Friedberg keeps unbeaten run going at Wolfsburg’s expense as Van Bommel is harshly sacked #1300

Following a loss last Saturday to Union Berlin and RB Salzburg in the Champions League the skid for Wolfsburg only continues. The Wolves would return home to the Volkswagen Arena in Wolfsburg, potentially trying to feed off their fans to give them a bit of inspiration; they have not picked up maximum points since matchday 4; some sort of inspiration would be needed. However, a challenge would sit in front of them as they would have welcomed Friedberg, a team currently fighting for European football as they are the only unbeaten team in the Bundesliga this season looking to see things continuing going up against a Wolfsburg team that had significantly struggled since the start of the season. Freiburg presented a real challenge Wolfsburg was without wout Weghorst make things even more difficult. Wolfsburg ended up playing perhaps their best match in the last month they were invented; unfortunately, Friedberg had the resources to deal with it; the Wolves did Play Strong first half but Freiburg made a breakthrough as Lienhart gave Friedberg a 1–0 lead after an initial offside the goal was given, and Wolfsburg found themselves in a hole. Lucas Nmecha nearly brought Wolfsburg level when hit the bar, but Friedberg maintained their lead in the first half. In the second half, Wolfsburg continued to get into dangerous areas on the verge of breaking through a couple of times, but Friedberg continued to pose a dangerous threat as well; it seemed like maybe Wolfsburg could Salvage a point they’re just not playing that well they’re not finding the back of the net often enough failing to capitalize on earlier opportunity cost them as Freiburg was able to put the game away in the second half h o l e r scoring late in the second half to give a Friedberg the 2–0 victory. Wolfsburg struggles only continued following the best start in club history; they have collapsed and seemingly do not have the confidence or momentum required to get themselves out of it. By the looks of this is not a Champions League team this season, and they all need an awful lot to turn that around. Nmecha played such a fantastic game he gave absolutely everything, but it wasn’t enough as a Wolfsburg fell on their face again.

After preparations and predictions, the match got underway at the Volkswagen Arena in Wolfsburg; the Wolves returned home hoping to turn this horrendous get around and start collecting some points. Wolfsburg ran the Forefront early Lucas Nmecha tried to direct a cross coming from the wing into the bottom corner, but the goalkeeper managed to make the save. The Wolves had the majority of the possession and looked very strong when they were pushing the ball forward; the question was whether they could actually break through. Friedberg missed from deep in response to the Wolves opening chance. It was not a game that had a lot of opportunities, at least at the beginning, it had a languid start until it started to open up a little bit more as we got deeper into the first half. However, despite how well Wolfsburg was starting the game in the 27th minute, Friedberg got themselves in front Lienheart retrieve the ball into the box, striking directly at Konan Casteels, who makes the save the ball comes out and drops right back to his foot as he sticks it into the back of the net to give Friedberg a 1–0 lead. It did go to video review as there was a question of whether or not it was offsides Wolfsburg might have been unlucky on the goal being given now they were fighting from behind yet again as they have in mutually all of their games. Lucas nmecha tried to get them back immediately 2; minutes later, he put his head through a Kevin mbabu cross, but the goalkeeper denied his shot. He came through again less than 10 minutes later, coming very close to breaking through with a beautifully hit strike, but he hooked it to the left. Vincenzo Grafio responded with a header, but Casteels was able to deal. Wolfsburg nearly broke through a minute later when Lucas nmecha hit the bar putting his foot through a pass for Max Arnold, a strike with power and accuracy, but The Misfortune denied him from what should have been a particular goal. As the first half came to a close, John Brooks saw his header mess, and Joshua Guilavogui, also coming close, was denied from the caper as Friedberg held on to a 1–0 lead after the first half.

It was a truly misfortunate situation as Wolfsburg was playing quite well, and we’re quite unlucky to be behind in the first place as the first goal from some angles certainly appeared to be outside, and when they hit the bar on a chance that would have leveled it. As the second half started, Wolfsburg went right after it immediately. Renato Steffen tried to get his head on the end of a Kevin mbabu cross, but the connection was too high. Shortly after Wolfsburg brought in Maximilian Philipp and lukebakio Friedberg showed their toughness as it is easy to tell why they’ve been so successful this season; even with that, Wolfsburg did look dangerous when they pushed the ball forward as they tried to get into those dangerous spaces at this point points mean everything and it didn’t seem like Wolfsburg had a chance of ending their skid with at least a point. John Brooks came close with a header coming from a corner kick; things seemed to be clicking, and it felt like Wolfsburg was just a couple of minutes away from getting their equalizer. However, right on cue in the 68th minute, Friedberg settled it; a brilliant run by Christian Ginter threaded the ball into the box to find Lucas holder; he was able to convert as Friedberg took a 2–0 lead. Wolfsburg felt demoralized after feeling like they were right on the verge of breaking through. Defensively Wolfsburg has to be better; they were one of the best defensive teams last season; they started this season with the best defensive record in Europe, but slowly that is fate, and the confidence is gone as well. Lukebakio truck from the side of the box late in the second half to hopefully get a go back, but The Keeper saved his strike. With 10 minutes to go, Felix nmecha was brought on the brother of Lucas to try to give Wolfsburg something different in hopes of at least finding the back of the net. However, it wasn’t meant to be Lucas nmecha connected on a header from another cross but couldn’t breakthrough. That was the final chance for Wolfsburg at full-time Freiburg, keeping their unbeaten run alive, taking it to 10 games with a 2–0 victory over Wolfsburg; the wolves lose yet again as frustration builds.

In the conclusion, agter another Wolfsburg defeat Shockingly Marco van Bommel was relieved of his duties. This is incredibly harsh, and getting rid of him doesn’t make any sense, and it doesn’t eliminate the problems that they have this season. Mark Van Bommel had a Wolfsburg at the top of the league with four straight victories. They have since gone on a skid and haven’t won a game since matchday 4. There’s no denying that Wolfsburg is not playing well right now. I need some kind of inspiration to turn this around here; however, are we going to pin this thing on Marco van Bommel. Even though it does not seem that things are getting any better, in fact, things are starting to worsen, but the former Dutch Legend has all the right to be disappointed and disgusted by the Wolfsburg board of directors have made here. Mark Van Bommel did not have his best player available against Freiburg nmecha hit the post and came within Striking Distance on several occasions. He lost arguably one of the best midfielders in the league when Xavier schlager picked up a severe injury early in the season. In addition to that, even Wolfsburg is not playing well right now; Mark Van Bommel is not to blame. He’s doing the best with a squad that he is given. Wolfsburg went through a stretch where they played some very challenging and really tough games and a lot of aspects. Mark Van Bommel was creative; he tried changing formation he tried adjusting his squad, rotating different players in and out of the lineup he tried several different approaches as far as getting his team in a position to potentially do other things and operate in different ways the style of play was a gesture multiple times the team just wasn’t delivered if you think that this is his fault and anyway you are an absolute clown. I love Wolfsburg; they are my favorite German side and have been for many years. He was doing a good job, considering the hand he was given. He doesn’t have a pair of aces; it’s hard to deal with the situation he was given because of the lack of movement and activity in the transfer market. Wolfsburg hardly spends any money although they qualified for the champions the sporting director said this team up to fail there are some outstanding players in the squad, No Doubt wout Weghorst, Kevin mbabu, Riddle Baku Maxine LaCroix Max Arnold as well as some other players that have different types of qualities. However, as a team collectively, they don’t have enough in the squad to contend for anything; they needed a couple of signings to come in so they could compete with Dortmund that brought in quality, Bayern Munich brought in quality, RB Leipzig brought in quality they set them up to fail this is a good team. Still, they don’t have enough difference-makers inside the squad for them to achieve anything. The sporting director put them in a 10-foot hole without a shovel and was expecting Mark Van Bommel to somehow get out of it regardless of who comes in not going to be able to do any better of a job; this was an atrocious decision; the director was the same guy who pushed away Oliver Glasener he built this mess and expecting someone else to clean it up Wolfsburg are unlikely to make European football this season and there’s only one person to blame for that that certainly isn’t Mark Van Bommel.

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