Valeria Pirone nets Twice as Roma knock Sassuolo off thier Perch #1311

The Roman women have dealt with a very difficult run of form over their last three games. The ladies have lost two of their last three, and there seemed to be a sense of a lack of confidence, especially with the challenge that day would be dealt with on Sunday afternoon. Losing to Inter Milan, a misfortunate draw against AC Milan, and a loss to Juventus in the games against Milan and Juventus Roma had taken the lead before ultimately losing it. If not necessarily that they had played badly, but after a hot start to the season, play gotten on a little bit of a skid at home against Sassuolo, who went into the game in Rome standing at the top of the table with maximum points. It felt like this was exactly what Roma did not need at the moment a really tough stretch, and now they had to go to battle against the best team in Italy; this could be a very defining performance, and it was. Sassuolo were the favorites going into this one, and rightfully so; however, Roma still could pull off the upset. It was a bit end-to-end in the first half, with both teams having their share of opportunities; however, surprisingly, Roma looked like the slightly better side. Roma would break the deadlock as Valeria Pirone, former Sassuolo striker, scored a fantastic goal to give Roma a surprising 1–0 lead. Roma was able to hang on to the lead going into the second half. Roma then scored again as Valeria Pirone supplied the touch, getting her brace as Roma took a 2–0 lead. Roma had the game in control and even had a few more opportunities to break it open even further as they dealt with the hottest team in Italy as Roma ended the three-game skid with a massive three points that could shape the rest of the campaign meanwhile Juventus reclaimed the top of the league despite getting a scare from Inter Milan an important three points as now Roma can build on this and get their season back on track.

After preparations and predictions, the match got underway in Rome; the Roma ladies attempted to end their three-game skid, trying to take down the top of the table. It was a very evenly matched game they were no significant advantages, at least in the early part. The Possession split right down the middle; both teams had early opportunities; the Breakthrough was going to be some battle; you really could sense it from the beginning. In the opening 10 minutes, Sassuolo got onto the attack putting themselves in a dangerous space before striking a well-hit ball from outside in the box. Had the power on it, but the accuracy glided over but still forced Camelia Caesar to jump at it. It continued to be back and forth, with each team having stretches in which they had the confidence to break through it was really unclear regarding who was going to take advantage first there was no sense of this whatsoever as the game unfolded Roma had an opportunity to break through, and they took the chance at it. In the 22nd minute, former sassuolo striker Valeria Pirone flew through the air connecting on it was played off the line right back into her space has the veteran Striker put her foot through the volley actually sent her strike into the roof of the net as Roma took a 1–0 lead. Roma draws blood first against the top of the table; there is still much work to be done in two of their last three games. Roma had scored first play needed a better response in this matchup, and it felt like this was going to be different. 2 minutes later, Sassuolo tried getting themselves back into the game across coming from the wing into the box the attacker put her foot out trying to push it into the bottom corner, but Camelia Caesar made the save. Roma went on the other end not long after looking to double the lead. Off a corner kick at the half-hour mark, Roma Captain Elisa Bartoli put her head through a cross coming from a corner but fired it wide. A minute later, Anna Serturini sent a cross into the box to find Valeria Pirone; she connected as the ball hit inches away from the ground, but her finish was just a bit wide. Roma was starting to grab the momentum at the end of the first half as they were handling themselves against the top of the league; after the first half, Roma held a 1–0 lead thanks to Valeria Pirone.

Against Juventus and AC, Milan Roma had scored the first, however, in both of those games they didn’t seem to have the aggressiveness to keep up the tempo and secure the points; the way they responded to their goal in this game was very different they were looking to build on that as they came out swinging in the second half. In the 47th minute, just two minutes into the second half, Roma managed to take advantage yet again. Following a free kick taken by Bernadetta Glionna, her cross ending to the box, the defense tried it to deal with that sending it, but Valeria Pirone managed to intercept it before beating the goalkeeper at her near post to give Roma a 2–0 lead. As she secures her breaks against her former side. 2 minutes later, got onto the break Manuela Guliano came forward, attempting to strike at the goalkeeper who was coming out of the box; unfortunately, she was unable to convert on it. Even though she had teammates around her who totally respect her approach to be aggressive, that’s the type of football that this team needs to play if they’re going to climb the table, it may not have been the best decision. Still, you have to appreciate the aggressiveness that she showed and the confidence throughout the moment she put her hands on her face in disbelief, but I don’t blame her for making that decision one bit. She was outstanding throughout the game and should not be defined by that one moment. Midway into the second half, Sassuolo tried to get themselves a goal back a brilliant strike; after a Counterattack, the defense sent the ball out of the box; the attacker sat on the top out of the box and tried to rip. The Incredibly difficult strike became very close inches away from potentially getting them back into the game. Even though Roma had the lead, they were not going away. With less than 20 minutes ago, Roma nearly could have had a third as Bernadetta Glionna connected with Valeria Pirone, who then set it up for youngster Greggi she attempted to strike, ultimately deflecting off the defense while being pushed down in the process there could have been potentially penalty claims on that play, but she got up and soldiered on. With seven minutes to go, Valeria Pirone nearly grabbed a hat-trick dramatically blew out of the air with a scissor kick that was perfectly executed, but the goalkeeper managed to push it out. In stoppage-time, sassuolo had a late free-kick that was well hit but wasn’t enough as the top of the table tumbled in Rome following a brace from Valeria Pirone; their skid is over now they can build on what was arguably their best performance of the season as Roma handle one of the best teams in Italy following a 2–0 victory.

Roma pulled off a huge upset against one of the best teams in Italy; this is something that they needed, given how they have been playing the last few weeks. Had Roma fallen short in this game, their entire season and the Ambitions they had to start would have been wholly demoralized because they would have too much ground to make up. Title ambitions probably are a bit of a stretch considering how hot is Juventus and Sassuolo have started this season. This is why it was so important that they could pick up the points here; not only did they win the game, but they played it brilliantly; they got production and attacking sense in ways they have not really functioned at many points this season. A brace from Valeria Pirone the difference in the points Roma defended well their Midfield was very inventive and creative, growing in confidence as the game progressed. Suppose they can somehow build on this performance in the next couple of games. In that case, they could make up ground as they start to climb the table they are only three points behind AC Milan for third place their Ambitions this season should be trying to get into the top three as well as defending their Coppa Italia crown performance like this is exactly what was needed the bottom line is this season is over if they lose this they needed a response to the way they’ve been playing the last few weeks the lack of results that getting and they just showed up in a big way against one of the best teams in Europe as they pull off a victory no one expected them to. See what the reaction was during the next couple of games when they went in front of this game. They continued to be aggressive and try to pile it on; this is a very different approach against AC Milan. Against Juventus, hopefully, this approach is more things to come as Roma handles the business against a powerful sassuolo side that will do great things this season.

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