Arsenal Come Into the King Power and Shot the foxes dead as Ramsdale heroics has Arsenal climbing #1307

On Saturday afternoon, Arsenal traveled to the King Power Stadium to take on Leicester City. The two teams are very similar in regards to how their Seasons started and where they are now. Arsenal lost their first three games of the season, and it looked like they were going to be in a relegation battle; there was a lot of pressure mounting on everyone; however, slowly but surely, they have picked up points and look to jump-start their campaign against Leicester City after beating Aston Villa last weekend. Meanwhile, Leicester City has had an up-and-down season but seem to be turning the tide in their own right; the Champions League race is very much open there’s even the possibility one of these teams breaking into it at this point both Arsenal and Leicester City are in similar form in what was expected to be a very tightly contested match up. Arsenal kicked into gear immediately when everything kicked off at the king power Leicester city really struggling, especially in the opening 20 minutes Arsenal was able to take advantage of it on more than one occasion. Just five minutes into the game Gabriel Rises on a corner kick; he follows through to give Arsenal a 1–0 lead; they continue to build up pressure, then they go and get themselves and the other one. Rising Star Emile Smith Rowe strike in the back of the net has Arsenal held a 2–0 lead Leicester City, a team that was in good form coming into this game conceded twice in the opening 20 minutes in what was an epic disaster at the very start of the game. Arsenal continued to maintain control as they held their 2–0 lead into the second half. In the second half, the foxes went right at Arsenal; they did everything they could to break through, but Aaron Ramsdale patrolled the ship, denying everything that came his way a truly tremendous display, and Ramsdale stopped Vardy and Barnes reportedly in the second half in a goalkeeping performance to remember as the Gunners go into the King Power and leave with the points as European Football now seemed achievable as Arsenal following 2–0 win.

Manager: Brenden Rogers
9th: 4–2–3 14 Points

Manger: Mikel Arteta
7th: 4–3–3 15Points
Formation: 4–4–1–1

The Premier League weekend kicks off with Leicester city hosting Arsenal; after preparations and predictions, the match got underway at the King Power Stadium. Brendan Rodgers found some early troubles against an Arsenal side that seemed very ambitious. It did not take very long for them to take advantage of their early superiority. In the fifth minute, coming off a corner kick taken by Saka, his cross was delivered accurately Inside the Box as Gabriel rose up as he made connection getting his head on the end of it, directing the corner into the top corner as Arsenal took a 1–0 lead. Arsenal erupted in what was a quick-fire start for the gunners. Leicester city caught off guard in a very slow start for the foxes is was a very disheartening start as they conceded in the opening five minutes; however, it was going to get worse. Leicester City didn’t seem that they were in this game at all; it was all Arsenal as they continued to pressurize the defense and got in those dangerous spaces. 2 minutes later, after some erratic defending from Leicester City, Arsenal was on the verge of another breakthrough Aubameyang pushes the ball forward before striking from just inside the Box Kasper Schmeichel was able to handle despite having some difficulties securing the ball. Arsenal came forward again; this time, Thomas Partey stinging a strike from deep Kasper Schmeichel, made the save. There was a sense of pressure continuing to mount on Leicester City, having to deal with Arsenal coming at them with a lot of aggression. James Madison shortly after tried to get things going for Leicester City strike from outside the Box was blocked as the situation collapsed on itself. The pressure that Arsenal was putting on Leicester city would be felt once again in the 18th minute Emile Smith Rowe doubled the lead. The youngster came into this game with an incredible performance against Aston Villa; he picked his spot just inside the Box, drilling it into the back of the net as Arsenal ran out to a 2–0 lead. Considering all the struggles Arsenal has endured this season, all of a sudden, they scored twice in the opening 18 minutes, a polar opposite of how this team has looked early in the campaign. Leicester city seems unorganized, out of whack, and quite erratic. Leicester city is just trying to find anything they can to give them a glimmer of hope to get back in the game. Despite the two-goal lead, it was far from over is Leicester city could get themselves back into a good position, then maybe the tide could turn nacho missed from long range as Aaron Ramsdale made the stop. In the closing moments of the first half, Leicester City won a free kick James Madison stepped up and hit an absolute Beauty it seemed like it was searching for that top corner Aaron Ramsdale makes an unbelievable save Leicester City tries to score on the rebound it looks like the ball is rolling past the line what is cleared out at the last second theatrical finish into the first half as Arsenal hold a 2–0 lead thanks to Gabriel and Emile Smith Rowe.

Arsenal came out firing from the first half while Leicester city had more of a whimper as Arsenal scored twice in the first 20 minutes. Leicester City had a lot of work to do overturning a two-goal deficit; it was going to take something special. Leicester City went to the bench as they brought in Harvey Barnes and Adam Lookman as Brendan Rodgers hoped they would provide some inspiration to bring them back into the game. Leicester City came out in the second half looked much improved; even though Arsenal still seemed like the better team, Leicester city gave themselves a fighting chance; they came out firing with a couple of early chances to kick off the second half. Harvey Barnes gets things going with a strike coming from outside the box but missed. 3 minutes later, Luke Thomas came close but misfired to close range. Youri Tielemans gave Leicester city an opportunity from a set-piece as he fired a free-kick but connected with too much power missed High. A slow start to the first half from Arsenal as they went to the bench, bringing and Martin Odegaard for Alexandre Lacazette. Although Arsenal is sitting on a two-goal lead, Leicester city was chipping away they needed to find the back of the net; unfortunately for them, Aaron Ramsdale was operating at an incredible level they defended well enough to keep them at arm’s length even though the majority of the changes in the second half came from Leicester City. Aaron Ramsdale denied Lookman strike from a complicated angle was dealt with. Leicester City continued to apply pressure as Harvey Barnes went after inside the box; he blasted a strike from close range. It only added to the frustration has Leicester city still was searching for a goal to give them hope. Arsenal may not have been as aggressive in the second half, but they could sit back after building their lead. A few minutes later, Harvey Barnes came through yet again, pulling up from outside the box but still couldn’t find the appropriate touch to get the foxes the goal they were looking for. To a large extent, it seemed to be all Leicester city in the second half; they created many chances to get themselves back into it and potentially turn it around. Still, the time was running out even though they made a lot of chances and tested Aaron Ramsdale but came up big again. Jamie Vardy came into the box ripping a strike from close range but with quick reflexes from Aaron Ramsdale, keeping Arsenal on the front foot. With about 20 minutes to go, Saka put his foot through a cross coming from the wing, looking to add another goal for Arsenal potentially; it was honestly really their only goal-scoring chance of the second half. The foxes were the better team in the second half had the majority of the chances and control; they could not beat the brick wall Harvey Barnes converted on a header through the air Jamie Vardy Struck from close range, then Harvey Barnes with about seven minutes to go tries to pull a header past Aaron Ramsdale once again Leicester City went after it in the second half but could not breakthrough as a horrid 20 minutes at the start of the first half sees Arsenal hold off and Onslaught from Leicester city in the second half as they start to turn their season around could this be the beginning of an Arsenal run that leads them into European football?

Arsenal started the season as bad as you possibly could imagine. They dropped their first three games of the season without scoring a goal; there was serious cause for concern, and there were many questions regarding whether Mikel Arteta could lead them out of the mess. However, they seem to start turning this around, and given the recent performances are swaying towards European football. Domination in the London Derby against Spurs handling Aston Villa without much difficulty and now this afternoon away from home at the King Power Stadium, it hasn’t been all roses the Crystal Palace performance was Dreadful, but even in that game, they managed to secure a point. Arsenal has not lost matchday three in the Premier League. Mikel Arteta might be the right man and not the right man, but there’s no doubt that he has this team going in the right direction. I’m not sure how long it will last. When he initially got the job, I was very skeptical, considering what else was already available. Then he beat Manchester City, Liverpool, and Chelsea on the way to FA Cup Glory, and I started thinking that he has what it takes; it has been a mix of good and bad for Arsenal being completely outclassed in the Europa League semi-final against Emery it has been very inconsistent, but they remain in a good position and are climbing. Brandon Rogers Leicester City team coming off a half a cup Glory coming into the season they also did not start the best and had been playing much better as of late the foxes had Ambitions for Champions League Glory having come close to last couple years Brendan Rodgers has done a tremendous job, but he always seems to come up. Arsenal put a lot of pressure on the foxes early in the first half, scoring twice through Gabriel and Emile Smith Rowe; once they had the lead, they felt like they were in control. In the second half, Branden Rogers made some adjustments at the boxes are much more aggressive individually. Jamie Vardy was excellent for being assertive and creator of the Leicester city attack and Harvey Barnes. From my viewpoint, they were the much more aggressive team in the second half. They had the majority of the chances are small didn’t really have a scoring opportunity in the second half, at least not very many; it was Leicester city pushing the tempo; however, Aaron Ramsdale was quite a memorable performance being able to deal with whatever Leicester City threw at them. For a goalkeeper, I do not rate that highly. I was stoned and shell-shocked with his performance even though he’s been solid over the last couple of games, the individual Brilliance that he displayed was something that caught me off guard, and I could not believe what I was seeing. Under other circumstances, Leicester city probably would have scored, but Aaron Ramsdale just had an afternoon to remember this could turn out to be a very defining moment for Arsenal. Manchester City, Chelsea, and Liverpool are guaranteed Champions League football; however, considering man united struggle at times this season, even though they won today, it is not outside of the possibilities that they could make the Champions League. It depends on many different things but getting back into European football would give the Arsenal fanbase a sense of progress. Mikkel Arteta got it right outclassing Brendan Rodgers. Is Arsenal team does have quality in it, but I don’t consider it an incredibly strong Squad from Back to Front; if Arsenal continues to ride this momentum and get into Europe, we could potentially see this Arsenal team becomes something I’m not going to overact over one game but to go into the King Power Stadium and out to the Leicester city is no easy feat.

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