Florian Kohfeldt Era Begins with a bang The Wolves Stun Leverkusen as Nmecha leads the Pack#1308

There’s been a lot of drama behind the scenes at Wolfsburg over the last week. I was very vocal about what I considered the unjustified sacking of Marco van bommel pointing to the Wolfsburg board as the nature of the problem. Wolfsburg came into a massive game on the road at Bayer Arena and the club has not tasted victory since September in Match Day 4. Wolfsburg recently-appointed Florian Kohfeldt which is not encouraging for anyone he only has a 36% win percentage and didn’t seem it’s what was required to turn this around. The Wolves showed up at Leverkusen hoping to prove a point with the new manager it was going to be extremely tough and Bayern Leverkusen were big favorites expected to handle a Wolfsburg team that seemingly is finding it difficult to pick up any points whatsoever. However the Wolves wanted to put on a good show for their new manager and that’s exactly what they did. Bayer Leverkusen have the advantage in a numerous of statistical categories however the wolves were aggressive in front of goal still without their best player after a goalless first half Wolfsburg stunned Bayern Leverkusen with two quick goals to start the second half. Lucas nmecha stuck a strike in the back of the net after brilliant run from lukebakio as Wolfsburg took a 1–0 lead. Just a few minutes late it did require a bit of luck but they scored again missile strike saved a follow-up deflected by the defense ultimately landed in the space of Max Arnold who rifled the strike into the back of the net as Wolfsburg took a 2–0 lead. Despite many stipulations in this game the wolves rarely played a solid 90 minutes unfortunately late in the game Maxine LaCroix was sent off for a red card and a penalty was given at the end. In the 94th minute Lucas alario was denied by Konan Casteels Wolfsburg get the clean sheet and collect three points for the first time since matchday for in the Bundesliga is this the beginning of a turnaround? Or was this just a good day at the office those questions are yet to be answered but Wolfsburg pull off the 2–0 upset against Florian Wirtz and Leverkusen away from home a promising start for the new manager yet there’s still plenty of work to be done.

After preparations and predictions the match got underway in Leverkusen in one of the most anticipated matches of the weekend. A Bayern Leverkusen team that got humbled against Bayern Munich taking on a Wolfsburg team that just sacked their coach and are winless since September. The opening stages of the game very expected Bayer Leverkusen had complete control of the ball dominated possession and looked incredibly dangerous from the start. Florian Wirtz once again looked Dynamic and dangerous really showing the genuine qualities that he possesses at such a young age and even though there were times in which they looked dangerous early Wolfsburg did seem up for it this time around. Lucas nmecha threaded a ball for riddle Baku striking from the side of the box but was halted by a quick action saved from the goalkeeper. Just moments later we saw the exact opposite this time it was Lucas nmecha putting Baku in position his strike was on target something that Wolfsburg has struggled with the last couple weeks but the keeper came up with another. Just mere seconds later Aster vrancken Struck from deep but was denied again. Wolfsburg did not have a ton of the ball but there was a very aggressive nature about them. There’s no doubt that Wolfsburg had that momentum Leverkusen desperately tried to get it back as Ezequiel Palacios try to get Kareem demirbay as he blasted a strike from the deep end but hooked to the left. Shortly after Leverkusen looked like they were on the verge of a breakthrough a brilliant run from Florian Wirtz got Leverkusen on the break a perfectly crafted Counterattack as he set up his teammate but the finished wasn’t converted on. It really was a very fascinating game with neither team really coming in there and showing superiority. The thought was Leverkusen was going to blow Wolfsburg out of the water there was never a better time to do it then in that very moment. At the half-hour mark Yannick gerhardt came close but the well hit strike went to the left. At the very end of the first half Florian Wirtz try to set up a teammate again and then orchestrated a chance for himself with a late strike from outside the box as the first half came to an end with a goalless draw after 45 minutes.

It was a very promising first half for the wolves they could have been ripped apart considering the quality inside this Leverkusen team. However despite the good they were able to do in the first half some changes didn’t need to be made at the break Paulo Octavio and lukebakio entering action to start the second half. It was a promising 45 minutes even though the possession was limited in this game they had only 36% possession however their chances came often and in the second half they took advantage of it immediately. In the 48th minute a beautiful run from just outside the box showing exceptional dribbling and control lukebakio made a beautiful run into the box doing kind of a spin move keeping possession and then sending it cross into the box a Leverkusen Defender did get a touch as Lucas nmecha sticks out his foot hitting the back of the net as the Wolves took a 1–0 lead as erratic as it has been for Wolfsburg they had not scored in several games now they got themselves the lead at the start of the second half against one of the League’s best teams. 3 minutes later in the 51st minute it happened again in a very dramatic couple of events Lucas nmecha put his head through a Pablo Octavio cross that was saved Yannick gerhardt struck on the rebound but was blocked then on a third attempt Max Arnold drill the strike into the back of the net as the Wolfsburg Captain converts as Wolfsburg got out to a 2–0 lead. 2 minutes later Wolfsburg nearly scored again through Lucas nmecha but great save coming from the goal prevents it from getting even more out of hand. John Brooks saw his header go high coming off a set-piece as Wolfsburg all of a sudden had complete control they were maintaining the distance even though Leverkusen attempted to get one back there word demoralize from what they were getting in the second half. Jonathan Tah trying to put his foot through a cross coming off a free kick coasting over the goal. Kevin mbabu comes in for Yannick gerhardt as Wolfsburg made another change with 20 minutes to go. Robert Andrich and Lucas alario both had Strike blocked by the Wolfsburg defense that looked compelling for the first time in months. Kareem demirbay nearly got one back with a well-hit strike from outside the box but couldn’t manage to break through. Wolfsburg made their final change as Felix comes in for Baku. Max Arnold tried to get Wolfsburg a thrid with a deep strike but was dealt with by the goalkeeper then in stoppage time in the 94th minute Maxine LaCroix received his second sending off for the season is Lucas alario was taken clean out inside the Box. Lucas alario stepped up from 12 yards out in the last kick of the game but to no avail Conan Castillo make this a in the game’s final seconds as Wolfsburg earn their first victory since September 9th with a 2–0 victory over Bayer Leverkusen as they pull off the upset and get a clean sheet the new Wolfsburg manager Florian Kohfeldt get a victory in his first game it may not tell a lot but they do get the points.

Wolfsburg taste victory for the first time since September in addition to that they get a clean sheet to go along with it. Wolfsburg played really well against Leverkusen essentially catching them off guard as I suspected that they would been ripped apart by Florian Wirtz and Leverkusen who are one of the best sides in Germany this season. Wolfsburg barely had any of the ball but didn’t matter all that much a team that has significantly struggled scoring goals found their way through. A rapid start to the second half sees them score twice with Lucas nmecha being very influential in both of the goals scored he is my man of the match as he has seen to step up the last two games with the absence of the teams best player wout weghorst. Wolfsburg pull off the upset in their first game with the new manager defensively they looked much stronger and was able to handle Leverkusen despite being second best in almost every statistical category they got into dangerous positions when they have the ball and created many chances in front of goal registering eight shots on target which is more their last five games this doesn’t necessarily mean that The Tide is changing but it will give the Wolves a better confidence going forward in what was a very significant victory after being winless for so long.

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