Roma Silences Napoli attack as Napoli are perfect no longer in goalless Draw at the Olimpico #1298

On Sunday night, we saw the return of the Derby Del Sol, otherwise known as the Derby of the sun, between Roma and Napoli. Napoli has been red-hot to start the campaign with nine consecutive victories, having only conceded three goals in all competitions. Luciano spalletti was the manager that took Roma to their last trophy is in the Napoli Dugout, guiding them to a hot start. Napoli was looking to level the record set by Rui Garcia Roma’s side, winning 10 straight games in the 2012–2013 season. It was fitting that Roma stood in their way. On the other hand, Roma has had a promising start to the season under Jose Mourinho but went through a tough week, losing controversially to Juventus and then getting humiliated in the conference League in Norway. Jose Mourinho was looking for a reaction from his players in one of the most anticipated matches of the weekend. It was a match full of drama and high intensity; at times, it was outright and vicious it very ends to end. Roma was the better team throughout the 90 minutes having an answer defensively to whatever Luciano spalletti tried to throw at them. Roma also nearly found the back of the net a couple of times in what was a battle throughout it was a match full of intense drama, Napoli’s antics, Roma’s physicality, Two Italian heavyweights looking for the psychological Edge. Jose Mourinho was sent off as well as Luciano spalletti; it ended up being a goalless draw despite an extreme level of drama and excitement throughout. Roma and Napoli split the points in the Derby Del Sol Roma probably feel they should have gotten all three points, but after the Horrors in Norway, Roma got the reaction they need it picking up a massive point in the Derby Del Sol.

Manager: Jose Mourinho
4th: 5–0–3 15Points

Manager: Luciano Spalletti
1st 8–0 Points

After preparations and predictions, we are all ready to go at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome as we open another chapter for their Derby del Sole even though Roma historically have the upper hand in this match the last couple of years Napoli has had their way with from the previous Roma Victory occurring in 2019 a considerable opportunity for Roma to make a statement after struggling in midweek the last time there wasn’t a goal was in 2013 the anticipation going into this one was it an all-time high as the teams are not too fond of each other. Still, goals were expected, even if that’s not the match we ended up with. Napoli did have more of the ball in the early parts of the game, but that was primarily expected. Napoli is a very possession-based team that feeds into the attack; however, despite this, Roma did seem like the better team very early; they offered a lot of inspiration, pushing the ball for with a lot of confidence, and there were certainly times in this game were looked like Roma could break this thing open. The game’s opening chance came from Nicolo zaniolo coming off a Roma corner came very close, but his header didn’t reach the target. Napoli really tries to attack them using Victor osimhen the Nigerian attacker try to use Matias Vina as a springboard to get into the box, it seems like a very winnable matchup for him considering he is very new to the league and has had some sloppy performances occasionally given the size and athleticism of the Nigerian it was a great thing to approach however things didn’t necessarily go the way he was expecting Matias Vina was able to deal with him so well shutting him down and forcing him into ill-advised decisions in attacking situations. He had a few opportunities in the box that were just dealt with by the Uruguayan. Tempers flared after Napoli was awarded a free kick at the 20-minute mark. An overreaction dive got Napoli the free-kick Gianluca Mancini mainly triggered by this as he got into it with many Napoli players. Gianluca Mancini is a guy that you hate to play against but would love to have on your team the battle mentality and the way he sticks up for his team is why he is so adored with the Roma support having said in an interview that he wants to be at Roma a very long time. The fans were backing him up; eventually, Napoli took their free-kick Matteo Politano tried testing Rui Patricio, but his strike was too high, coasting over the Bar. About 7 minutes later, Tammy Abraham had a terrific opportunity; a beautiful through Ball by Bryan Cristante gifted the Englishmen the ball in the box by himself; attempted dirty play by the Napoli Defender going with his studs upright on Tammy’s left foot kept them off balance as he hit it just wide Tammy probably should have scored from that situation, but you can’t ignore the tackle that kicked out his left foot. Shortly after that, Zielinski tried pulling it from outside the box but to no avail has Rui Patricio didn’t even need to move testing Rome at all. It was a bit back and forth with each team having stretches in which they looked promising; however, Roma did look like the better team; they look much more confident with the ball; the movement was on par while Napoli got into the box a lot but could not handle the defense especially Matias Vina who was having a coming-out party. Lorenzo insigne how to pair chances at the end of the first half, but Rui Patricio was able to deal with it as it was a 0–0 after 45 minutes. It was a true battle physically it was very violent with a lot of altercations coming in between players as tempers were high in a goalless first half.

Roma played very well in the first half and was able to handle the occasion against Napoli. I mentioned in my preview prior to this game that if Roma got out of the first half and hadn’t conceded, they would be put in the best position to win the game. It was right there for the excellent standing the way they did, and how well the defense was handling the attacking players; it seemed all the momentum was with Roma in that very moment regardless of commentators on Paramount said at halftime that Napoli had the Edge I don’t know what it is, but maybe they were watching a different game than me? The second half was a continuation of what we already saw in the first half. High anxiety and pressure it was a very physical game, and it was becoming even more relevant as the match continued. Much like the first half, Napoli and Roma would have their moments and stretches in which they looked like they could breakthrough; however, even though Napoli is the team with the league’s best defense, it was the Roma defense that seemed to be very difficult to break down Napoli have so many attacking options that usually get into those dangerous spaces Torino may have revealed the blueprint as they outplayed Napoli despite losing Roma defensively wasn’t letting anything inside they welcomed attention in the box, but Napoli couldn’t deal with it. It took a little while for things to really get going in the attacking sense; in the second half, it was a lot of tough football with both teams trying to find and create an opportunity that could blow the game open. With roughly a half-hour to go, Victor osimhen hit the crossbar he was heavily pressured by the defense. Gianluca Mancini and Rodger Ibanez got in there and dealt with it were truly world-class; defending in a very crucial moment considering Rui Patricio was slightly out of position. A few minutes later, Rick Karsdorp sent a beautiful through ball inside to Lorenzo Pellegrini; the Roma captain hit a curler searching for the top corner just inches away from the game’s opening goal. Roma went to the bench as Stephan El Shaarawy came in for Hendrik Mkhitaryan. It gave Roma a little bit more athleticism on that side as Roma continued to chip away. A few minutes later, Lorenzo Pellegrini almost hit goal as Nicolo zaniolo sent a beautiful pass to him; the Roma Captain followed through but missed by inches. Roma really seems to be pushing during the last 20 minutes on a corner kick Gianluca Mancini came close, but it still wasn’t coming for them. At this point, it really seemed like a goalless draw with written all over it. Napoli continued to get into the box and try to make something happen, but the Roma defense just would not allow it. About 10 minutes ago in a very physical game, Jose Mourinho challenged the referee after being booked; he was sent off giving the thumbs-up to the Roma fans as he departed. The game was only intensified; it was extremely physical, and they were just at each other’s throats constantly it was hard to police it because on one side, you have the physical defense that Roma was providing, and then on the other side, you have the antics of Napoli. Elma was struck with power from outside the box, but Rui Patricio wasn’t fazed by any time. With not much time remaining, Shomurodov comes in for a late push from Rome at the Stadio Olimpico as time was running out. It was a battle back and forth, a very late chance arriving from Rodger Ibanez essentially settled it in the closing moments of the game. Luciano Spalletti was also given a red card at the final whistle it was a goalless 0–0 draw at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome in a game that Roma was the better team maybe they felt like they could have got more but a massive point denying Napoli the only help grow in confidence as a defensive masterclass prevents Napoli from scoring the first time since September 11th.

It was the type of performance that Roma needed. After losing a tough one, Roma needed was a reaction, and they got one. Napoli had picked up maximum points this year; they go into this Roma game looking to just keep things rolling, trying to prove whether or not they are for real even though they collected a lot of points, they had a cupcake schedule, and this was a platform for them to a potentially prove their point however they have been humbled tonight. Napoli, we’re very fortunate to get the point at all; they’ve had moments in this game in which maybe we could have seen a different result, of course, but collectively from the start to the finish of the game, Roma was dictating the momentum they were playing much smoother and had the game’s best chances. Napoli has all these great attacking players; they were closed and shut out throughout the 90 minutes. Meanwhile, Roma had a few outstanding opportunities in which they probably could have broken through. The brick wall defensively that Roma put up against a very strong Napoli attack. There was a lot of drama with both managers being sent off with numerous situations in which there was a scuffle. Gianluca Mancini was infuriated by their antics, whether it was overreacting every time they were fouled, trying to injure Tammy Abraham with dirty play or the Overall Vibe of the non-stop complaining that you heard from Napoli throughout the 90 minutes every time they have touched the box. Napoli got exactly what they deserved; they went directly at Roma, and there’s nothing they could have done about it. Roma was the superior team throughout the 90 minutes and made things really difficult on them. Lorenzo Pellegrini and Tammy Abraham on another day would have scored those goals. Napoli should feel relieved that they didn’t lose this one tension. Napoli attempted to stay perfect, but defensively they weren’t going to allow that to happen. Victor osimhen had a horrible game; he got into the box and attempted to do dangerous things, but Roma’s defense just manhandled him; that was the biggest difference in the game; he was almost useless throughout as much as the Napoli attack. This was the first game they had failed to score this season. The man of the match tonight goes to Matias Vina; Napoli’s attack targeted him, and they got rinsed for it; it was his best individual performance of the season he provided incredible defensive composure as well as contributed in the attack it was a superstar performance as he is the man of the match in a result of this AC Milan are on the verge of breaking through to the top of the table who ironically will play Roma next Sunday a challenge will await them, but Jose Mourinho got the exact reaction that he was looking for as Napoli are perfect no longer.


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