A.C Milan vs Roma Talking Points #1310

AC Milan 2 Roma 1FT

Lack of Attacking Creativity Roma can’t always Rely on Pellegrini

Roma took on the biggest tests in Italian football on Sunday night, and their experience wasn’t one that they wanted to remember. A week earlier at the Stadio Olimpico, Roma denied Napoli of their 10th straight win, getting a very impressive goalless draw against Napoli, who was at the time at the top of the table. Then Wednesday night in Sardinia it went the opposite way, essentially relying on Lorenzo Pellegrini to bail Roma out of jail against the bottom of the league. The performance against AC Milan was predicated on their ability to attack and make an impact in the early parts of the game on Sunday. That simply just was not the case; most of us are aware that AC Milan is the best in the league; no one is sitting up here in demanding Roma to get results against them; it’s the type of performance that they put together that is Meaningful and that matters for this Roma team going forward. There was an opportunity here for Roma to recreate the performance they had against Napoli instead; they kind of looked the way they did on Wednesday night, but perhaps they were even worse against AC Milan. Roma barely had any of the balls and couldn’t really provide anything from a creative perspective, once again heavily relying on Lorenzo Pellegrini to do everything for them. I’m not taking back everything I said that from a few days ago; Lorenzo Pellegrini is the best midfielder in the world on current form, at least. If you take that out, he’s still in the top five; it is wonderful when you have a player like this that can change any game and they can make that type of impact regardless of an opponent; however, it is completely unfair for Roma to continue to rely on their Superstar to get them out of the mud. Ibrahimovic scored an incredible free-kick as Roma is put in a hole. In the second half, AC Milan won a controversial penalty; they converted it, and any chance from the game ended it right there. There’s no reason for me to speak on top of the controversial things that took place last night; we know that Italian football has some issues with officiating in terms of favoritism, but it didn’t change the outcome of the game. AC Milan was the better team and deserved to win full stop. However, concerning factors seem to be rising in the capital. The attack has been somewhat non-existent at times this season. Tammy Abraham and Nicolo zaniolo are fantastic players; there’s no need to be worried about what their qualities represent and what they can bring to the table; the issue is getting everybody on the same wavelength like I said last week, they need to start finding the back of the net Tammy was not great last night that’s two games in a row in which he has struggled there’s no reason to panic, but we need to figure out a way to unlock this. Maybe it’s a change of formation going to a back 3? It could be an option from a wingback perspective Rick karsdorp would shred in that position. However, it’s a bit complicated considering a lot of the attacking weapons that Roma does have. The other issue is the Midfield January could be very important Jordan veretout has been a very solid player for Roma the last couple years however we need a better paring in the defensive Midfield I’m not saying Brian cristante and Jordan should not leave the club but if we had any more ambitious Midfield I think the attacking mentality would be better Roma had 20 shots in the second half barely any were on target I don’t know what the solution is but we can not continue to look at Lorenzo Pellegrini and ask him to save us we need to get Tammy and zaniolo more involved in the goalscoring we need to bring in some upgrades to the Midfield Roma are still in a good spot they’re still in Champions League contention and should still feel confident about qualifying the defense and goalkeeper have been spectacular but we need more production from the attack it’s just lacking some inspiration Jose Mourinho will have a plan of how to unlock that but we cannot simply play like that again on Sunday it has been two miserable performances in a row something needs adjusting we shall see if Roma can get back on track on the weekend the attack needs to be unlocked.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic Age is just a number

Zlatan Ibrahimovic continues to operate at an extremely high level even at 40 years old. He added even more history to an already historic resume. Winning the league with AC Milan this season would be a perfect ending to the tale. Last night against Roma, he scored the 400th goal of his domestic career remarkably with a free-kick strike hit with so much power that Rui Patricio could not even react; it happened so quickly. Ibrahimovic is an incredibly unique player; his outspokenness, ego, and self-confidence are indeed something that will never be seen again. He continues to defy the odds of age, showing that it is just a number we all inevitably falter at some point, but we have not seen a steady decline yet. It is truly remarkable what he has been able to do at this age. Everyone continues to talk about Cristiano Ronaldo, the number of goals he is scoring, and all these things in the NFL. People are talking about Tom Brady continuing to be one of the best quarterbacks in the league. I do not deny that these things are awe-inspiring but what Ibrahimovic is doing is far more impressive and advanced. Tom Brady is on one of the best NFL teams in the league; he has protection and time to throw; he is really never is getting hit. Cristiano Ronaldo can score great goals and continues to do so as he gets older; however, he’s not the same player he was three years ago; he’s not able to dominate the game single-handedly or do the things he does has done the majority of his career. Ibrahimovic is four years older than Cristiano Ronaldo, and at this age, he can still find a back of the net pretty regularly now. I’m not suggesting that he’s as good as he was at PSG. Still, his return to Italian football has been a brilliant decision as he continues to score goals like the one on Sunday. What a hit it was for a 40-year-old to score a goal like that is incredible, not to mention he scored a second goal that was taken offsides. However, it was a stroke of extreme difficulty; even though he’s 40 years old, he still seems like he has no plans to retire; he scored 17 goals as a 39-year-old 11 goals in 20 games as a 38-year-old, not to mention 53 goals in 58 games with the LA Galaxy before he made his return to Italy. Even with just three goals this season, he is only played six games, meaning he has scored in 50% of the games that he has played at 40 years old is Ibrahimovic will get to double digits light him being older than the majority of the league and on top of that 17% of Italian football was not born when he made his debut it’s just another lesson that Ibrahimovic like he said when he was with Manchester United he is a bit like Benjamin Button he was born old, but he will die young.

A.C Milan Are the favorites

Regardless of the circumstances of the match AC Milan proved something last night they are the team to beat an Italian football. They are overwhelming favorites for the league title; they have an auspicious opportunity to take back the city and win the league for the first time in a decade. We are 11 games into the season; they have only dropped one point. Last night they dominated the match for over 60 minutes; at the end, Roma was really pushing hard to get themselves back into it, but collectively, through the 90 minutes, AC Milan was a significantly better team; it wasn’t even close. We can talk about the penalty, and we can talk about the penalty that Roma did not get, but at the end of the day, it’s completely irrelevant regarding the results that AC Milan got on Sunday night. They were undoubtedly controversial decisions but didn’t indeed affect the outcome of the game. Roma did their best to battle against an extremely strong AC Milan team, and they just could not handle it. AC Milan put together a nearly perfect performance. Things will get more difficult next weekend in the Milan Derby against Inter Milan in what could be a very defining match of the season. Getting a massive result against Roma at the Stadio Olimpico it’s certainly something to see. Some believe that Napoli is in a title race and can win the title; believe it or not, they live in a delusional world. AC Milan has been almost Flawless the entire season so far, dropping just one point this season; not only are they getting the points, but they have battled through adversity on two different occasions against Hellas Verona and bologna. They have separated themselves from the pack; all the concerns coming into the season about the age of their attack have been proven right; Ibrahimovic and Olivier Giroud have been excellent, not to mention the progression of Rafael leao Ibrahim Diaz and Sandro tonali. They have the second-best defense in the league on top of that. Even though their European Adventure is not going very well, the domestic play has been excellent; AC Milan is the favorite for the league. They should be if anyone can stop them, it is Inter Milan; it’s just not Napoli; having seen Napoli and AC Milan play against Roma this weekend last and weekend, there’s clearly a big difference between the two. Controversy always happens in matches like that, but it’s not even worth bringing up because AC Milan was more significantly Superior. Right now, they are just levitating above everyonee

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