European Storylines of the Week #1314

Mauro Icardi and Wanda Nara Split Can Mauro Return to his best?

It has been speculated for several weeks that Wanda Nara and Mauro icardi had split up; the rumors have officially been confirmed Wanda Nara, who was acting as the strikers’ representation and had been the core snake in a lot of the problems surrounding Mauro icardi she will no longer have that power over his career. Mauro icardi and Wanda Nara have been together since 2014, when Mauro icardi stole his best friend’s wife. It was one of the biggest scandals in football history and was a true erratic time in Italian football. Maxi Lopez and Mauro icardi were best friends at Sampdoria until he stole his wife. Over the last week, Mauro icardi has been on an apology tour, constantly attacking his wife in numerous Instagram posts. According to allegations that Mauro icardi cheated, I’m not going to get into that has been a big cloud surrounding him. Wanda Nara created that cloud and a toxic environment Mauro icardi typically would just go with whatever she said; now it appears they will be a Changing of the Guard, and it will be an opportunity for Mauro icardi to regain his career back. It is a reasonable assumption to say that she will not have control of his representation any longer. She was the reason who’s been a bad rap of round Mauro icardi he is not innocent he did some horrific things as well he dug his own grave to a certain extent put the divorce from Inter Milan was 90% on Wanda Nara as she constantly through his teammates under the bus notably Ivan perisic Mauro icardi didn’t stand up for himself during that time ended with the captain arm ban being stripped and eventual departure from Italian football. In the football sense, Wanda Nara has prevented the striker from an awful lot being in charge of his representation. Now that she is gone and no longer in that position, it will be an opportunity for Mauro icardi to rebuild his career and get back to the player he was at Inter Milan, the player that scored 121 goals in the blue and white. It’s unclear who his agent and manager will be, but anything is better than what he had to deal with for the last couple 7 years. Wanda Nara is not a football agent; she is a model and actress; she did not know what she was doing. A lot of her decision-making was out of emotion. Football has to be an unemotional business; she created a bad image for her soon-to-be ex-husband. In a certain sense, if the cheating rumors are correct, she got what she deserved; you never marry someone that you cheated with. This situation removes part of the emotional baggage and red flags that are associated with the striker; there are still red flags about Mauro icardi, but given the situation, Mauro icardi can attempt to recapture his form with a move in the summer, I don’t know where he’ll end up, and they’re still is a sense of risk in signing him but with her out of the picture he just might be a risk worth taking. Considering the number of goals that he scored, he was a big-time player when he was in Italy he was one of the most clinical finishers in Italian football in the last decade and one of the best finishers I’ve ever seen in Italian football the last two years haven’t necessarily been kind to Mauro icardi with this new situation with her out of the picture it allows him to turn things around I defended him to a certain extent when all the toxicity was happening in a weird way he was a victim of what Wanda Nara was doing near the end of his tenure at Inter Milan with her gone Mauro icardi can become that player again. As long as they stay out of each other’s way and he doesn’t allow Wanda Nara to interfere, Mauro icardi can undoubtedly be a 20-goal scorer once again.

The Best Liverpool Side Jürgen Klopp has ever had?

Liverpool did not spend a whole lot and still have themselves banging on the door a champions league and Premier League Glory. Despite how strong a lot of the other teams in the Premier League are mainly at the top, with Chelsea Manchester City really looking like they have the team and necessary to go win the title, but I do look at this Liverpool team they very well may be the best team Jurgen Klopp has had at Liverpool. Even though they dropped points against Brighton over the weekend, they have shown consistency this season and do look like the favorites to win it regardless of what the table says. They got Virgil Van Dijk back has been much improved defensive, not to mention Mohamed Salah is operating on a god-level right now. Sadio Mane and Roberto firmino were contributing massively. From top to bottom, this may not be the most dangerous team on paper, but considering the way they have played this season, they look like a team that’s going to threat on all fronts. They walked into the group of death against the best FC Porto side in years, the champions of La Liga in Athletico Madrid that only continue to improve and get better of an AC Milan team that very well could conquer Italy this season. It was an incredibly challenging group with a lot of quality inside of it, and Liverpool managed to qualify for the round of 16 with two games remaining two massive wins against Atletico Madrid beat AC Milan despite being a 2–1 hole they have handled this group of death without much trouble whatsoever. They managed to put the final nail in the coffin against Atletico Madrid in midweek, their nemesis from a few years ago when Diego Simeone Punk’d Andrew Robertson. They knocked out Liverpool at Anfield; they got their Revenge twice on Wednesday; Trent Alexander Arnold was especially dangerous with two absolutely ridiculous assists as Liverpool continues to brush aside any team that gets in their way. List very well could be the best Liverpool team the day I’ve had in the Jurgen Klopp era. This Liverpool side is as good as anyone right now and one of the few teams that could give Bayern Munich a run for their money. Over two legs if Bayern Munich are completely healthy I don’t think they can be beaten put on a one-off if Liverpool continues to ride this momentum and gets to a Champions League final in that scenario they could beat Bayern Munich at the current moment Liverpool the only team that really can hang with them in any regard with Jurgen klopp patrolling the ship proving to be a threat domestically and Continental when they are at their best they can beat anyone going into the Champions League I didn’t think there was any team that really can hang with Bayern Munich but it turns out when Liverpool or firing at their best they could at least test Bayern Munich’s Reign of Terror it’s too early in the season to have an indication of what’s going to happen in the Premier League but they very well could be Premier League champions by the end of it Jurgen klopp has had some great Liverpool sides but perhaps this might be the best one of the lot the fact that this Liverpool side handle the Athleti twice at anfield and at the Wanda metropolitano it shows there a different class then previous years I only see them taking that momentum and pushing it further without question one of the favorites and one of the best teams in the world.

The Ballon D’or Belongs to Robert Lewandowski nothing to discuss

The Ballon d’Or will be announced at the end of November; the entire credibility of the ceremony and the award will be under the microscope based on the decision they make. The majority of the time, where is the discussion to be had regarding who is the rightful winner of the award. 2021 there is no debate for discussions to be had. Some are starting to formulate them anyways, but they hold no bearings on the actuality of this situation. The fact of the matter is Robert Lewandowski is the best player in the world, and he has been since 2019. Lionel Messi was the rightful winner of the Ballon d’Or in 2019, although an argument existed for Virgil Van Dijk. The 2020 ceremony was canceled for no good reason Robert Lewandowski That season concord the Champions League, the German Cup, and the Bundesliga in addition to that tied the record for the most goals in a Champions League campaign with 17 even though most of the knockout rounds were only one leg have they been two games each he would have scored 20 goals or more he ended That season with 50 goals and 9 assists he has scored 40 goals and more for the last six years. There was no logical reason not to award the Ballon d’Or that our covid did not stop games from being played once we returned. It would not have made a difference. Robert Lewandowski still picked up UEFA player of the year they still owe him for the 2020 Ballon d’Or; in addition to that, he responded with a 47 goal season even though he missed three weeks he still broke the record that stood for 49 years when he scored 41 Bundesliga goals his final goal occurring in the closing seconds of the season Gerd Muller record seemed unassailable. Still, Robert Lewandowski managed to break an Unbreakable record. Had he not got injured that year, Bayern Munich won the Champions. Lionel Messi had an amazing season with Barcelona. Karim Benzema was fantastic for Real Madrid, but there’s only one winner here; an argument legitimately does not exist for anybody else. People want to use the fact that Lionel Messi, who by the way has won this award six times, won the Copa America, which is an incredible moment for Leo Messi and his legacy winning a team trophy has nothing to do with who has been the best player in the year of 2021 this is an individual award the criteria should be who was the best player in 2021 if it is very close you can go down to the details and start looking at trophies, but this Ballon d’Or should not be close at all. There’s not a conversation to be had I will go even further; Robert Lewandowski should be a unanimous winner for the Ballon d’Or. It would be a tragedy and running amok of one of FIFA’s most prestigious awards. He would lose all credibility of anything; this would not be taken seriously going forward if this is given to somebody else. You have players like Jorginho who won a lot but was not the best player on his own team or one of the best 20 players in World football in the year. In addition to all of that, he’s the highest-scoring player in 2021; he has been the best player in 2021; decision over I’m sorry whether or not you won the Euros, the Copa America, the Champions League, or whatever to win the Ballon d’Or you have to be the best player Robert Lewandowski has been the best player, and it’s not even close. This is an individual award; the trophies that you picked up a kind of are irrelevant. You take what he did last year this season; he already has 22 goals, is the top goal scorer in the Bundesliga and the Champions League, and has continuously shown that he is the best player in the world. I genuinely believe that he will win the award, but it would be an absolute joke if he doesn’t. Those of you that are campaigning for anybody else, you are wrong; it is an individual award I know I’ve said this already a bunch, but I think people don’t understand that. What you have won with your country is irrelevant; what you have won with your Club is irrelevant. Robert Lewandowski has been the best player in the world and continues to be the best player in the world discussion over. There are years worth legitimate conversation, and you have to compare and contrast everything; this is not one of those years Robert Lewandowski should win this award; he’s been clear of every player on the planet and has been for the last two years just look at the way he’s playing and look at what Bayern did when he was injured that should tell you everything you need to know Robert Lewandowski is the best player in the world and in 2021 don’t screw this up.

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