Lorenzo Pellegrini Recuses Roma in Sardinia as Roma complete Turnaround #1304

Following a very tough performance in the Derby del Sole against Napoli, Roma would head out on the road taking a trip to Sardinia to take on bottom-of-the-table Cagliari. During last campaign in the two meetings, they split the season series with each side winning at home. However, despite that, it has significantly struggled this season, and it would be a good opportunity for Roma to get some points before a big Clash against AC Milan on Sunday night. In what was expected to be a routine victory, their trip to Sardinia was not all that Pleasant. Roma came into the game in High Spirits, but they were brought down back to Earth very quickly. Roma controlled the game in the first half with plenty of good opportunities to take advantage; however, the Romans did have an issue finding the target despite their counter-attacking play. Cagliari pushed back, and even though they had less of the ball, they found their spaces and moments to be effective again a lot of good defense from Roma, but the hosts did put a certain amount of pressure on them throughout. In the second half, Roma was shocked as Leonardo Pavoletti scored. Cagliari had a 1–0 lead against one of the League’s best teams. It was a true battle throughout the second half; eventually, Roma broke through with Rodger Ibanez as Roma drew level. In what turned out to be a very problematic performance but Lorenzo Pellegrini stepped up on a free kick late in the second half. The Roma captain sent a missile into the corner as Pellegrini exploded in Celebration. Roma overturned a 1–0 deficit in the second half to ultimately win and collect all the points in a very nervy to 2–1 victory; it wasn’t a pleasant experience in Sardinia. Still, Roma gets the job done, collecting maximum points as they were rescued by Lorenzo Pellegrini and scrape by.

After preparations and predictions, the match was underway in Sardinia on a cold night as Champions League hopefuls Roma took on the bottom of the table on a Wednesday night Clash. Roma came into this game as big favorites, and during the early parts of the first half, they showed exactly why. They got the ball forward look really aggressive and very ambitious, at least in the early part of the first half, this wouldn’t necessarily be the case for the duration of the match, but early they look strong and confident. Roma got things off firing in the opening 120 seconds. Nicolo zaniolo facilitates Lorenzo Pellegrini as Roma pushes the ball forward early Roma’s captain fires a powerful shot from Deep, but he hooks it to the left. Three minutes later, Bryan Cristante gets his head on the end of a Lorenzo Pellegrini cross coming from a corner kick moments later on another corner; Nicolo Zaniolo tries striking from a difficult angle to catch the goalkeeper off-guard, coming close, but no dice. Just a few minutes later, Cagliari nearly scores in a very opportunistic strike coming from Raoul Bellanova, who Razvan Marin Bellanova sent through strikes with power from inside the Box; a vicious strike crashed against the crossbar had he been able to hit it a little lower there’s no question they would have scored the opener. A little bit of pressure was applied by the hosts on a very close call. The game wasn’t precisely end-to-end, but they were Chance. It is coming from both sides. Even though Roma was pushing the momentum, Cagliari proportions of the first half looked like the better team; the atmosphere helped them as they were quite loud and supported their side. Roma gets another chance through Bryan Cristante facilitated by Lorenzo Pellegrini but a failure to launch in front of goal not really testing keeper. A few minutes past the half-hour mark, Tammy Abraham nearly scored with a cross coming from the Flying Dutchman; however, it deflected the Englishmen in the face and went wide. Had he just had a few seconds more, he could have scored. They continue to be a battle Cagliari getting into the Box and threatening even if Roma was able to deal with it in the closing moments of the first half, Nicolo Zaniolo make the brilliant run before hitting a slingshot from outside the Box he had all the right intention, but he fired wide ending a goalless first half in Sardinia.

It was a solid first-half for Roma; however, there was still something to be desired the finishing in front of goal simply not strong enough. Roma’s assistant manager made a change at the start of the second half Stephan El Shaarawy came in for Mkhitaryan as the Armenian had a brutal first half. Even though Roma had most of the changes in the first half, Cagliari was growing into the game and having of their own, they didn’t have a lot of the ball, but when they had it in their possession, they were making it count. Cagliari broke through 7 minutes into the second half in the 52nd minute. Razvan Marin sent a beautiful cross into the box as it deflected off Raoul Bellanova into Leonardo Pavoletti as he sticks his foot out into the back of the net. Cagliari took a shock 1–0 lead. Roma now had some serious work to make even a split point is unacceptable result with AC Milan on Sunday; they needed to do everything possible to pick up maximum points. Cagliari was motivated; they pushed forward as Joao Pedro put his head through a cross, trying to get a second, but Rui Patricio made an outstanding save to keep Roma in the game. Stephan El Shaarawy attempted to respond as he came close, hitting a strike from a complicated angle; then, moments later, El Shaarawy sent a cross into the box define a Tammy Abraham; he put his head through it but went wide. Roma would make their second change as Felix Afena would make his debut. The teenager would get a runout, replacing Matias Vina Cagliari continued to push as they were looking to wrap up some critical points. They desperately need Leonardo Pavoletti to fire a strike from close range, but Rui Patricio’s quick reflexes denied him. They were playing a game against the clock now less than a half-hour to go Roma needed to somehow manage to score twice. Nicolo Zaniolo attempted to get his side level converting on a header through the air but didn’t have the touch necessary. Nicolo Zaniolo was fantastic in the game, but he really needs to start finding the back of the net. 4 minutes later, the young teenager picked out a cross into the box to find Lorenzo Pellegrini, the farthest Roma player from the cross the Captain makes a diving strike nearly breaking through as it hits off the bar as the Captain grabbing his face in frustration. Bryan cristante and Gianluca Mancini both missed before Rui Patricio denied Leonardo Pavoletti again. Roma was pushing hard, and it was finally was going to come through for them in the 71st minute. Lorenzo Pellegrini sent in a cross coming from a corner as Rodger Ibanez rises up to make the connection with the ball hits off the near post before taking the deflection finding the bottom corner on the other side it would be the second goal of the season for the Brazilian. Still, most importantly, Roma was back in the game with roughly 20 minutes to get themselves another one. Five minutes later, Razvan Marin can clothes on a set-piece situation before Roma completes the turnaround. The Cagliari defense took down Nicolo zaniolo, who made a brilliant run Into the Danger area just outside the box. In the 78th minute, Lorenzo Pellegrini picks up the ball places it preparing for a free kick. Lorenzo Pellegrini saves Roma and makes a good connection as he sends a missile into the top corner to score an outrageous free-kick as Roma takes a 2–1 lead. Lorenzo Pellegrini runs over to the Roma fans as he takes off his shirt as Roma explodes in celebration. The Roma Captain was given a yellow card for his celebration, and Tammy Abraham was also given a yellow card for the same reason it’s infrequent that you see two players both get booked for celebrating it just shows the bond between Pellegrini and Abraham, as I’ve been talking about all season. It wasn’t a great game for Abraham, but even though he doesn’t have great stats this season, he’s been incredibly solid for Roma; eventually, the goals will come. Roma was looking to hold on as they battled through the final 10 minutes right before stoppage time. Gabriela Zappa held it from outside the box but couldn’t convert. In stoppage-time, a ball was sent inside the box to Joao Pedro trying to chase down the ball, but Rui Patricio managed to grab it as he just held on tight. In the end, a theatrical and intense night in Sardinia Roma comes from a goal down as Roma scores twice in the final 20 minutes to earn a hard-fought victory as Lorenzo Pellegrini bails out Roma to get there in the end.

This game felt like a must-win going into it with a huge Clash against the top-of-the-table AC Milan on Sunday, the best team in the league they needed points here tonight in Sardinia. Mainly to give them the confidence to take on that challenge. I’m not insinuating that Roma will lose that game, so that’s why they needed the points, but coming off of a tough victory going into that game is incredibly crucial. Cagliari, or at the bottom of the league they’re going to find it incredibly difficult to survive the season; this match became far too complicated than it should have been. This should have been a game that Roma should have handled easily. I understand that Jose Mourinho had to watch the game from the stands; I also understand that Sardinia is a difficult place to play at times; however, they made this far too difficult on themselves. The lack of conversion in the first half and having to pull themselves out of a hole in the second half is not exactly what we wanted to see from this room machine going into a massive game on Sunday. Came into this after an outstanding performance against Napoli; it’s just felt like I didn’t have the energy you would have seen from a team in High Spirits. Maybe weirdly, a tough Victory like this is exactly what they needed ahead of the game against AC Milan; however, they quite nearly drop point tonight if it wasn’t for Lorenzo Pellegrini digging Roman out of the hole in the final 20 minutes of the game they almost could have drop point to the bottom of the league. Collectively, it was a good performance for what we saw on the pitch; however, this gave them far too much difficulty. Rui Patricio was able to save them in some agitated situation. Tammy Abraham needs to start finding the back of the net; anyone that has watched Roman nose that Tammy has been significant and has been one of Roma’s best players at times this season; however, they need to find a way to get him going so he can find the back of the net at a somewhat regular basis. If he starts scoring in front of goal regularly, the run will become a much more dangerous team. There’s no denying at the moment Lorenzo Pellegrini is the best player in Italy and the best player on Roma; he’s one of the best midfielders in Europe; at this very time, he’s having a better season than Bruno Fernandes and Kevin De bruyne he has been truly exceptional. However, Roma can’t constantly be relying on rollers number seven to get them out of the mess Roma’s top scorer should not be an attacking midfielder Tammy Abraham and Nicolo zaniolo both needs to start scoring goals; it’s going to be a big test on Sunday, and hopefully, Jose will be able to unlock them I have no doubt that Tammy will get things going he’ll start scoring and zaniolo will do the same, but this was a very problematic game even though they have the emotional element of coming from behind to win late. Lorenzo Pellegrini deserves a lot of credit as he helps Roma salvage the three points they should have had anyways. However, believe it or not, even though Pellegrini had an outstanding performance, my man of the match tonight was Nicolo zaniolo mutually did everything except score when he had the ball and was pushing it forward it’s almost at times it was glued to his feet he has that creativity but also strength to keep his action when moving very quickly we saw it playing tonight on counterattacks and was a difference-maker at times Roma won this game because of Lorenzo Pellegrini but Nicolo zaniolo just outstanding the way he impacted the attack winning the free-kick as well putting continuous pressure on the defense he had an all-around outstanding performance even though he didn’t have a goal. This was a challenging game that shouldn’t have been wrong; more able to rally win late emotionally, the resiliency might shine through, but if Roma plays like this on Sunday, they will get beaten.

MAN OF THE MATCH: Nicolo Zaniolo

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