Man City toys with United in Derby as displeasure builds at Old Trafford #1316

On Saturday afternoon we saw one of the most anticipated matches of the season. The Manchester Derby at Old Trafford A fitting way to go into the international break. Manchester City had fallen at Crystal Palace recently but put together a tremendous performance in the Champions League against Club Brugge as Pep Guardiola side is thriving on the momentum that’s driving their season meanwhile despite the late heroics in Bergamo and an impressive performance against Spurs the heat on Ole Gunnar solskjaer and his job security at Manchester United has been thrown into question throughout this season considering the squad that they have available we are not seeing them live up to their potential while they have to be rescued by Cristiano Ronaldo far too often. This turned out to be a very defining game in what could have been the very last in charge of Manchester United. Manchester City applied incredible pressure early and they broke through in the game’s opening 10 minutes pep guardiola’s side ended up forcing an own goal to kick off the game and put them in a 1-0 lead. They only built on that is the game went on Manchester United barely got a sniff in the first half as ederson didn’t have to do very much Manchester City controlled the tempo and we’re allowed to dictate the game. Bernardo Silva at the end of the first half squeezed through to get Manchester City a second as they took a 2-0 lead into the second half. Pep Guardiola in the second half that just sat back as Manchester City just played possession-based football until the very end even though Manchester City hit the post twice in the second half all the damage has already been done in the first half and Manchester United it did not have a reply. Cristiano Ronaldo nearly went to Manchester City this summer instead he went to Manchester United this game was built for him show Manchester City who’s boss he had a very quiet game and really wasn’t able to do anything much like the majority of the Manchester United Team they were booed at the end of the first half and the fans displeasure only rose at final whistle Manchester City showing their superiority against Manchester United once again historically Manchester will always be red but the blue light has been on for a significant amount of time the separation between the two is clear as Manchester City handle United in the derby.

After preparation and predictions, the match was just about to get underway at Old Trafford as anticipation built. City came out with a very aggressive nature as they looked to establish their dominance early. In the opening minutes, Bernardo Silva was put through by Kevin De bruyne Silva attempted a strike from the side of the box but hooked a little bit wide. Manchester city did seem to have control and looked like a much more comfortable team; a few minutes later, Cristiano Ronaldo won a free-kick. Bruno Fernandes took from well outside the box hooking his cross into Harry Maguire, who put his head through the cross but not testing ederson nearly enough. İlkay Gündoğan tried to get Manchester City on the front foot as he followed through a Kyle Walker cross not having the Finishing Touch necessary, but Manchester City did seem like they were really pushing for that goal, and you could tell early in the game that it was not going to take very long. In the seventh minute, Manchester City thrust into the United dangerous area, applying pressure ultimately ending up in an own goal. Eric Bailey put the ball in the back of his own net Manchester City took a 1–0 lead. It just became more similar to Manchester City; they were keeping United at arm’s length. We didn’t really see any other legitimate chance until nearly the half-hour mark when Ederson denied Cristiano Ronaldo from close before Mason Greenwood misfired on the follow-up. Manchester City was cooking, just adding more fuel to the fire as they began to take it up a notch with a barrage of Manchester City Chance is coming at Old Trafford. Joao Cancelo testing himself from Deep has displayed his range, although he did not convert. As David de Gea making a great save. They came through again as Joao Cancelo misfired on a corner. With the first half winding down, Manchester City looked to double their lead, Kevin De bruyne came close, but David de Gea managed to make a great save again as the Belgium International tried striking from the side of the box. Eventually, they broke through after a collapse from Manchester United defensively Manchester City’s attack put them in a vulnerable position as they were getting on the counter Bernardo Silva just snuck in from the side getting into the box as he beat David de Gea at his near post squeezing it in as Manchester City took a 2–0 has Pep Guardiola has Manchester City flying high at Old Trafford as the Manchester United fans begin to boo.

It was the first 45 minutes of total control from Manchester City. Throughout the first half, Manchester United looks out of depth and incapable of dealing with the superpower that is Manchester City. A team like Manchester city that is very possession-based after the first half put them in a position where it would be nearly impossible to dig them out of the hole. What was required was individual brilliance that I’m not sure Manchester United was capable of. Ole Gunnar solskjaer Days In Manchester should be numbered, but he attempted to try to get some sense of creativity into the side as he went to the bench to make a half-time switch with Jadon Sancho replacing Eric Bailey. Jadon Sancho is hardly ever put in the position where he has an opportunity to thrive; it is always a moment like This when the game already seems gone, it seems like he cannot coexist with this current manager; the funny thing is not even his fault, but it’s him being put in positions like this has made his move to United more difficult than it could have been. Manchester City cut up run up the score if they wanted to, but at the start of the second half, they just kind of sat back and played possession somewhat managed the game with a two-goal lead there wasn’t really anything that they could risk they played it safe which is exactly what they should have done no need to try anything Innovative or creative when you’re sitting in such a good position. Mason Greenwood fired a shot come outside the box, coming very close But ultimately not having the touch required. Manchester United would go to the bench once again has Marcus Rashford came in for Mason Greenwood. Manchester City was on the verge of a third goal when İlkay Gündoğan Struck from a complicated angle but hit the post. Manchester City kind of just controlled all the way through; it wasn’t as exciting as it could have been; it was a rather dry second half looking at the games I did the last two weeks Chelsea vs Norwich a and Leicester City vs Arsenal a very tough battle with a lot of chances and second half this game had barely any legitimate chances all game only a fair few as it was just total dictation from Manchester City. With about nine minutes to go on a counter-attack by Kevin De bruyne, he set up Phil Foden picked out the bottom corner with a strike, but it hit off the post as the score remained the same. Then with four minutes remaining on a corner kick, John Stones struck but was unable to capitalize. Manchester United made a few changes at the end, but Manchester City closed the deal in the Manchester Derby, getting an effortless 2–0 victory.

Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City wins the derby against Manchester United as they continue to be one of the title contenders this season along with Chelsea and Liverpool. For Manchester United, this was a chance to really put a stamp on the impending situation at United after the Liverpool humiliation and having to be rescued twice in the Champions League against Atalanta; this game had incredible importance what Manchester United can potentially do going forward they continue to allow Ole Gunnar solskjaer to remain in the job this game started and finished very quickly. Manchester United did not do anything remotely threatening for 90 minutes. Manchester United had been rescued by Cristiano Ronaldo and their last couple of games; even though he’s no longer in his prime or a world-class player for that matter, he still is exceptionally skilled in front of goal they needed him on Sunday afternoon and for large parts of this game he was nowhere to be found. To my recollection, he did not have a shot on goal outside the first 10 minutes he’s flat-out disappeared and as good as Cristiano Ronaldo is, and when he saves the day, he deserves the credit, but he just flat-out went missing as did the majority of the Manchester United game. You cannot solely put this defeat on the 36-year-old but considering his form and his ability to score, you would have thought he could make more of a dent against Manchester City in an Incredibly big game. Manchester United has a serious problem, and they will continue to have that problem until they change their manager. Manchester United was expected to be one of these favorites for the league title this season now. Their ambitions essentially have to be adjusted, making the champions league is going to be a little more difficult than you would have thought. Liverpool beat them 5–0 now Manchester beat them 2–0 they have dropped points to Everton they lost to Aston Villa, Leicester City. Now it seems like they’re living in their own nightmare on top of all that they lost Antonio Conte, the Spurs Manchester United should have pulled the trigger sooner and got Antonio Conte at Old Trafford instead now they’re stuck in a very dysfunctional situation without a real possibility of getting out of it. Manchester United may make the Champions League, but it will be difficult for them to do anything more than that realistically; they had only five touches inside the box its not good enough. Manchester City has won the Premier League three of the last four years; it’s the fact that they haven’t given up a fight, and there are two biggest games of the season change surely has to become has Manchester United drop another essential game in the derby.

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