Roma vs Cagliari Talking Points

Roma 2 Cagliari 1FT

Roma have to be better wasn’t good enough

Roma will come away from their come-from-behind victory on Wednesday night on an emotional High. They showed great grit and determination scored twice in the final 20 minutes to secure the results and the points they needed ultimately. However, with AC Milan coming up this Sunday, the hottest team in Italian football away from home at the San Siro is a challenging Prospect that’s going to be very difficult to handle, which is why there was such importance on Roma getting the points and putting together a solid performance on Wednesday. It wasn’t a bad performance; they did play well together, but they did not convert often enough. Considering all the advantages they have, they shouldn’t be putting themselves in a position where they need to rely on Lorenzo Pellegrini to rescue them. The Dramatics of the Finish was something to see; however, Cagliari is at the bottom of the table; they only have one win this season they cannot defend that well they haven’t created enough opportunities to score goals, and have a serious lack of inspiration being low on confidence. This game was in Sardinia, a place in which Roma has struggled; however, the way they played is unacceptable. They have to be doing more damage against the bottom of the table; their performance is good enough to beat Cagliari; it is certainly not good enough to beat AC Milan. Roma should not be asking from their Captain to rescue them against the bottom of the table or from their goalkeeper rui Patricio to keep them in the game the two goals that they did score came in the 71st minute in the 79th minute as impressive as that may seem they’ve made this far too difficult on themselves Roma should have rolled them over I’m not denying the Cagliari have some nice players in the squad but the amount of ammo that Roma came in the game with he have been more enough to put them away very quickly they played with a fully strength Squad nobody was really rested they should have lit them up but they didn’t the match gave Roma some significance challenges they had to fight until the end to earn their points as dramatic as we finish was if they play this way against AC Milan they will be beaten Roma need to be at their absolute best and they still might get beat Wednesday night was not encouraging considering they have to go up to the San Siro and beat one of the favorites for the title they are capable of doing it but they have to put together a much better performance than what we saw Wednesday night in Sardinia Jose Mourinho will be up for it and put his team in that position they need to play much better if they want a chance against AC Milan.

Zaniolo and Tammy Have played well but Need to Score More

After watching Roma through the 90 minutes last night, it was clear that goal involvement from others outside of Lorenzo Pellegrini is really important if this Roma team will fulfill their Ambition of making the Champions League next season. Nicolo zaniolo is one of the best young talents in Italian football; he did not find the back of the net last night but showed incredible promise with an unbelievable performance. Lorenzo Pellegrini may have saved Roma, but Nicolo zaniolo came across to me as the most impressive in their victory on Wednesday. The young Italian was unable to score and find the back of the net even though he had a few opportunities. However, his overall play and impact had Roma in dangerous positions, constantly pushing the counter-attack whenever he had space and time to operate, cutting just outside the box rifling some really good opportunities at the opposing goal, really showing the toughness and the intelligence looking like a playmaker in the Roma attack. His decision-making does need to improve; sometimes he tries to do too much rather than trying to be assertive, and then other times he can be selfish; he needs to put it all together to improve certain aspects of his game, but he is a super talent, and he’s shown you that throughout this season the problem is he’s not scoring goals. He isn’t the only one with said problem right now. Tammy Abraham has been phenomenal for Roma; there’s no doubt of his impact in the attack and his ability to cause severe issues for Italian defenses. He has been worthy of the price of admission has been a perfect replacement for edin Dzeko the chemistry that he has with Lorenzo Pellegrini is one of the most exciting things are part of the season his athleticism and lanky size has put him in positions to score goals and be able to make an impact on the team. Last night was not an excellent performance from him just felt like he didn’t do enough. Don’t let the stats for you though he has been incredible for Roma and has got off to a great start in the Italian capital and feels very comfortable however much like Nicolo zaniolo; he needs to score more goals he has two goals and two assists in league with another four goals in all competitions. He is a capable goal scorer; we have seen it at Aston Villa Barnsley Chelsea; we know he’s capable of it, and now we’re starting to see that he needs to start finding at the beginning of the season the back of the net. The thing is, once Tammy Abraham becomes a consistent finisher in front of goal, Roma would become a whole other monster, and that goes with Nicolo zaniolo; both are having really good seasons, but they’re not finding the back of the net often enough Roma needs to get Tammy Abraham and Nicolo zaniolo going as soon as possible AC Milan is a big chance, but in a general sense they need to start scoring.. They are playing very well, but to make a true impact in this team is scoring more goals; we cannot always rely on Lorenzo Pellegrini to be the world-class player that he is on another level this season. One of the best midfielders in Europe; the Roma Captain is so important to the way Roma plays he is the top goal scorer at the club right now. It is by far their best player; he’s going to continue to build on that, but Tammy and Nicolo zaniolo need to give him a little bit more support to take the pressure off the Roma captain.

Pellegrini has earned the right to wear #10

Lorenzo Pellegrini has been so important to this Roma side this season. On Wednesday night, he rescued Roma when there seemed like a lack of inspiration after conceding. Defensively Roma did well on Wednesday, especially the goalkeeper putting together an extraordinary performance. However, ultimately when the chips were down, Lorenzo Pellegrini was the one that could dig them out of it. He is becoming an incredible leader in addition to what he is doing on the pitch; the impact he’s having on those around him has been really important this season. Bruno Fernandes is one of the most highly-rated attacking midfielders, someone we know in Italy for all the wrong reasons. However, since being at Manchester United, he has taken his standard up a level. This season Lorenzo Pellegrini is outperforming him, and despite the ultimate result, he outperformed him in the Europa League semi-final last year too. Not only is he outperforming him this season, I believe he is a better player. Bruno Fernandes is incredible, has a few things he does exceptionally well, and is Manchester United’s best player. However, Lorenzo Pellegrini is more of a complete midfielder and can impact a game in multiple ways. Lorenzo Pellegrini can play defensive Midfield; he’s also capable of playing on the wing; he is a very versatile midfielder that has been so incredibly valuable to this Roma team this season but in the last couple of seasons as well. There’s a reason there was a time when Manchester United, Liverpool, and Chelsea were all interested in Lorenzo Pellegrini; he has since signed a new contract with the club, but there was always interest outside eventually for him he assisted Roma’s equalizer and then scored a free-kick to win the game for Roma late coming up in the clutch when pressure was mounting on Roma to get a result he came up and provided it. When Lorenzo Pellegrini was given the armband, I was somewhat skeptical not if his ability as a player but whether he has the leadership abilities to translate all of it together. When you grow up as a Roma fan, go to the academy, everyone has the same dream of wearing that armband. I wasn’t sure he was ready for it; the pressure was mounting on that situation because the last three captains were Francesco Totti, Daniele de Rossi, and Edin Dzeko. Francesco Totti is the youngest Captain in Roma history and is their greatest ever player. Daniele De Rossi is their greatest ever leader and a symbol of relatability, not to mention Edin Dzeko, who scored the third-most goals in club history. All of these responsibilities or put on the shoulders of Lorenzo Pellegrini, not the most outspoken personality. Still, he’s proved last night and various times this season that he is earned the right to wear the armband. How he has made Tammy Abraham feel so comfortable while finding ways to communicate with him regularly although the two don’t speak the same language, the passion that he shows the way he erupted after scoring that long taking his top off and running over to the Roma fans he has adored in Rome, the Captain that follows Daniele De Rossi and Francesco Totti was going to have a lot of pressure. Still, Lorenzo Pellegrini has lived up to it on and off the pitch. He will hold that armband for a long time; a genuine belief is that his entire dream as a kid was to play for Roma. Now he’s Captain of his Boyhood Club. I don’t think we’ll ever play for another club the way he came forward and turned the game around for Roma, saving them from embarrassment; this might be controversial. I don’t expect anyone to agree with it. Still, Lorenzo Pellegrini has earned the right to wear number 10.

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