European Players of the Week #1302

Mo Salah vs Man United (3)

Mohamed Salah quite simply is on another level this season. This is the third week in a row he’s making my list however he has deserved it to get recognition from me in three consecutive weeks there has to be something incredibly special about the performances. Mohamed Salah is operating on some type of level almost by himself. Robert Lewandowski is at the top he is the best player in the world and continues to show his qualities regardless of the opponent simply the best in the world and the best player however Mohamed Salah it’s probably in better form than Robert Lewandowski or at least equal to him. Just to recap he ripped apart Watford with three goal contributions was inspirational against Atletico Madrid in the Champions League and now against Manchester United arguably the biggest game of Liverpool season he was able to do something that no visiting player has ever done against Manchester United at Old Trafford. In the history of the Premier League no one has ever scored a hat-trick at Old Trafford on Sunday that changed dramatically now there’s only one person to ever score a hat-trick at Old Trafford and his name is Mohamed Salah and it is true that he continues to break records he is now the highest scoring African to ever grace the Premier League. To see how his game has evolved and how he is gone to a different level since arriving in Liverpool has been a joy to see such records unfold. Liverpool absolutely ran through Manchester United at Old Trafford scoring on five different occasions in a 5-0 victory for Liverpool. Chelsea still remain at the top of the table but Liverpool has a lot of momentum going for them in hopes of potentially winning a second premier league title in the last three years. Mohamed Salah is just ridiculous it seems like there’s nothing he can’t do he’s just found the form of his life and speaking of even more records Jamie vardy has the record for goals in the most consecutive games with 11 Rude van nistelrooy is second with 10 and so is the Egyptian king if he scores in two more games on the bounce he will break that record and as much as I would love Jamie vardy to hold that it’s inevitable considering how well he’s playing and how well Liverpool are playing as a whole I don’t think there’s anything that can stop him from achieving it. Mohamed Salah was a big-time player at Roma he went to a World level when he left us when he departed which what is understandable but the way he went about doing it bothered me but nonetheless when I said my goodbyes to Mohamed Salah in the Roma colors I said two statements that seemed to have played out exactly as I said them. I said that he would change life in Liverpool and win the biggest trophies I also said he would become one of the best players in the world I had predicted that he would score in the ballpark of what edin dzeko scored during Mohamed salah’s last year at Roma he surpassed that and it has been a consistent goal scorer in the Premier League always in contention for the Golden Boot and has won player of the season and will certainly be adding another one this season. He is operating at an uncomfortable level of Genius he’s one of the best players in the world and right now he is the second best player in the world I still believe Robert lewandowski is better but I’ll tell you what at this very moment no one is playing at a higher level and one Mohamed Salah.

Robert Lewandowski vs Hoffenheim (3)

It is effortless to be seduced into what Mohamed Salah is doing at Liverpool; he is in the best form of his life and is in the best form out of any player in Europe. However, we have to recognize that Robert Lewandowski was already at the top. Collectively big game Robert Lewandowski is the best player in the world, and even though Mohamed Salah is in fantastic form, he is on another level. Still, something that a lot of people don’t understand or picking up is the fact that Robert Lewandowski has been at the top level for the last 3 years as I say every time I talk about him, he is the rightful owner of the 2021 Ballon d’Or if it is not given to him it would be embarrassing for the sport of football. It would be easy to recognize Robert Lewandowski every week because he is doing monstrous things in Munich. There may not be as many eyes on it because the Premier League is more popular with what he’s doing in the Bundesliga while all this is happening is tremendous. The way he played this weekend against Hoffenheim and then the week before against Bayer Leverkusen scoring twice, not to mention his incredible performance and the Champions League against a strong been Benfica side. He is performing at an astonishing level regardless of where the game is being played or who he is playing against. Bayern Leverkusen and Benfica are extreme sides at Hoffenheim have a lot of good players, andrej dramatic is no joke a top-quality Striker; no one’s going to debate that. The way Robert can perform so consistently, he is a walking goal. He has scored 17 goals this season as he remains the top scorer in European football at the moment with the Egyptian not far behind but a lot of things that are being realized it’s because the way Robert Lewandowski is performing is just what we’ve come to expect he got a top-quality level and he never leaves it. He is a goal-scoring machine; he has scored 40 goals or more in six straight Seasons; that’s no accident or coincidence; he is flat-out the best player in the world, and even though Mohamed Salah is closing that Gap, there’s still a ways to go before it’s closed. The beautiful thing about the way Robert Lewandowski plays it’s not scoring the goals is what everyone thinks about because no one scores at a higher level in World football than the Polish Striker all the other things he does, he’s a complete Striker, and even though he may not have the most glamours passing stats he is very influential in the passing lanes his movement is exceptional he’s always in the right position to score goals making it easier in regards to the team around him. He’s playing on the best team in the world, and he is the best player in the world. Against Hoffenheim, as I said, it was just what we expected a truly dominant display in which Robert Lewandowski did score an absolute banger from well outside the box but made an impact in other ways spreading the ball out to his teammates making tackles occasionally controlling the game single-handedly sometimes, but he would make runs taking Defenders away from his teammates because you cannot leave Robert Lewandowski by himself in doing so making those highly intelligent movements it giving players like Serge gnabry open space to score goals he is highly influential in the game and other ways Beyond scoring two goals. Robert Lewandowski is at the top of the mountain Mohamed Salah is climbing it, but we have to remember who he is chasing and who currently sits on the throne. Robert Lewandowski, it’s just simply the most exceptional player in the world; you can find a goal-scoring striker if you look hard enough, but to find a striker that scores loads of goals, a great link a play can spread the ball out makes a beautiful run with a high IQ they’re very difficult to find. As far as the striker position, no one even comes close to Robert Lewandowski. Mohamed Salah isn’t far behind, but if you watch the Bundesliga week in and week out, the Ballon d’Or would not even be a question; it was just a clinic from the world’s best he may only have scored one of the goals, but he was very impactful in the majority of the goals finding the back of the neck even if he wasn’t directly involved it was just another masterclass against Hoffenheim even though we expected it doesn’t mean the performance or any less impressive.

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