Zlatan Rises as AC Milan outduel Roma in Controversial win at the Olimpico #1309

Following a unpleasant victory in Sardinia on Wednesday night Roma return home to the stadio olimpico in one of the most anticipated matches of the weekend. It would be a Clash of Titans in Rome on Sunday evening. As they would welcome the best team in Italy at the moment red-hot AC Milan that seems destined for the league title this season. Roma we’re looking to improve on the way they played on Sunday night it was going to take an awful lot for Roma to get something from the game the question was whether they were up for the challenge. AC Milan came out very aggressively in the first half as they seem to be in total control Roma really couldn’t get anything going especially in the first half and we saw that with the way Milan will controlling the game and getting themselves into dangerous positions. AC Milan broke through on a free kick Zlatan Ibrahimovic beating rui Patricio with a powerful strike off the free-kick into the bottom corner to score his 700th goal of his career as we witnessed one of the all-time greats continuing to add to his resume at 40 years old. AC Milan came out firing as Roma couldn’t really get anything going in the first half as they held a 1-0 lead thanks to the man himself Zlatan Ibrahimovic. In the second half AC Milan was able to add more damage to it a controversial penalty given to AC Milan Franck kessie Converts as AC Milan opened a 2-0 lead. Roma dominated the second half with a lot of chances but did not play all that well as they could not find a way back until it was too late Stephan El Shaarawy was able to score in stoppage time but it was too little too late as AC Milan reaffirms that they aren’t the best team in Italy while Roma have a strong Squad there’s still work to be done. AC Milan still remain the favourites for the scudetto with a 2-1 victory away from home at the stadio olimpico.

After preparations and predictions, the match was about to get underway on Sunday night at the Stadio Olimpico with AC Milan against Roma, two Italian football heavyweight going to battle on the big stage. In the opening minutes, Lorenzo Pellegrini came close, firing a strike from the center of the box but misfired slightly. However, despite the early chance, it was not a promising first-half Roma as AC Milan got their superiority very early in this one as they had complete control of the ball, and we’re moving it in a very dangerous way as forcing Roma into undesirable situations. AC Milan replied as Franck Kessie stuck from a distance keeping Rui Patricio on his toes. Minutes later, Raphael Leao tried putting his foot through a David Calabria cross but severely mishandled it. This did not discourage AC Milan at all, looking dangerous almost constantly. Roma did not have the energy about them even though they occasionally at opportunities it wasn’t the start they were looking for Lorenzo Pellegrini once again it’s felt had to do everything in the attack try to pull up from outside hoping to put some pressure on but was unable to reach the target as AC Milan only consumed more energy were showing their quality in the early parts of the game. There is a particular reason why this was going to be such an antagonizing matchup, and we were seeing it very early, and has AC Milan just looked like a different class. Ibrahimovic got the ball in a very dangerous area on the side of the box, forcing to strike with his left foot couldn’t quite sting the ball in the corner, but it felt like it was coming. The moment arrived in the 25th minute a free-kick giving away from the side of the box Ibrahimovic stepped over the ball and the rest is history he hit a rocket drilled into the bottom corner it happened so quickly that rui Patricio couldn’t even react as he had to pick up the ball out of his own net. It would be the 700th career goal of the storied and luxurious career of Zlatan Ibrahimovic as AC Milan took a 1–0 lead. They caught that momentum and continued to drive it. Ishmael bennacer tried to test Roma in what was a wildly inaccurate shot from outside the box. Just moments later, it looks like AC Milan got themselves a second, but Raphael Leao’s goal was called outside as Roma gets a lifeline. Late in the first half, Roma tried to get something concrete on goal with a pair of chances of Bryan cristante but nothing was clicking as they were drifting from the game as the first half came to a close with AC Milan holding a 1–0 lead.

AC Milan had their Stranglehold on Roma; they had most of the ball, not necessarily a load of chances, but they looked dangerous every time they came forward. Meanwhile, like they have much of this season, Roma seems to rely on Lorenzo Pellegrini too much. Realistically speaking, on current form, he’s probably the best midfielder in the world, at least in the top three; he is doing some truly magical things this season; however, Roma cannot rely on him for everything; he needs more help and support. Roma only had 34% possession completely struggled to get anything going in the attack other than a pair of Lorenzo Pellegrini’s chances. Jose Mourinho would make a change as Felix Gyan came in Mkhitaryan. A minute into the second half Lorenzo Pellegrini made a great run through several Milan players before striking from a really well-hit strike, and the sequence leading up to it was excellent; he did everything right, but the Finish just wasn’t there. Roma seems to be slowly coming to life in the game; they weren’t by any stretch the better team, and there were lots of issues to get into, but collectively they were looking a little bit more involved in the. Ibrahimovic scored a great goal offsides by a fingernail after the disallowed goal; he was taken down in the box as a penalty was given to AC Milan in the 57th minute. It was quite a controversial decision because it does look like Rodger Ibanez gets the ball from the replay. However, there was a question or of whether or not Eclipse his leg before that happened. When the game ended, Paramount Plus had a former FIFA referee explain the situation from her explanation; she would not have called the penalty because there’s not enough in it to suggest that it was a penalty. However, she did mention that in those situations, once they go to video review, the officials are very unlikely to change the decision on something like that that is a difference of margins. Franck Kessie stepped up and converted as AC Milan took a 2–0 lead. Any chance of potentially come back or getting themselves a point from this game went out the window when they scored their second AC Milan is the best team in the league even though bologna came back against them from this position Roma were not providing nearly enough to be able to turn the tide of things. Frustration was felt throughout the Stadio Olimpico. Roma started playing much more aggressively and assaulted the AC Milan goal for much of the second half; however it didn’t matter because Roma continuously failed to reach the target. Matias Vina misses the mark from the side of the box. Just a few minutes later, Lorenzo Pellegrini could not recreate the magic from Wednesday night on the free-kick. Stephan El Shaarawy was then brought in for Tammy Abraham, hoping that they would give Roma something different. Roma had the ball in AC Milan’s area for most of the second half, but it means nothing if they’re not testing the opposition. Roma did not have a shot on target until the 73rd minute when Stephan El Shaarawy a nice strike from outside the box required the AC Milan goalkeeper to extend and make the save. Ultimately it was the right change for Roma. Shortly after Nicolo zaniolo tested his range, trying to catch the goalkeeper off-guard a high-quality chance for Roma, the goalkeeper was able to manage the situation again. With 10 minutes to go, Shomurodov was brought in, replacing Rick karsdorp. It was just a collection of chances at the end of that game as Roma desperately tried to make it breakthrough, attempting to get a goal back. Jordan veretout missing from outside the box, Felix seeing his strike saved from Deep, Gianluca Mancini missing Stephan El Shaarawy missing again. They had so many chances in the second half to control the damage Stephan El Shaarawy and Gianluca Mancini came in again, but it was not falling for them, not to mention they were down to 10 men because of a red card 15 minutes into the second half. Finally, in stoppage time, Stephan El Shaarawy ruins the clean sheet with a strike rifled into the top corner to minimize the deficit; however, it was too little too late as Roma fell following an underwhelming performance against an AC Milan team that really do seem like they are Above the Rest. Frustration truly shines through as Nicolo zaniolo just stood there in utter disgust as Roma clearly did not put their best foot forward.

AC Milan is the best team in the league. I think we all know that, but Roma could have done better than they did. Their last two games have been slightly concerning it took Lorenzo Pellegrini’s heroics on Wednesday night, and now in a huge match against AC Milan, they didn’t put together the performance. I’m not expecting Roma to beat AC Milan if you see this AC Milan team this season. They’re just on another level they favourites for the league title. However, what I wanted from this game was a warrior performance; even if they go down make AC Milan is uncomfortable, that simply was not the case. I will give them my credit even when things were not falling; they intended to go after it and keep going. They showed determination to fight in this game, getting a goal back in the end, but the performance is not necessarily encouraging. In the second half, Roma outshot AC Milan 20 to 1; hardly any of their chances were on target that was the big problem. The attack just isn’t thriving the way it is expected to. Roma needs to do something, whether it’s changes formation or operating out of a different lineup. Still, week and week out, we cannot just rely on Lorenzo Pellegrini to be the hero. Nicolo zaniolo and Tammy Abraham have been good this season, but they are not contributing nearly enough in the attack; maybe it’s not their fault, maybe it’s the setup, but the fact of the matter is Roma, we cannot go into every game hoping Lorenzo Pellegrini will rescue the ship like he did on Wednesday. He overpowers the best team in Italy alone. Mourinho needs to make adjustments to get the best out of it. I’m not sure what that means as far as what decisions need to be made, but something needs to change. In the first half, Roma barely had the ball; an AC Milan looks comfortable in the entire game; even in the second half, when Roma was going for the throat AC Milan never looked uncomfortable or intimidated by the attack; this is where the problem comes from. Defensively they did a reasonable job; nothing incredible but real concerns there. Theo Hernandez was sent off 15 minutes into the second half after the sending-off; even though Roma look strong, they did not take advantage of it nearly enough, and they could not reach the Target on the flip side, Ibrahimovic scores the 700th goal of his career with a blistering free-kick there was a controversial penalty. Still, there’s no reason to talk about that. Napoli fans believe they were the best team in the league; they’re not anybody who thinks AC Milan is in the best team in the league isn’t paying attention. Napoli has struggled even though they’re getting points. AC Milan is playing well and capturing everything. Napoli came to the Stadio Olimpico last weekend. Roma took a point off them Roma suffocated, then their attack could do nothing AC Milan same location against the same team it’s a different story; it is not even close AC Milan operated in this game at a much higher level Napoli didn’t ever look like ever scoring in the game last weekend AC Milan are just clear of everyone and will win the league I’m not even concerned or complaining about losing this game the issue is Roma just never did enough.

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