European Players of the Week #1312

Robert Lewandowski vs Benfica, Union ⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽

Well, here we are again unsurprisingly Robert Lewandowski makes my list once again following yet another outrageous week for the best player in the world. I’m sure some are sick of me talking about this guy week in and week out, but the performances speak for themselves. The fact is even though we know Robert Lewandowski is the best player in the world, there is always an opportunity for him to miss out on this list not because he doesn’t deserve it but because there are others who perform at a high level with an interesting back story that goes into it but the way Robert Lewandowski is playing right now it is hard to look past him even if there are other options. I understand the argument for Cristiano Ronaldo Marcelo brozovic Trent Alexander Arnold, but every week yet again, we’re in the same place talking about Robert Lewandowski. There are a lot of players this week who deserved recognition, but we saw this week could not be ignored. Bayern Munich, surprisingly before Saturday’s game against Union Berlin, were smacked around against Gladbach, hanging five on Bayern Munich in the German cup; however, Robert Lewandowski and Bayern Munich got things rolling and back on track immediately. Still showing to everyone that they are the best team in the world. Being led by the most dangerous player on the planet. I recently said that Mohamed Salah is the player in the best form right now after Sunday and the Champions League game on Tuesday. I’m not sure we can sit up here and say that anymore. We talk about Robert every week. Do I find different ways of describing it? I try to, and between you and me, as much as I love writing about Robert Lewandowski, I am essentially writing the same paragraph and making the same points every week. Every time I write about Robert Lewandowski are certainly similarities from week to week to what I’m saying. I try to think of more creative ways to break it down and cover my points better every time I nominate him. As much as I enjoy talking about him, there are weeks where I wish someone else to step up so I could tell a different story, but Robert Lewandowski makes it almost impossible to do that, especially when he’s playing like that. Against Union Berlin, he converted from the spot, and then in a very creatively put together free-kick, he hit a bomb from outside the box Leroy sane and Joshua kimmich both stepping over the ball before they rolled the ball into Robert Lewandowski, and he hit a missile into the back of the net. Just like every game. it wasn’t just the goal; he was very influential in the build-up play opening up the attack for Bayern Munich, and so on; he cannot stop scoring. It may not have been his best performance of the season, but he was just on a level on Saturday against a solid union Berlin team that was overwhelmed by Bayern Munich despite giving them some trouble at times. The star of that particular matchup was Thomas Muller, who had four-goal contributions. Had there been no Champions League this week, I would probably be talking about Muller instead; however, against SL Benfica, Robert Lewandowski was a truly spectacular performance; not from this planet people always criticize him for his Champions League performances, but I don’t understand why every time he’s got an opportunity to show what he has he explodes the performance against Benfica was no exception. He had four-goal contributions as he was on another level, just once again reminding all of us that he is just on a level above anyone playing right now. He kicked it off with a header at the near post, followed that up with a backheel pass into Serge gnabry, who scored with a backheel of his own, then he got cheeky with it on a counter-attack chipping the goalkeeper and then finishing off with a classic Robert Lewandowski strike. His final goal was probably the most impressive; he had the ball near Bayern Munich half spreads the ball to Serge gnabry with a light touch Serge gnabry then hit a bullet of a through ball into Speedy Leroy Sane got back into his space, and he converted. Three goals and one assist against Benfica and he could have had a fourth having missed a penalty in the first half two goals against Union Berlin he has eight goals in the Champions League this season he’s got 22 goals in all competitions he is just levitating above everyone else he is the most dangerous goal scorer of the last half-decade at his position. In his 100th Champions League game, he has 81 goals; just for some perspective, he has more goals in his first hundred Champions League games than Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. He is a scoring machine but also continues to do things beyond what the stats show his overall play as a complete Striker is passing his runs also impacting in multiple ways he’s doing this every week he is the definition of a complete Striker I know I’m repeating myself here because it seems like I’m talking about him every week now but sometimes people forget the other aspect of his game because they’re so infatuated with his goalscoring ability he is not the best player in the world purely because of the amount of goals he scores he is the best player in the world because he’s a scoring machine but does other things that helped Bayern Munich one of those fascinating things about him is his ability to get the ball back when Bayern Munich lose it putting pressure on the defender even completing tackles to regain possession Bayern Munich are on an level this season because of Robert lewandowski they have an incredibly strong Squad but they go up the level when Robert does his thing and it’s not just the goals it’s everything wrapped into one and we are seeing this week in and week out in the Champions League and in the Bundesliga there’s really no stopping this man. The Ballon d’Or is coming very soon; it would be the most fraudulent ceremony in football history if he does not win it; not only that it should not even be close, he should get at least 85% of first-place votes and deep down if you look and evaluate what he has done over the last two years it should be a unanimous Ballon d’Or winner the ceremony will lose all credibility if he’s not holding the trophy at the end of it watching him this week should show you that it shouldn’t even be close he is the best player in the world. There’s not an argument for anybody else at this very moment. Another wonderful week for the world’s best player. I’m sorry if you’re bored of me discussing him but his performances are just too good not to break down each week. Maybe next week, he will not be included in 3, but as long as he continues to play this way, it’s almost like he’s got a reserved spot on this list until further notice.

Karim Benzema vs Shahatar ⚽⚽

Karim Benzema has been Sensational this season as he is a symbol of consistency in La Liga. Certainly one of the best strikers in the world and would be my Ballon d’Or runner-up in January. Regardless of what you put around him, he can deliver under any type of circumstances. This is why he’s able to remain consistent even after the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo four years ago. Many thought Real Madrid would disappear and evaporate as a continental power Karim Benzema has kept them moving, leading them to the La Liga title 2 years ago and a Champions League semi-final last season. He already has 22 goal contributions this campaign. It has taken me far too long to nominate him and include him on this list. A few weeks ago, after a brace in La Liga, I told Karim Benzema, I owe you one. It has taken far too long; the French International has 13 goals and eight assists this season; he is the top scorer in La Liga and is piping hot for Real Madrid right now. He was brilliant and another important Win For Real Madrid against Shakhtar Donetsk. Scoring a brace as Real Madrid, despite having limited superstars in the team, are now fighting at the peak of La Liga with Atletico Madrid as well and have the potential to go on another Deep Run in the Champions League. He has gone at to another level since Cristiano Ronaldo left a god-level, not necessarily Robert Lewandowski level. Still, he is the number two Stiker in the world at this very moment and a top-five player in the world, in my opinion. Continues to be the driving Real Madrid battling on all fronts. Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid will fight until the finish for the La Liga title. Even though Luis Suarez and Atletico Madrid are dangerous, Real Madrid has a massive Advantage between the two. Only one of them has Karim Benzema, and he is as dangerous as ever. He is one of the highest-scoring players in the history of the Champions League with Ronaldo and continues without him. Since the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo, Karim Benzema has had 100 goals and 39 assists in all competitions, just only proving and justifying his importance. Cristiano Ronaldo is the greatest player in the history of Real Madrid, but Karim Benzema, if he keeps playing like this, could become a bigger icon in Madrid; it will be difficult to eclipse, but he is stays packed with that club, and I don’t think he will ever play for anybody else. Not to mention he’s doing it at the highest level; even with all of the issues that Real Madrid has gone through over the last couple of years, another dominant performance in the Champions League, I would not expect anything less. His intelligence is shown on every sequence in the first goal when the goalkeeper made the mistake Karim Benzema position himself perfectly to stay on sides to score a straightforward goal and on the second goal he put together a beautiful run getting in a dangerous position where only he can finish sculpting strike into the bottom corner as Real Madrid remain at the top of the group it’s going to be a big clash between Inter Milan and Real Madrid again on that matchup Karim Benzema will be vital yet again he has been mutually unplayable this season and deserve to finish ahead of Lionel Messi in the Ballon d’Or he has done everything he’s been asked to do and then some. In this Champions League week it only piled on more this will not be the last time he’s included in my list I guarantee that.

Dusan Vlahovic vs Spezia ⚽⚽⚽

Dusan vladovic is the best young striker in Italian football; a center-forward with so much potential and promise still incredibly young, and his career continues to grow and become an absolute monster in front of goal. He is playing his trade at Fiorentina for the first time in years looks like a real team that could contend for European football this upcoming season. They have a real manager capable of overpowering all the things that have preceded them from making Europe the last couple of years. Not to mention a very talented team led by the Serbian attacker who was just an incredible physical specimen with outstanding clinical finishing, precisely the type of Striker that could take Fiorentina to a whole new level. Even though they have Nico Gonzalez, who is capable of shouldering the weight, vladovic and Gonzales together have been exactly what Fiorentina needs to have incredible future for years to come, potentially pushing European football and Beyond. However, it appears vladovic isn’t interested in that. The young striker was offered a contract extension before the weekend of the game against Spezia; the promising attacker turned it down only for us to further analyze what is going to happen with this situation. When players typically reject contracts, it sometimes affects the play; however, it is quite the opposite in his case. The youngster scored a hat-trick, his second of the season. Flawless execution from the spot, a second from close range, and a third making a beautiful run-in-danger space before tucking it away for his third. Dusan vladovic scored 21 goals last season this season. He has scored eight already his size and physicality was just too much for the defense to handle, and he was allowed to do what he wanted there were even a few times where he stretched his range, nearly scoring; he is the one that pushes the tempo in Florence, the most considerable influence on this team is the manager; however, the young striker has been exactly what I feel his side needed, and despite the contract situation he responds with a hat-trick. Incredible performance, but the reaction to this is something I’m very intrigued by what will happen with this situation. He has made it clear that he would like to depart the club go to a team that can win trophies; while Florence is in a gradual building process, they’re a good team the probably end up in Europe, but the youngster wants to play at a bigger club where he can contend for trophies ASAP. The destination that has come up most frequently is Athletico Madrid; now they have Luis Suarez, but if you add a killer like Dusan vladovic, it would be enough to get some separation from Karim Benzema and Real Madrid potentially. They have a problem because Real Madrid has the best player in La Liga. Deep down, I believe this is what he wants; however, after that performance, Florentina will try to hold on to this kid until the end of the season, but unfortunately, this is only going to drag on now that the contract has been turned down it was an incredible performance as he makes my list for the first time. Still, what will happen with this situation going forward? We’re just going to have to wait and see with anticipation, but this weekend he was next level, and I expect him to continue to perform regardless of the situation.

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