Horrors at Old Trafford; AC Milan the Team to Beat in Serie A #1305

Last weekend in the Premier League, we saw The Return of one of the biggest rivalries in English football Manchester United against Liverpool at Old Trafford. Liverpool has been firing on all cylinders this season as this might be perhaps the best Squad Jurgen Klopp has ever had. Mohamed Salah is operating at a ridiculous level this season, and going into this game, he had scored in his previous nine consecutive Premier League games. Chelsea and Manchester City will also be involved in the title race, and it’s not even close to being finished. Those are the three Giants that will be battling for the Premier League. Liverpool has as good a chance as any they have dominated in the Premier League and in the Champions League, having beaten AC Milan and Athletico Madrid. Meanwhile, for Manchester United, it’s been quite a different story; despite the acquisition of Raphael Varane, Jadon Sancho, and Cristiano Ronaldo, they have been completely underwhelming as they currently sit outside of the Champions League when this team was expected to challenge for the Premier League this season that dream has evaporated. Much of that has to do with Ole Gunnar solskjaer; his inability to properly use Jadon Sancho may be the biggest problem with his failure to deliver this season. Even if the belief is there, there are still questions to be pondered regarding his future ahead of this game. The full-time whistle would less answer those questions. They had an emotional Victory against Atalanta in the Champions League despite struggling against a wounded team that would have certainly beaten Man United at full strength for much of that game. The thought was there were taking that emotional reaction into the Liverpool game, hoping to give themselves a chance this season. The advantage of being at home felt like it would play a big part; however, it made no difference whatsoever. Old Trafford became the House of Horrors. They have ripped apart in the opening half-hour as they were humiliated by Liverpool in their own backyard. Naby Keita had Liverpool hitting the ground running Diego jota got the second, and then it was the Mohamed Salah show for the rest of the match, scoring a hat-trick as he continues to be in the form of his life the 10th game in a row in which he has scored in the Premier League he also became the highest-scoring African player in premier league history. He is operating at a World level right now even though Robert Lewandowski has more goals and is still the best player in the world Muhammad Salah is playing at a higher level than anybody right now; no one had ever scored a hat-trick at Old Trafford as an opposing player Mohamed Salah did it this weekend they were absolutely ripped apart as the job security of Ole Gunnar solskjaer it’s no longer a question there’s no debate regarding what should be done the only one who would really question that is Gary Neville and as we know he has a biased towards his mate. Paul Pogba got to send off, and Cristiano Ronaldo should have violently stomped on Trent Alexander Arnold. It was the definition of humiliation; it’s one thing to get beaten; it’s another for your rivals to come into your house and eat food off your table. Liverpool came into Old Trafford and humiliated Manchester United. Manchester United currently sits behind Brighton Hove Albion and Spurs in the Premier League table; their opportunity to make the champions league is becoming more difficult; this team was expected to be one of the favorites for this season. Cristiano Ronaldo has been great he’s scoring the goals, and he’s doing what he was brought in to do; however, Cristiano Ronaldo was not needed in this Manchester United Team. Edinson Cavani would be doing almost the same along with Mason Greenwood Manchester United the biggest problem was the Midfield signing Cristiano Ronaldo; was it necessary? absolutely not he’s scoring goals and has saved him from a few opportunities with the reason they were in those situations is because they’re suffering from Fred and mctominay in the Midfield after the Champions League game I said that there’s plenty to be worried about despite the result of that game the way they played against Atalanta was nothing to celebrate the only thing worth celebrating was the results they came into that game and High Spirits and in less than a half-hour they were demoralized they need a new Direction Antonio Conte is the name that has been brought up to replace him Zinedine Zidane as an option as well as several others Jadon Sancho is one of the most explosive players in World football he is not being used enough and not being used properly they need a manager to come in here to be able to get the best out of the squad Manchester United historically is one of the most dominant teams in the history of the game and one of the biggest clubs on the planet however it’s just not the case anymore to take a look at who they just beat in the Champions League over the last three four years Atalanta even though they have not won a trophy has a better run then Manchester United the last time they won the Premier League was a long time ago squad has so much talent and there’s just not getting the best of it Cristiano Ronaldo’s going to score the goals but he’s not someone that can single-handedly turnaround results they need to change the directions that much is clear they have Manchester City coming up and then they have to go to Bergamo to take on Atlanta who should have some players back before that game that is not a pleasant place to play Manchester United are likely to lose Manchester United they have not won a trophy since the Mercenary Jose Mourinho and it doesn’t seem like they’re getting any better Antonio Conte or not is irrelevant but they have to move on Champions League qualification it’s only going to become more difficult the longer they stick with Ole after the House of Horrors they just went through it’s clear what they need to do.

There is something very different about this AC Milan team this season. Last year they made progress making the champions league for the first time in a decade. Unfortunately, they had to watch Inter Milan under Antonio Conte win the league in their own City. AC Milan is the biggest team in Milan and one of Europe’s biggest giants historically. They have not had a pleasant decade until recently making a Champions League with the first step. That might not be going very well this season; although that is largely on the circumstances, they are in a group with Liverpool, Atletico Madrid, and Porto, a very challenging return to Europe. However, their discipline mentality and toughness in the league have been something to watch. Napoli, until recently, had picked up maximum points in the first nine games of the season. Their recent draw with Roma at the Stadio Olimpico ended their perfect start to the season; however, the difference is even though Napoli was winning every game, their last three or four games were looking a little bit chippy being outplayed by Torino and Fiorentina, especially then against Roma the Roma defense shut off their attack. Napoli has had a very easy schedule outside of one game against Juventus that came shortly after Cristiano Ronaldo left, so mentally, Juventus were not even right. Outside of that, there hasn’t been a real challenge put in front of them until they play Roma; even though it was a draw, they were outplayed. Inter Milan has looked strong what has dropped points against Atalanta Juventus and Lazio. Inter Milan will still be a big part of the title race this season, but they aren’t necessarily without flaws. My biggest concern in regards to AC Milan was the age of their attackers. Olivier Giroud and Ibrahimovic are both late in their careers, so I didn’t expect them to rely on them week in and week out to deliver. In addition to that, my analysis of Raphael Leao was he was not progressing quickly enough. As well as Ibrahim Diaz who showed promise last season, but I wasn’t fully convinced of him quite a bit yet, and you can add Sandro tonali to that list as well. This season Olivier Giroud and Ibrahimovic doesn’t seem like age is a problem they’ve been consistent Leao looks like a different player this season, looking like a real threat, and then Ibrahim Diaz has been one of their best players, and even though I’m not totally convinced with Tonali yet we see improvement from the midfielder. You add all of that into the fact that AC Milan has only dropped one point this season against Juventus. Outside of that, they’ve been Flawless, and unlike Napoli, they have been convincing put together a really outstanding performance in every game they played this season. It’s easy to say they look the best during this campaign; it’s just obvious only Napoli fans will try to challenge back because they’ve been inconsistent even though they can point AC Milan are getting points and looking impressive doing it. However, a fascinating part of their season is the exploration of winning intangibles battling under difficult circumstances. The season has a long way to go, but I firmly believe that AC Milan will win the league; here is why. Against Verona, it was the first time they looked beatable; they got into a 2–0 hole, and I thought potentially we were going to see what is this AC Milan team actually made of. Are they any different than last season, or are they completely different. They ended up turning it around, scoring their first goal in the 60th minute and eventually winning 3–2; that’s when it started to go on my mind that this team could win the league, but I needed to see another situation like that. Against bologna, we saw exactly that it started simply AC Milan got two goals it looked like they were riding high, and it’s going to be another routine victory bologna had a guy sent off; however, bologna was able to drop it level, scoring two goals in addition to that they had another sent off in my head I thought if they don’t overturn this maybe it’s will expose them a bit however if they come back and win this game I believe they will win the league. They came back; they won the game by two goals despite the circumstances, and I understand bologna had two guys sent off with red cards. Still, it was an uncomfortable situation for AC Milan because it looked like they weren’t going to finish the job; not only did they get themselves back, but they won by multiple goals; they’ve dealt with adversity twice this season. On both occasions, they’ve been able to turn around going to be a long season it’s going to be tough there’s a lot of drama involved in all of this the season is not determined in matchday 10; there’s a lot more football to be played and Inter Milan Juventus Napoli and others will all be fighting for that top spot, but deep down I believe AC Milan will win Serie A the game against Verona and Bologna has convinced me of this.

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