Roma vs Cagliari Match Day 10 Preview #1301

Del Sol against Napoli Roma gets a sense of confidence and momentum back into the side after a well-earned point in the derby. They prepare for a midweek fixture on Wednesday night; they will head to Sardinia Cagliari. Last season they split the season series, with both sides winning once. Roma will be the big favorites ahead of this game. Even away from home, they should find little difficult to get the results in the end. A big Clash next Sunday against AC Milan it’s coming up, meaning maximum points are essential for the Roma. Despite some inconsistencies, they are having a very productive season in the top four as Jose Mourinho has clearly made a difference since coming in. However, Jose Mourinho will not be on the bench on Wednesday as he will have to watch the game from the stands after seeing a red card against Napoli over the weekend. Meanwhile, Cagliari has been Dreadful this season despite having one of the most underrated midfielders in the league. They continue to struggle much like they did last season; they have a very significant relegation battle on their hands as they will welcome a Roma side that will be a huge test for them. The bottom line is they desperately need points; they will have to put together an almost Flawless performance if they’re going to find any points in this game. Will we see them Defender Fortress and pull off a massive upset, or Will Roma keep things going and pick up a routine three points in Sardinia? We will find out all that and more when Roma and Cagliari Clash on Wednesday night.


Cagliari possible starting lineup: Cragno; Caceres, Ceppitelli, Carboni, Lykogiannis; Nandez, Marin, Deiola, Zappa; Pedro, Balde

During the last campaign, Cagliari significantly struggled. Even though they have a strong enough team not to have to deal with relegation, it was just inevitable last season. They spent the majority of last campaign doing everything they could to survive; it came down to the very end of the season, but they managed to get through it. However, there was no question that the challenges this season would go up to another level. Razvan Marin is one of the best players in Eastern Europe and continues to be a Difference Maker in the squad; the problem is even though their quality and Leonardo Pavoletti and Joao Pedro as well as Diego Godin and defense it has been a problematic season as they find themselves at the very bottom of the table hoping to do anything to get them some source of points they have only won one game this season. It seems like this campaign, they’re fighting a losing battle. The team itself isn’t getting appropriately utilized, and they go into every game as huge underdogs they rarely have been able to show anything. There were opportunities for them to start Gathering some points; those will be the defining fixtures, not this upcoming Wednesday against Roma but looking at the bottom of the table and trying to get points off of them. That’s what’s going to Define their entire season; they’re operating out of desperation because of how badly he did point it has been as horrid of a start to the season as you could imagine. There was not a lot of optimism that they could overachieve this season, and they expected to be fighting until the bitter end, but their start to the season has not been encouraging; they’re having all kinds of issues defensively outside of the Romanian playmaker haven’t offered much in the Midfield, and even though they have some quality in the attack, they’re not scoring often enough to put themselves in that position to extend their stay in the Italian Top Flight it’s early in the season things can change, but this is probably the wrong time for them to play a team like Roma. It’s hard to even process what their approach will be on Wednesday Roma are on an emotional high after taking a point from Napoli following a defensive masterclass this may not be very attractive and terms of style, but I think they have to park the bus and hope Cagliari can get some inspiration from Marin. The best approach will probably be closing down on spaces and not giving Roma a lot of breathing room. Napoli gave him space last Sunday, and they made them pay for it, even if that is somewhat of a risk, I think they have to do it because otherwise, they’re just going to be waiting there trying to hold back as Tammy Abraham Lorenzo Pellegrini figure it out and once they do the entire thing will collapse. Pressurizing them is very important.

A.S Roma

Roma possible starting lineup: Patricio; Karsdorp, Mancini, Ibanez, Vina; Veretout, Cristante; Zaniolo, Pellegrini, Mkhitaryan; Abraham

Roma is coming off an emotional High and a terrific performance against Napoli. They were very fortunate not to get maximum points on Sunday. Napoli came into that game with great confidence energy, and Roma infiltrated that with an incredible defensive performance, not allowing any of the Napoli attackers to have a positive experience. Remember, prior to that game, Roma had lost a tough one against Juventus, and on top of that, we’re ripped apart by Norwegian Hobbits in the conference League. There was a lot of pressure Rising on Roma to perform. They stepped up to the plate and delivered on it; there were a few changes in the game in which Roma probably should have scored their goal, but nonetheless, Napoli was perfect, and Roma didn’t allow them to do anything. The defensive performance from the entire back four was thrilling against Victor Osimhen is very physical; the Nigerian attacker tries to get in on the left side and cut into the box, and every time little Uruguayan Matias Vina what’s there to deal with him and also contributed on the other end once the ball was taken away. Napoli is a much more difficult team, and even if Roma is going on the road into Sardinia for this matchup, they have what it takes to make this light work. There’s a huge game this Sunday against AC Milan Roma should handle this game quite simply. Lorenzo Pellegrini, over the weekend, had an underwhelming performance considering his standards and some of the other attacking players. Roma does not need to do a lot against this team; as long as they find ways to get into the box and slow down their best player from the Midfield, they should have no issues. If Lorenzo Pellegrini and Tammy Abraham can link up, this could be a pretty routine Victory. Roma is coming into this with a lot of confidence, while Cagliari is struggling to get points at the bottom of the table. They should not be underestimated because anything can happen, but Cagliari doesn’t have the Personnel to deal with a strong Roma team that’s in High Spirits. The strategy is very self-explanatory, puts incredible pressure on the back, forces them into mistakes, and takes advantage of the chances. Roma will dominate possession and have the majority of the chances when they are in front of goal all they got to do convert on, and against this Cagliari team that’s low on confidence, they should have no problem doing that; they will be occasional chances from the opposition but if they can defend the way they did against Napoli I don’t see any goals finding the back around Roma’s net this seems like a perfect game setup for Tammy Abraham I suspect he will explode and bagged a couple of Roma going to Sardinia and throttle Cagliari this should be an easy and simple 4–0 victory.

Prediction: 4–0 Roma

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