would describe it. Roma played well last Sunday against Juventus, and there was some controversy about how that game played out. Roma was not robbed, but certain things could have been discussed. They lose a very tough 1–0 Juventus victory in a game where four large portions they were the better team and felt like they should have gotten more from it like I said last week, Juventus has been outplayed by Roma in their last three games but have collected seven points from that that is the big problem with this Roman team and games like that. Then in midweek Jose Mourinho attempted to rest everyone in the conference League; they got kicked in the mouth in what was it humiliating 6–1 defeat in Norway. I understand how many Roma first-team players have not been involved. Roma simply has to do better. Roma then had to emotionally recover from all of it and prepare for one of the biggest matches of their season against Napoli. Roma needed a reaction Jose Mourinho was expecting that from his players, and even though they didn’t deliver with maximum points, they very well could have they got the required reaction. Napoli hadn’t dropped a point or conceded a goal since September 11th against Juventus clean sheets across the board. They were heavily favored going into it. Roma was prepared everything that Napoli tried to throw at them. It was a tough game with tempers flaring from both sides. It was a true battle between Titans; the Roma came out of that looking like a much better team. They moved the ball much quicker; they had the rhythm going, and they got into dangerous space is a lot. I noticed that Napoli was giving Roma too much space on the ball; instead of pressurizing, they laid back and let Roma come to them. This is not a bad approach, and no animosity toward Luciano spalletti for trying that, but it just wasn’t effective. Guidance dangerous positions often and probably should have scored on a couple of occasions. There were some no-shows in the game from the Roma side, but collectively, they played with courage and confidence as a team. Tammy Abraham nearly scored, with Pellegrini coming close as well as a few other opportunities. This wasn’t a game with a mountain of chances, but among the ones that Roma had, they could have nearly won this game. They provided more in the attacking sense in last night’s game; even if it wasn’t a ton, two or three chances were coming from Roma that could have won them the game. However, the most remarkable thing about the performance wasn’t necessarily the comfort they got the ball and their ability to get into tight spaces; it was how dominant their defense was. Napoli has so many weapons attacking wise they have what it takes to go for the throat. I even had the right idea about approaching the left-back, and right-back Roma welcomed them into the box if they dared; they were not fazed intimidated and anyway. Victor osimhen is a very physically tough and agile Striker Lorenzo insigne; it’s small but incredibly quick and good with the ball at his feet, and then you have Matteo Politano and Lozano; both were very versatile players I can do a significant amount of damage. Pulling up from Deep what’s the most effective way to try to keep Roma off-balance; every time they got into the box, they went to the left, Matias Vina would close down on that, ultimately leading to Roma pushing the ball off the other way. they went to the right; they’re dealing with super athletic Rick karsdorp; he may not be technically the best defender, but he has incredible speed and endurance, meaning he can get to the ball very quickly. Insigne tried, nope. Then when they did manage to get inside, Gianluca Mancini and Rodger Ibanez were there. Say what you want by that center-back partnership I am not claiming they’re one of the best in the world put together when they’re on form, and at their best, they’re as tough as anyone. After the way they played as a unit yesterday, it looks like the best in the world. I’m not sure two center-backs would have handled that game better than those two did last night. At times, they can make mistakes, but Roma is not looking to bring in center backs to replace them because the club trusts that what they do is a unit; it’s not just what they do on the pitch intense situations. Gianluca Mancini would literally jump on a sword for Roma. Was getting into it with Napoli players all game long. Rodger Ibanez was right there beside him, backing him up on everything you just watch them play; you don’t get the whole story. Roma fans love those two because of what they represent. If you ask any Napoli attacker who tries to venture in the box to back me up, it was a hazardous situation for Napoli. They were never going to concede last night; the best chance to Napoli have the entire game was a Longstrike from Matteo Politano outside of that wasn’t trouble whatsoever. There was a moment Inside the Box with Victor osimhen, but Mancini and Ibanez were there to deal with it; even if he hit the bar, the defensive pressure was too much for them to handle all game long that a few chances on the attacking side that it probably should have put away but one thing is clear last night Napoli was not going to score if the game was another half-hour they still would not have broken through. They did such an outstanding job that rui Patricio barely had to do anything. Collectively, it was an auspicious performance; Roma needed a reaction; they got one

Matias Vina Shuts Down Victor Osimhen

We witnessed a coming-out party of Mattias Vina. While playing in Brazil, the Uruguayan left-back became one of the best South American young players in the ranks, and his stock was only Rising. Roma came in at the right time when he was very affordable, a big-game player, someone that we expected could help Roma right away. The purchase was initially made to be a stand-in for Leo spinazzola, who had torn his Achilles in the quarter-finals of the European Championships this summer. Roma needed a quick fix someone that can come in do a job at left-back until Leo spinazzola is ready to return from injury. Part of the idea was that if Mattias Vina performed well enough, Leo could transition to an attacking Midfield regardless it is good to have depth at that position especially. Matias Vina has had some strong performances at the very start of the season, but his performance in the Derby against Lazio was horrible; the jury was still out on whether or not he could perform at a high level in the big games. Of course, he is capable of putting in a shift against mid-table and bottom-table teams. Still, the reason he was brought into Rome is it necessary to fill the shoes of Leo but just show that he is capable of making an impact and coming up in the big game, which is why the Derby was such a concern considering how much he struggled. He was viewed as the weak link of the backline. From a strategic point of view, Napoli’s felt that was one area they could exploit. Primarily using Victor osimhen to force him into a mistake. The Nigerian attacker is extremely athletic and can be difficult to deal with as a Defender, especially an inexperienced left-back that is playing in his first European season that doesn’t have the physicality and size to deal with someone of his stature. Gianluca Mancini and Rodger Ibanez were going to create problems for him; that is why they targeted the left-back, hoping that he was force mistakes and allowing the Nigerian International to have a field day against the realm of that line. The strategy was very logical, and it was something I was genuinely concerned about ahead of this game. That was Victor’s worst game of the season; he was Dreadful throughout the game. Did he have chances on goal in this game, of course, but Mattias Vina used his lack of size to his advantage getting in tight spaces poking the ball from him constantly. He got into the Box quite a lot, but Vina found the spacing pressurization played a little physical with him and made him overall uncomfortable the entire game plan for Napoli plan was to attack that side of the field using their big physical Force it simply didn’t work Vina took the ball off of him constantly disrupted his runs in the Box but strangely his great defense that he played on him let into instant attacking play for Roma he would get the ball make the right path to spread it out and Roma be off to the Races. He was without question the best player on the pitch last night; he shut off the side of the field Victor osimhen was in his pocket constantly. Getting into his space and making things so frustrating for the Nigerian. Throughout the 90 minutes, his arms were flailing in the area constantly; he was so annoyed and frustrated that his physical advantages were completely ineffective against him. After the performance that he had against Lazio, Mattias Vino stepped up to the plate and eliminated Napoli’s best player; he caught him inside the Box; he caught him in the middle, he disrupted his movement his runs he was disoriented and didn’t have an answer. In addition to his incredible defense, he pushed the ball forward got into attacking areas applying balls in the Box it was a complete performance. The occasion didn’t faze him; he took on unbeaten Napoli targeted their biggest scoring threat despite be physical advantages that he had and made him miserable all night he became mutually useless in the Napoli attack; he had the ball at his feet a lot he tried to pressurize him as a young Uruguayan shut him down that was his welcome to Serie A Moment he has arrived.

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